Another fraud

Idiot’s Corner

Here’s one who thinks she has built a better mousetrap and demanding America buy it.

Pravda West

Walls are only…

…for the Elite

Can’t have the hoi peloi believing that the peasantry deserves the same security.
Remember, Kings and Princes lived behind castle walls. The serfs were in mud huts OUTSIDE those walls.

Biased Agendas

It seems that the Smollet case is taking a turn that the State Owned Media doesn’t like. All those premature gotcha moments now are toe stubers that make them out to be fools and worse.

First one needs to see how those Nigerian brothers look through CNN classes.

Then there are those ‘fair’ minded Jackass Senators and Congress critters that leaped to the conclusion of a hate crime by some MAGA hat wearing nasties out to get a poor actor.
Now they’re standing there with bigot stamped on their forehead.

Today, anything that you see or read in the media demands that one hold opinions for at least 24 hours; better yet wait 48 hours.

Biased Agendas

Today’s Ponder This sums up the realthinking behind the Left’s desires. The Seven Deadly Sins are the drivers of the Left and to the shame of the voting public, they’re gullible and greedy enough to want a life of womb security.

Of course, that is fallacious with the new reality of post birth abortions. The next step is a weaponized government that can kill anyone for the most minor of reasons, such as contribution of methane to the atmosphere via flatulence.
To wit:

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.

~ Albert Camus

The mantra of ‘FREE EVERYTHING’ does appeal to the individuals of a lesser IQ. Those ‘voters’ never grasp that “TANSTAAFL” is a myth born of the adherence to three of those aforementioned “sins”: Sloth, Greed and Envy.

This is the end product of such thinking.


When two unabashed idiots try to sound like the voice of reason, one knows the grand lie is being spawned.

Pelosi and Shumer exit the meetings with the President and immediately race to the mics and cameras of the fawning press. Every dulcet tone is recorded. r. President, open the government so that “WE” can negotiate over border security and DACA.

The Jackasses never have kept their word on any agreement; their promises lie shattered and kicked to the curb. That dance routine is so shopworn, that it requires no teleprompter to jog their memory.
Negotiations always go according to this script. “Once we have what we want, you can pack your requests deep into your fundament, set it on fire and blow it out your ass.

The Donkeys are quite frustrated since Trump hasn’t caved into their demands. They’ll ramp up the histrionics abetted by the lackey press. A rock and a hard place awaits them since the money for food stamps, WIC and some of the other welfare programs will run out.
The Jackass constituents will not sit still for the loss of the freebees. The more pain that can be brought to bear will cause the likes of Pelosi and Shumer to hear unpleasantness on a daily basis.

If Trump follows through on his promise to declare a national emergency and build the barrier, certainly buying stock in unmentionable apparel. The clowns on the Left will be soiling theirs for some time to come.

Biased Agendas

Biased Agendas

That of which the Left


disapproves, they seek


to destroy.

Biased Agendas

Back when the whale, Sen Ted Kennedy, held power and the Jackasses controlled government, Kennedy wrote the immigration law to block Northern European from getting priority in the queue for green cards.

Kennedy knew that the Democrats platform and policy would not resonate with the white conservative base. To alter that he made immigration for the southern populations to get priority. He figured that they would vote for the Jackasses when they arrived, got citizenship and welfare. Kennedy assumed rightly that the Jackass Party needed an expanded voter base if they wee to remain a political power. The result of this policy produces a map of the USA that looks like this: