Bent Genders

In the confusion of transitioning, It forgot the why and reason for getting bent. For this progressive practice, normals are abused and assaulted.

Transgender Man Sexually

Assaults Female Inmates

A man who believes he is a woman was charged with raping a woman (guess “she’s” a lesbian) and was housed in a female prison. In a case of “well, duh,” this rapist did what rapists do — he sexually assaulted four female inmates.

The story reveals such mind-boggling stupidity as to read as satire. Except, of course, it’s 2018 and leftist idiocy is running amok through Western society. For evidence, allow The Telegraph to fill in the absurd yet shameful details:

Convicted paedophile Karen White, who was born Stephen Wood, was undergoing gender reassignment, but had not undergone full surgery, when she was accused of repeatedly raping a woman in 2016.

The 52-year-old, who had been previously been jailed in 2001 for a sex attack on a child, told the authorities she identified as a woman and was remanded into HMP New Hall near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Take note of how The Telegraph uses the deluded man’s preferred pronoun, adding to the environment that fosters the idea that it’s okay to house male rapists in a female prison. They refuse to see through the stupidity and stake out a position of sanity. Never mind that, according to their own reporting:

Within days of arriving at the women-only prison in September last year, White made a sexual advance to another inmate, while in an aroused state.

A fortnight later, White approached another female inmate and struck up a conversation in which she made comments about oral sex.

She then took hold of the woman’s hand and forced it onto her left breast in order to feel her padded bra.

Just days later she was accused of pushing her hips and penis against another prisoner and in November last year she allegedly kissed a female inmate on the neck.


Appearing at Leeds Crown Court last month, White pleaded guilty to two counts of rape in relation to the 2016 attack and also admitted indecently assaulting two New Hall prisoners.

She denied two of the prison assaults and the cases were ordered to lay on file.


The openness and joy of living with Political Correctness. It’s is just a little confusion; enough to flummox the Poobahs running the prison, the Courts and the fools writing the laws. But we’re told that it is the future.


Daily Insanity

Daily Insanity

If one waits for a period of time, all the dirt from the ongoing lies wind up as a big lump under the rug.

The Dem’s are like a kicked-turd on a hot day…from Rico

Does anyone still ‘remember’ Porny Daniels?

– She was just one in a series of dozens of failed manufactured attempts by the Democrats to ‘do over’ the 2016 election results.

Few are aware she ‘worked’ with the DNC and Hillary way back in 2016.

– Guess who was the go-between for Porny and the Dem’s at the time? Yeah, before he (a) became Porny’s attorney, and (b) a joke potential Dem candidate for 2020, One ambulance-chaser named Avenatti.
Some ‘coincidence’ yeah?

– Now reconsider all the pure, unadulterated, yet fresh steaming bullshit the public was fed not many months ago by the MSM in 2018.

The Democrats play the voters for suckers, and have for a long time now.
– Consider Hillary’s own words about voters, particularly Democrat voters.
I wonder IF the voters, both Deplorables and Democrats alike, have tired enough of being treated like mushrooms and fed shit to vote accordingly in the 2018 mid-terms?

– This does not look like it will be the traditional mid-term results-wise, the the herpes-like reappearance of the “Blue Wave” is merely more ‘wishful thinking’ and BS from the Democrats.

Daily Insanity

Here’s some news that the State Owned Media won’t publish and the talking heads on the tube don’t want to know. However they’re sure we don’t need a wall.

4 Illegal Aliens Connected to Mexican Cartel Arrested With Nearly $6M in Drugs, Cash, and Weapons on Hand

Thanks to a combined effort of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Lawrenceville Police Department, East Point Police, and the Georgia State Patrol four Mexican nationals have been arrested in Gwinnett County, GA this week for their connection to a Mexican drug cartel. These illegal aliens were found with 5 million dollars worth of methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin laced with fentanyl as well as $850,000 in cash and weapons located in a storehouse in the metro Atlanta area.

According to NBC 11 Alive, DEA Special Agent in Charge Robert Murphy said the investigation into the cartel started last year. Friday’s drug bust of the men’s home occurred after a tip came in on Thursday evening. [snip]

According to Murphy, one of the illegals is a previously deported convicted felon while two others have ICE detainers. Although authorities know which cartel these men were working for, they declined to comment which organization was responsible for this massive drug load. Murphy said it was “very large cartel” and “We know who they are, we just don’t want to (say) who they are. But we’re getting ready to take them down.”

“That’s $5 million in drugs on the table and nearly $1 million in cash (from Thursday’s raid),” Murphy added. “There’s going to be some explaining to do.”

Note that one of these fencehoppers has deportation convictions; another two have ICE detainers.

The two with the ICE detainers are roaming the streets because some effete politician in a ‘sanctuary’ place didn’t notify ICE when they were released.


Build the Wall!

OK, Who left the seat down

Another legislative absurdity that demands compliance, isn’t getting any. But this is Vermont where such doltish thinking is commonplace. Here it is very important that all those gender varieties know that all pee in the same pot.

We here at Vermont Loon Watch wondered why the Legislature didn’t mandate all have a window to toss it out. Or are they saving that for the next session so they’ll have some work to do. Most likely since keeping the interference in community life is all they do.

Government acted on gender-neutral bathrooms, nobody cared

So, it hit the news today that Vermont businesses are not complying with the new “gender neutral” bathroom law. This went into effect a little less than two months ago on July 1, and mandates that all single occupancy, lockable bathrooms be labeled as “restroom” and not use gender specific icons, such as the typical male and female silhouettes. Put another way, it bans restaurants, gas stations, etc. from having private men’s and women’s/boys’ and girls’ rooms. [snip]

Virtually every business. Wow! This must have sparked general outrage because, as Gov. Scott said at the signing ceremony for the bathroom bill, “For many transgender and gender non-conforming Vermonters, having bathrooms labeled male or female creates social stress and discomfort or instances where you face hostility and mistreatment.”

That sounds awful. These folks must have really been looking forward to the day when businesses complied with this critical new law and must have been outraged to discover it was being universally flouted. Nope. You know how many complaints were filed about “virtually no businesses” complying with this law? One. (emphasis added)

What does this tell us? That this law, for all the hoopla and drama in the Statehouse, was an unnecessary solution in search of a non-existent problem. Everybody continued relieving themselves in public restrooms without issue, just as they did before the law was passed. Government acted boldly, the law changed nothing, and nobody cared. Life went on just fine for everyone. [snip]

On the downside, rather than recognize that their law is unnecessary and repeal it, you can bet the state will now go out of its way to force businesses to get in line because… well, just because. After all, it was a helluva bill signing ceremony.

Ever wonder why the State is in such serious trouble when the Legislators are “Doing the People’s Business” Better they mind their own business.

Daily Insanity

Draining one swamp

New Hartford CT can claim a victory over rampant Progressive ideology and Unadulterated Bozoism with the resignation of the School Board Chair. You can do this in your school district by either forcing them out or unelecting them.

CT School Board Chairman Resigns After Vote to Recite Pledge of Allegiance

The chairman of a Connecticut school district’s board of education resigned after the board voted to begin each meeting by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Josh Adams, chairman of the New Hartford Board of Education, reportedly stepped down after opposing a vote by his fellow board members.

Adams was overruled after telling board members that he would not propose the policy in a meeting, saying he decides on the agenda as chairman.

He also said he doesn’t pledge allegiance to anything and supports “principles on which the country was founded.”

Adams also reportedly said that he hadn’t planned on resigning, but that he felt it was right to do so.

Another official in Connecticut drew outrage over the pledge in July after she knelt at two Board of Selectmans meetings to protest the president.

Haddam Selectman Melissa Schlag defended her decision in a letter posted to Facebook, saying she did so because of “extreme sorrow” for the country under President Trump.

Angry residents and military veterans attended one of Schlag’s meetings, voicing their displeasure with her disrespect of the flag.

Whether one wishes to or not to recite the Pledge is a personal matter. What these clowns desire is to prevent you from doing what you wish.
That is the disagreement with all things Progressive/Liberal/Communist.