Hand in hand…

…the MSM and the Jackass Party.

If you know too much, you get this.

Meanwhile the Jackass Party still goes along with the narrative.


Ask any Progressive if there is voter fraud and the answer always comes back no. They’ll tell you there isn’t: A multiple voting, faux registrations and Resurrection of the Dead every time the polls open.

Voter Fraud Database Tops 1,000 Proven Cases

As the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity convenes its first meeting on Wednesday, the issue of voter fraud in American elections has become even more contentious and hyperbolic.

One of the left’s main arguments against reform is that voter fraud simply does not occur. How liberals arrive at this conclusion, we cannot say.

Time and again, studies and analyses point to one incontrovertible conclusion: that voter fraud is a real and pressing issue that deserves serious solutions, and The Heritage Foundation has the evidence to prove it.

On Thursday, The Heritage Foundation is releasing a new edition of its voter fraud database. Featuring well over 100 new cases, the database documents 1,071 instances of voter fraud spanning 47 states, including 938 criminal convictions. [snip]

Below are a few of the egregious examples recently added to the database.


Andrew Spieles, a former James Madison University student, pleaded guilty to a charge stemming from his false submission of 18 voter registration forms during the summer of 2016.

He had been working for Harrisonburg VOTES, a voter registration organization affiliated with the Democratic Party, and used false birth dates and Social Security numbers to register deceased persons to vote. Spieles was given prison time for his crime.

This incident is just one of hundreds of cases in the database where individuals illegally registered dead people, names out of the phone book, or others to vote. [snip]


Fredericus Hubertus Slicher, an illegal alien living in Baltimore, was convicted of numerous charges in 2014. He was residing illegally in the United States, collecting Medicare and Social Security benefits, and voting in U.S. elections.

Slicher had been present in the United States illegally since his temporary work visa expired in 1969. He was convicted of child abuse in 2004, was a registered sex offender, and yet he continued to vote numerous times despite being ineligible.

His case was referred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and he was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment, one year’s supervised release, and was ordered to pay $48,928 in restitution. [snip]


Debbie Tingler of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, pleaded guilty (Case No. 12 CR 005249) to illegal voting in 2013. She had registered to vote, requested absentee ballots, and submitted those ballots under two names—Debbie Tingler and Deborah Tingler.

She was given a suspended sentence of 120 days’ imprisonment, and she was ordered to pay a $200 fine and court costs.

Tingler’s experience is not uncommon. There are dozens of cases in the database where individuals voted multiple times in the same election. [snip]

Unfortunately, so far, even innocuous requests for public voter records have been met with hyperbolic rhetoric and stonewalling in some states.

This begs the question, why? If fraud is as rare as liberals say, and if state protections against it are as robust as we are told, why withhold data that would prove these claims?

Perhaps liberals are afraid that the data might, in fact, say the opposite.

One can deny facts for only so long, and with this newest release of The Heritage Foundation’s voter fraud database, the evidence is clear and incontrovertible: Voter fraud is real, and we ignore it at our own peril.

In the State controlled by the Progressive for years, they are now taking things to a new level.

State officials continue stripping law enforcement of anti-fraud tool

State Attorney General TJ Donovan says biometric photo reading software used by the Department of Motor Vehicles should remain suspended because it violates state law. The move may make more Vermonters vulnerable to fraud, however.

DMV Commissioner Robert Ide said that while the department has stopped using the software, it had a useful purpose for identifying forms of ID fraud.

“That’s exactly what it’s used for — for ID fraud and an assist for law enforcement if they are investigating a case,” Ide told True North. “Our use of the product is somewhat different than the version that Hollywood or television puts out. It’s very tightly controlled access, and we are very careful that we only scan photos that have a real reason for being looked for.”

Not anymore. In May, Gov. Phil Scott ordered the program suspended while Donovan’s office reviewed it to see if it violates state law. Donovan’s announcement Tuesday drives another nail in the coffin for the anti-fraud program.

“We’ve been working with TJ, so the press release (from the attorney general’s office) contained no surprises for us,” Ide said. “ … It’s a tool that’s not available to us and we’re not using it.”[snip]

ACLU of Vermont staff attorney Jay Diaz has been leading the charge to put the program out of commission. In May, he wrote a letter to Ide saying the use of facial recognition software to scan the state’s 2.6 million photo database of photo ID applicants disproportionately targets migrant farm workers, immigrants and racial minorities, perhaps causing some to get caught up in unwarranted criminal investigations. [snip]

“There’s the state law issue, there’s the privacy issue, there’s a disparate impact on people of color issue, there’s the inaccuracy of software, there’s the lack of due process involved, lack of consent — obviously, there are a lot of issues here,” he said.

He also worries that the program allows federal entities including Immigration Customs Enforcement, the U.S. State Department and the FBI to get information for federal law enforcement purposes.

“We did see that. There were a few instances of requests for facial recognition done and the reasons which were cited were visa overstays,” Diaz said. “So it’s certainly happened, and that gets to why we worry a lot about the chilling effect with these technologies.” [snip]

A decision not to decide…

…is a decision.

The Senate in a method they believe leaves no fingerprints, repealed ObamaCare. By passing no bill, they left ObamaCare to die a lingering death, twisting in the wind. The Senate acted in the affirmative with a negative action.

America deserves better than this pack of Mushwits;

what we have as a class of political Dorks.

Who’s your Daddy?

George Soros is looking to mess with the 2020 Presidential Election once more with another stealth candidate.
We posted to this before; it looks like others have more on this subject.

Daily Insanity

BLM in this case doesn’t stand for the Bureau of Land Management. Here it stands for another idiot Proggy group, Black Lives Matter.

NRA’s Colion Noir Has One Heck of a Message for Black Lives Matter

Dana Loesch had liberals curling up in the fetal position when she urged her fellow conservatives to “fight this violence of lies [referring to media bias and the Left’s prime choice of protest] with the clenched fist of truth” in an ad for the NRA. *Gasp.*

Ironically, Loesch, who was condemning violence and hateful, divisive rhetoric, was accused of inciting violence and declaring civil war. [snip]

Of course, liberals only want protect the First Amendment rights of those who share their opinions and fight for their cause. Anyone who disagrees with them or says something they don’t like should automatically be silenced, hence why the video’s narrator goes on to “demand” the NRA “immediately” remove its (constitutionally protected) ads.

Thankfully, NRA TV’s Colion Noir wasn’t about to let BLM get away with peddling these absurd claims about the Second Amendments rights organization.

In an episode of “Commentators,” Noir first calls out BLM for losing sight of its original mission and turning into “a weaponized, race-baiting machine, pushing the extreme liberal-Democratic agenda, calling everything and anything that doesn’t fit their agenda white supremacy.” [snip]

Iniquitous Individuals

This came to is in the form of an e-mail. We did search the link given and there is much to read. The links are there but very thin; that doesn’t mean they are not real, just not yet substantiated. No one paid serious attention to Obama’s sealed background until it was too late. Perhaps close scrutiny will be in order this time. As with everything, this e-mail has truths, extrapolations, and conjecture to make the reader want more.

Etch this man’s name in your mind.
His name is Abdul El-Sayed.

After years of being groomed by George Soros. He has been handpicked by the Left to be their next “champion” of Hope and Change.

He is 32 years old, born in the USA, and an extremely well educated Muslim Doctor in Detroit Michigan. (education funded by Soros) He is handsome, articulate, charismatic and smart. He is sympathetic of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is running for Governor of Michigan. Which is Step 1 in his preparation to run for President of the United States.

He has the potential to be Obama #2, but far more openly Muslim. Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed is an American physician, epidemiologist, public health advocate, and politician.
He has announced his candidacy for Governor of Michigan, running as a Democrat.

Born: October 31, 1984 (age 32), Michigan
Awards: Rhodes Scholarship; Paul and Daisy Soros; Fellowships for New Americans
Education: University of Michigan, Ann; Arbor (BA); Oriel College, Oxford (MA, PhD); Columbia University (MD)
Political party: Democratic Party.

In 2020 he will be eligible to run for President!
Democrats’ mouths are watering in anticipation and raising money. Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren is already campaigning for him.
Is he another Trojan Horse?

Al Jazeera, which is widely read by Michigan’s large Muslim population, is doing its best to help George Soros make him “YOUR” president in 2020!
Google: Abdul El-Sayed-Soros

Footnote: Bet you never dreamed an unknown, like Obama, would end up as the President of the United States of America not just once but twice for eight years total, did you?! Well, what did we get?

Tolerance: Progressive style

Regardless of what the law says, Progressive thought will supersede that to accomplish that which the Progs wish to have occur.

Jewish Primary School Could Close for Not Teaching LGBT Issues

An Orthodox Jewish girls’ school in London may be shut down because its preschool to early elementary-aged students do not learn about sexual orientation in the classroom.

Vishnitz Girls’ School, with 212 students, ages 3-11, did not pass three inspections by Ofsted, or the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. According to a report dated May 10, the quality of education is good, the students are safe and healthy, the teachers are qualified and have necessary tools, and the students are enthusiastic about learning. However:

“…Leaders were not able to show that pupils are taught explicitly about issues such as sexual orientation. This restricts pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and does not promote equality of opportunity in ways that take account of differing lifestyles.”

The report states earlier on, “Schemes do not pay enough regard to developing respect and tolerance for those who may have protected characteristics as set out in the 2010 Equality Act.”

The protected characteristics include “religion or belief,” as well as sexual orientation. The school may have to violate Orthodox Jewish beliefs—supposedly protected by law—and teach LGBT issues to small children, to remain open. This fact is confirmed by an Ofsted statement cited by Fox, which reads, “Parents have the right to expect an education for their child that conforms to their religious beliefs, as long as it is in compliance with the law.” [snip]

Progressives will tolerate anything as long as it conforms to their ideas of what is allowed. This is why all of their programs which are so good for you and mankind are mandated by force of law. Otherwise, you peons wouldn’t know what is good for you.