Progressives: The new cannibals

The food police now have a new menu to check and enforce. Strange how this works out.

VA GOV Northam On Racist Yearbook Pic: I Did Blackface In The Past, But Not In This Photo

Well, that was certainly one a bizarre press conference yesterday. In the span of a day, Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam went from apologizing for being in a racist costume in a yearbook photo…to saying that wasn’t him in the photo, but he’s done blackface before’ he dressed up as Michael Jackson.

The defense is ‘Oh, so, I didn’t engage in blackface here, but there was another time that wasn’t pictured, so that means I can stay’ or something. Northam is adamant to not resign, saying it would be the easy way out in ducking his responsibilities, despite nearly the entirety of the liberal establishment calling on him to do so. The man ran as the anti-racist candidate for lack of a better term. And no, that doesn’t mean his Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie, was one during the 2017 gubernatorial race. The ads insinuating as much were a gross smear, but ironic in light of the recent yearbook revelation. A lot of tweets about and from Northam did not age well. [snip]

Wow, this certainly unrings the bell. We’re overjoyed that he wanted to clarify this minor miscue. Oo, bla di, Oo bla da. And life goes on.

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