Are you prepared for another Civil War?

Before you say no to this, consider that the political separation of America isn’t Jackass or GOP. those are just names obscuring the real beliefs. The proper designation now is Communism vs Capitalism.
Are we in a Civil War now, you tell me. This mid-term election is going to push us closer. If the Jackass Party loses, they’ll declare the vote foul and and then…

  • Consider AntiFa’s activities.
  • Consider the division in the Senate (the recent hearings)
  • Defiance of Federal law by some states.
  • Shrieking by the Leftist #MeToo Feminazis.
  • Hillary’s call for “Uncivility” towards the GOP.

You cannot be nice to them, they want you dead. Any attempt at discourse becomes a name calling where you are the Nazis, racists, homophones, Kitten drowners and puppy kickers.

Hold a rally, counter protesters will try to drown you out, break up the rally and in cases, attack attendees. Consider that every shooting in public places with one exception have been carried out by Leftists, leftist sympathizers. Are you against gun ownership?
They don’t care, you don’t believe in EVERYTHING to which they subscribe.

Are you an Independent? Do not wish to be involved? Review history for what happens to those who don’t choose a side. Persons who stand in the middle of the road, get hit by cars going in both directions. The position for all shall be “Are you for or against me”. It can’t get and be more black or white.

So far this antagonism hasn’t broken out into armed sides shooting . That is coming for the old rubric “There can be only One” shall decide the future. As in the past, when certain parties couldn’t have their way, open warfare broke out. Shooting will start on a small scale and grow. Incidents such as the shooting up a capitalist rally. At some point the Right will retaliate on the commies and the war becomes hot.
If you think that name calling is nasty, consider how nasty a bullet is.

There is only one option:



4 Responses

  1. Not “Exactly!”!

    I utterly disavow the thesis of preemptive strikes, UNLESS: one wishes to have an unceremonious non speaking cameo in another perp walk scene of the Federal Bureau of Incitements long running production of, “The Manufacture of a Domestic Terrorist”.

    However, if you insist, may I suggest the selection of Another One Bites the Dust play during your cameo.

    • May I recommend that you look up what Pericles, Napoleon and others have said. To wit: “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.
      Or those mushwits of the ’70’s who chanted “What is they gave a war and no one showed up.” The proper response to that sort of insanity is “If someone is giving qa war, they’re damn well going to show up.” One better be ready to have a fracas or get one’s ass roundly kicked.

      The other side today are not Democrats or pussy willows They are true ideologues who wish to suppress your thinking or kill you for holding contrary beliefs. One doesn’t have civil discourse with such individuals; one kills them.

  2. Don’t forget “The Good Censor”

    …and the other social media ghetto caretakers currently eliminating unacceptable ideas.

    WordPress could decide to shutter this site. It wouldn’t be the first or last.

    So the answer is yes, one side is engaged in a civil war in the halls of government, while most of the population hasn’t caught on after nearly two years of the collectivists conspiring to overthrow a lawfully elected President.

    Then there is the matter of who is funding the nonprofits that are paying for the thugs(those mentioned and others) and now, the latest caravan spectacle(surely designed to put the President in an untenable position, optically speaking) just in time for the election.

    While I believe the President is fully aware, he is also treading carefully and artfully. I believe too that it will require a miracle from on high for liberty loving American’s to escape a civil war lead by the maddened who are certain they know what’s best for each of us. Particularly if the GOP holds both chambers of Congress. What else will be left to them?

    After all, their goal is to fundamentally change America, which to my mind requires overthrowing the Constitution and most especially, our American Bill of Rights.

    We can only hope that 3% is enough this time around.

  3. Exactly! War’s coming and American need to prepare and to pre-pick enemy soft targets to attack, preferably those that will exterminate as many of our enemies’ young as possible.

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