Idiot’s Corner

It’s ‘Spring Break’, a time for beer, babes and brawling. These ‘youts’ are America’s future leaders.

Do you want this crowd voting at 16?
Actually, do you want them to be able to vote.

Miami Beach Police Bringing In Extra Officers To Handle Busy Spring Break Weekend

In anticipation of extremely large Spring Break crowds, Miami Beach police will be out in force starting Friday.

The department said they will be increasing staffing to the highest level.

An additional 80 officers from the department will be deployed, along with bringing in more than 70 officers from outside agencies to assist.

“It is vital that our residents feel safe in our city — nothing is more important than preserving quality of life,” said Mayor Dan Gelber. “We also welcome all visitors as long as they follow our laws and respect our community. This is not a place where anything goes, and if that is their reason for coming here, they should go elsewhere.

These are your Social Democrats at play.
Imagine what this would be like with them in power.

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