Those that believe in immortality

You can always tell a fool,
but you can’t tell them much.

This clown must believe he controls the law of gravity or can fly. The Death Shield of Immortality HAS to have some limits.

Those that believe in immortality

Some people should look to those extension poles used by professionals to change light bulbs in rather precarious places. Others one has to assume Millennials have a built in reverse death shield preventing full gainers on to stairs some distance below.

Of course the trip to either the hospital or the morgue will be amusing. The one item that will beat him to either place will be the headlights of the emergency conveyance.

Those that believe in immortality

Someone must have bought this trampoline at the Immortality Store. It has to come with a stupidity shield as well as the automatic death protection. Otherwise who would buy this but a Millennial.

Would you care to try it?

Those that believe in immortality

There are those among us that conclude they are endowed with some form of a death shield. For the next few days, a series of photos will show this shield being utilized in various manners.

A word of caution for those that may not possess such a gizmo. Don’t try these methods of doing work or play.

With this death shield yo can deliver large items.

The Great Senate Debate

Do not read this while drinking any liquids

The following contains inadvertent humor. The person speaking to this subject has no clue as to how ridiculous she sounds. Also, she believes that this subject matter is gospel. Sobeit.

Public Broadcasting CEO: People ‘Yearn For Content They Can Trust’

Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) President and CEO Patricia de Stacy Harrison says “people in this country yearn for content they can trust” and that’s among the reasons taxpayer funding is necessary for the organization.

On Tuesday, Harrison testified at a hearing on President Trump’s proposed cuts to public broadcasting, where she claimed the CPB is vital.

“So, people in this country yearn for content they can trust. And where are we right now? We are living in this environment of fake news,” Harrison said.

“I have kids, I have grandchildren, we are very proud of our commitment through CPB, the appropriation, to funding fact-based journalism.”

“We have a priority for editorial integrity,” Harrison added.

You are allowed to laugh now.

Fact-based journalism that includes Charlie Rose prefacing a question to Bill Clinton with, “Let’s assume that you make it to heaven.”

Editorial integrity that allows PBS host Tavis Smiley to claim there are far more Christian terrorists than Muslim ones.

Or Smiley’s fact-based stance that by not holding a confirmation vote on Merrick Garland for a Supreme Court justice seat, the GOP will reconsider the ban on slavery and the right for women to vote.

There are plenty of other examples that CPB pushes a liberal agenda over the airwaves with taxpayer dollars.

Surprisingly absent from Harrison’s “vital” reasons for continued taxpayer funding of public broadcasting, was her $434,364 salary that she made in 2015.

Wonder why she left out that vital bit of information? THAT is quite instructive to the taxpayer as to whether to remove the Federal funding for this treasury draining program.
For those that wish to support PBS, there isn’t a ting stopping you. Put your money up there in the form of a personal check.
Just don’t ask others to do that.

Flying high

Leave it to a druggie to screw up everyone travel plans. This plane was in line on the taxiway when this clown decides to gain some more altitude before takeoff.
All the crew had to do was open a cabin door and toss this schmuck out onto the grass, then call the Society of Quivering, Sensitive Liberal Rescuers to get him before he reached ambient temperature. Meanwhile, other passengers could have been on their way with only a minor delay.

Passenger’s overdose forces plane back to gate at JFK

A plane that was about to depart Kennedy Airport for Florida was forced to return to the gate Wednesday when a 24-year-old man overdosed on heroin and anxiety medication, officials said.

The JetBlue plane was on the taxiway and about to take off when the man, who lives in Bethpage, Long Island, started foaming at the mouth around 10:50 p.m.

The flight returned to the terminal and was boarded by Port Authority cops Eric Stern and Sean Pomerantz, who found the distressed man floating in and out of consciousness.

The man also appeared confused and was having trouble breathing, officials said.

The officers determined the man was under the influence of heroin and anti-anxiety pills and administered a dose of Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose.

The man’s condition improved and he was rushed to Jamaica Hospital for treatment, officials said.