Daily Insanity

One thing in my life that got me to 76 years old in paying no attention to a couple of idiots with a fax machine in their basement, who pontificate on the “merits” of bad for you food and other dietary BS. You’ve heard all of the garbage about eating healthy. 86 all of it.

Food LIES that KILL…from Rico

Gee, would the Government (in this case the USDA) and politicians (in this case McGovern, Democrat) LIE to people?
– You bet your bippy! Especially when there are big buck$ at stake…

The USDA ‘Food Pyramid’ (with Democrat Senator George McGovern behind it) is possibly the unhealthiest diet imaginable.
– It is only made worse by the Food Industry adding cheaper fillers and chemical additives to stretch the product and make it ‘taste better’ while producing ‘cravings’ for more….much as the cigarette industry did by replacing tobacco with fillers and chemical additives btw…

Processed food (if it has a ‘list of ingredients, it has been ‘processed’…some is more processed than others, but at some point it stops being ‘food’ and becomes purely product – much as cheese stops being cheese and becomes synthetic ‘cheese food product’ instead [read: not cheese, but more akin to plastic].

To pull off this bait-and-switch from actual food to synthetic food, the MSM had to be willing accomplices (well, I was talking about LIARS earlier, right?). Here are some FOOD LIES the public has been ‘told’ and ‘sold’ which are pure horse shit:
1. Eggs are BAD for you. BS, eggs are GOOD for you.
2. Calories are equal. BS, calories from sugar or processed foods aren’t the same as calories from fresh vegetables or fruit.
3. Butter is BAD for you. BS, the opposite is true…it’s the artificial substitutes that are BAD for you…butter is GOOD for you.
4. Protein harms your body and kidneys. BS, eating protein does NOT harm you…not eating protein does.
5. Whole wheat is Good for you. BS, all wheat is BAD for you…I’d skip wheat entirely.
6. Coffee is BAD for you. BS, it actually has a lot of benefits and is OK.
7. Eating meat is BAD for you. See #4 above, eating meat is how humans survived and is necessary for you.
8. Synthetic cooking oils are GOOD for you. BS, manufactured oils are BAD for you and natural oils like Olive and Coconut are GOOD for you.
9. Low-fat/high-carb diets are GOOD for you. BS, low-carb/high-fat diets are much healthier.

The ‘opposite’ of what the public has been ‘told’ for years is true.
– Allow me to put on my “I’m surprised” face, there’s still time before the next election/campaign season begins in earnest…because the same holds true for virtually everything people ‘think’ [read: have been ‘told’] is true about politics and politicians.

Meanwhile, back at the breakfast table, set-aside those sorta-real processed and manufactured corn flakes that make the manufacturer money, and have some steak & eggs instead.
– PS: Dyslexia, suck a cow fart out of my ass why don’t-cha?

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