Collectivist Banking

If you have been awake for the month of December, you most likely saw the manipulation of the markets by the big Poobahs who look to shake the muppets into panic selling. You witnessed a one day climb of the DOW by 1084 points. The following day, it gave back over half of those gains.

In insider parlance, that is a “Sucker Rally”. One MUST remember that the Market is NOT the economy. The stock market is a LEGAL gambling pit. One who wishes to play, had better know the hidden rules.

So what have the metals been doing during this Danse Macabre. Not much. Certainly they react to the swirl of change but they haven’t soared nor plunged with insane gyrations.

Here’s the latest chart from Kitco.

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Gold hasn’t moved more than up $8.00± USD or down by a similar amount.

Forget not that with metals, “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”.

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