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Let us make this short, not sweet and we’ll wedge it in tight!

There isn’t anything wrong with some four year old eating a PB&J anywhere they want. When they want and how they want. If your little tyke has some medical retardation, that’s your problem, not the universes.
You need to either make sure YOUR brat doesn’t touch public items which may cause it to have a reaction
keep the rug rat at home where it is safe and doesn’t bother the rest of humanity.

Mom who let 4-year-old eat a PB&J in a shopping cart branded a monster by parenting forum

Here’s one for all the parents out there: Is it OK to let your child eat peanut butter at Target?

A mother on a New York parenting blog wrote Monday that while shopping at the store, she gave her four-year-old daughter a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and “a woman stopped me to lecture me about peanut allergies.”

The child’s mother then asked other moms on UrbanBaby if it was now unacceptable to eat peanut butter in public.

If your reaction is of course not, it’s a free country, you are definitely siding with the minority.

The anti-peanut butter backlash was swift and brutal. Most responses attacked the mother for potentially endangering children with peanut allergies. Some criticized her for feeding her daughter in a shopping cart, which they considered disgusting. [snip]

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease about one in 90 people, or 1.1 percent, in the United States has a tree nut or peanut allergy. The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network estimates the total at 0.6 percent. [snip]

Nowhere is it written in the US Constitution but perhaps in some bullshit Political Correct manifesto that I or anyone else is responsible for your offspring. Given the noise most of you are making about this, your defectives will be living in your basement the day you are dropped into the coffin.

If you’re so worried, you carry a special bag of disinfectant wipes to purge your brat’s universe of every and anything that might afflict it with some deleterious bit of detritus found in commonplace living. I certainly shall not do so, I care not a fig. My great worry is that there are people using up oxygen who think others have a responsibility for your spawn’s well being.


The Millennials

Perhaps these “Wunderkind” might like to answer one simple question. From where will this retirement money come? The Government doesn’t have any save only what it steals from the citizens through taxes, fines and other corrupt levies. Is it to be the Bernie’s “Tax the Rich” to pay for you?
They have been well indoctrinated with great pains taken to make sure they don’t exercise any capacity of thought.

Millennials Aren’t Saving Because They Think Capitalism Will Be Finished By The Time They Reach 65

I have to apologize for my generation. I mean there’s the appalling affinity for the Democratic Party, the safe spaces, the anti-free speech antics, the triggering, and the fetishistic fixation on victimhood through the patriarchy. A lecture on intersectionality, you say. I’d rather chug bleach. So, I guess it wouldn’t shock you at all that Millennials aren’t saving because they think capitalism will be a thing of the past by the time they reach 65. Emily Zanotti of The Daily Wire has more:

Some millennials aren’t saving for retirement in the hopes that by the time they reach age 65, Capitalism will be a thing of the past.

In an incredible article on Salon, a full two-thirds of millennials admit that they haven’t started a savings account for their golden years. But, perhaps more shocking, a significant group of millennials seem to believe they don’t need to, because by the time they’re old enough to stop working, America will have become a Socialist Workers paradise which will no longer require them to meet financial obligations.

Most of the millenials Salon cites have typical millennial money woes. People entering the job market in the last decade have found themselves largely in a gig economy, faced with mounting student debt and fewer jobs that offer benefits.

Universities are charging more for four year degrees, even though the market demand for, say, degrees in Beyonce Studies is remarkably low, because the government freely hands out student loans, regardless of risk.

Now, there is hope. Yes, young Americans give socialism high marks, another statistic that makes me want to vomit, but that support drops when—you guessed it—they find a job, start making money, and begin to pay taxes.

The U of Wisc becomes a Trade School

The educational process of K-12 is an indoctrination rather than an education program and has been since the ’70’s. Now the persons discharged from high school will attend an institution of purported higher learning that will not have a core of study in the Arts and Humanities including philosophy, history and English. Instead they’ll be charge tuition for courses that BOCES programs are setup to teach, all on the taxpayer dollar through Federal programs.

University of Wisconsin campus proposes elimination of majors such as English, history

The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point is reportedly discussing a plan to eliminate 13 majors including English, philosophy, history and Spanish.

The campus — one of 11 campuses in the University of Wisconsin system — would instead focus on programs that have “clear career pathways,” The Washington Post reported.

Under the proposal, the school would expand areas such as marketing, management, graphic design and computer information systems — areas that “have demonstrated value and demand in the region,” according to the school.

The school’s administration is framing the idea as a way to increase its declining enrollment and to deal with a multimillion-dollar deficit, according to the Post.  [snip]

“Although some majors are proposed to be eliminated, courses would continue to be taught in these fields, and minors or certificates will be offered.”

Swell. Not only are these individuals forking over the loot for courses they could get elsewhere, but are coming out uneducated too boot.
Instead of sitting in the basement playing some idiot game, working in a small retail store would have taught them marketing skills, customer service and managerial knowledge firsthand. And received pay for it too.

The Answer to the Mental Fog of Progressive Gun Control

Watch, Listen and become Aware!
Actually every time you enter a Gun Free Zone,


Idiot’s Corner

Never underestimate the


power of human stupidity.

Time has proven Robert Heinlein correct on that statement over and over.

Here’s why Russia is delivering loads of natural gas to Massachusetts

Massachusetts anti-fossil fuel policies is one of the primary reasons why the state has relied on natural gas imports from a Russian oil company the Department of State sanctioned during the Obama-era.

Officials in Massachusetts and neighboring New Hampshire blocked financing in 2016 for the $3 billion Access Northeast Pipeline, which would have helped the state weather an energy crunch this winter. The state’s decision to rely principally on green energy hiked gas prices and forced it turn to Russian oil imports.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey concluded in 2016 that “no new pipelines are needed” and that we “can maintain electric reliability through 2030 even without additional new natural gas pipelines.” Healey also joined New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s investigation into ExxonMobil’s alleged willingness to hide internal documents about climate change.

Environmentalist groups like 350.org and Greenpeace are organizing online campaigns to oppose every new coal, oil, and natural-gas project in the country. Greenpeace, for one, has etched out the position that the only good fossil fuels are the ones that are left in the ground. The Sierra Club, meanwhile, claims the U.S. is ready for 100 percent green energy.

New England’s energy grid strained to keep up with skyrocketing energy demand in December and January when arctic temperatures hammered the region. Boston received a shipment of natural gas from an export terminal owned by Novatek — one of the Russian energy giants sanctioned in 2014. Russian oil and gas shipments, however, aren’t covered by U.S. sanctions.

Massachusetts’ lack of pipeline infrastructure forced the state to rely on coal production during the cold snap, which caused energy prices to pitch upward. President Donald Trump appointed a top regulator in 2017 who suggested in January that the electric grid could have operated without coal so long as customers were willing to pay higher energy prices.

“We wouldn’t have seen any widespread outages absent coal,” Kevin McIntyre, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Agency, told senators during a Jan. 24 meeting assessing how the grid responded to a recent spate of snowstorms. Coal production did help reduce energy prices.  [snip]

Coal accounted for more than 40 percent of the electricity makeup delivered this winter on the PJM Interconnection, the regional transmission organization responsible for delivering energy to more than 50 million people, said the group’s president and CEO, Andrew Ott.

“We could not have served customers without the coal-fired resources; that’s the reality,” he said.

PJM burned so much coal, in part, because the price of natural gas skyrocketed during the cold snap, Ott said. Winter weather pounded Massachusetts and New York again in late February, dropping several inches of rain in the state. The cold snap will likely continue for the time being as spring nears. [snip]

These Eco-nuts are on the Left because they have never been right.

Certified Loonies

Needs a bra, fast.

Snowflakes on Parade

Millennials opt for security,

rather than freedom

Unarmed people are easy to herd into the boxcars for a trip to the furnaces. CNN gins up students for protests.

Gun Control or Idiot Control?…from Rico

The Left is arguing that the Government will protect the people, and the people should surrender their guns to the Government for their own safety and their own good.

As usual, facts and history are ignored completely because they inconveniently do not fit the ‘narrative’ of the Left.
– It is your own Government that is most likely to kill you citizen. The only thing Government is interested in ‘protecting’ is itself.

Let’s set-aside the question of ‘trusting’ the idiot/killer clowns in Congress with anything for another time.