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One can only wonder how Kasich stays in the Republican Party. In the 2016 election primaries for President, Kasich came in behind everyone including himself.

John Kasich To Veto 6-Week Abortion Ban And Gun Rights Bill

Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich told reporters Monday that he will veto both a bill banning abortion in the presence of an unborn baby’s heartbeat as well as a bill eliminating the duty to retreat before using deadly force.

Kasich told reporters that he still opposes both the “heartbeat bill” abortion ban and the “stand your ground” gun rights legislation, and will veto both measures if they reach his desk, The Columbus Dispatch reported Tuesday.

The Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill 258, also called the heartbeat bill, in a 58-35 vote on Nov. 15, according to The bill bans abortion upon the presence of a baby’s heartbeat and makes exceptions only in cases where the mother’s life is in danger. No exceptions for rape, incest or baby abnormalities are included in the bill.

A heartbeat typically becomes detectable between six and nine weeks gestation. The heartbeat bill is commonly known as the 6-week abortion ban. [snip]

The Ohio House also passed House Bill 228 on Nov. 14, stripping from the law the “duty to retreat” before using deadly force when presented with a threat, according to The Dispatch. Critics fear the bill will escalate tension-filled situations and introduce deadly force where other solutions might be possible, while proponents argue the legislation will give victims a better chance to protect themselves in violent scenarios. [snip]

The Ohio Senate must pass both measures before they head to Kasich’s desk. If the measures pass by wide enough margins, lawmakers can override Kasich’s veto power.

Kasich’s impending veto on House Bill 228 follows a number of recent shootings, including mass shootings at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, country bar in California and hospital in Chicago. [snip]

What the shootings given as the reason for the proposed veto is of no comparison unless it is the duty of the citizenry to become a target. The abortion fight is going to go on until a proper bill to ban abortions reaches SCOTUS. At that point we shall see how the Court.

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