Al Gore and his myrmidons are going to hold a year long blather fest on the dangers of Climate Change.



As more states put dopers on the roads and streets, they’re getting impaired idiots wandering around in society. Dopers cannot deal with reality, just altering it is a mental defect.

Correlation between marijuana and mental illness

In pot-legal Oregon, “Reefer Madness” – schizophrenia – is a real and growing problem.

Nov. 13 – Pot-legal Oregon is seeing more young people suffering from psychosis due to heavy marijuana consumption as adolescents, reports the Mail-Tribune, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Oregon newspaper.

Oregon is further along the legalization process than Vermont, which allowed personal possession and recreational use this year and is considering licensed cultivation and sale of marijuana.

In Oregon, marijuana may be sold in stores and grown and possessed for personal use. Possession became legal in 2015 and commercial sale in 2016.

In 2017, an estimated 128,000 Oregonians (mostly young adults) consumed marijuana more than once daily.

“‘A string of studies has shown a link between marijuana use and the development of schizophrenia. Researchers estimate 8 to 15 percent of cases of schizophrenia are caused by adolescent marijuana use,’ says Dr. John Mahan, Jackson County Mental Health psychiatric medical director,” the Nov. 11 Mail-Tribune reports.

Oregon also has also reported more emergency room visits for marijuana poisoning, more burns related to cannabinoid oils and more marijuana-related traffic accidents. [snip]

More details linking pot consumption with mental illness, as reported by the Mail-Tribune:

“‘Mental health workers at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center’s psychiatric unit have noticed more people coming in with marijuana-induced psychosis.

“‘It seems like we are seeing an increase in particularly young men with first-break psychosis and positive urine drug screens for marijuana. And these are people who are self-reporting high uses of marijuana, high THC-content marijuana,’ says Laurel Madrone, clinical manager for Asante’s Behavioral Health Unit in Medford.

“Young people with no history of mental illness themselves or in their families are experiencing delusions and hallucinations,’ Madrone says.”

Vermonters concerned about our legislature’s apparent desire to legalize commercial sale of marijuana might want to write directly to President Donald Trump and acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. [snip]

What will you do if suddenly, one of these dopers gets a ‘Don Quixote’ delusion and starts tilting with windmills with his vehicle.

What is going to occur with your insurance rates with these stoners are operating something on the public highways?

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Truth in politics? What’s next.

ICYMI: DNC CEO Actually Had An Honest Answer For How Her Party Would Pay For Medicare For All

Medicare for all is the big-ticket item that a lot of new Democrats are attaching themselves to like barnacle. The ascendant, younger, and more left wing slice of the Democratic Party is full-blown socialist, which definitely keeps the more establishment wing of the party up at night. They know this won’t end well at the ballot box, especially when this wing fails miserably to explain how to pay for this. The price tag for this agenda of is $42 trillion over the next decade, and $218 trillion for the 30-year projection. Even Vox posted an op-edthat said Americans won’t have the patience to pick up this tab, especially when single-payer health care’s success is contingent on existing employer-based plans being cannibalized. When that is thrown into the questioning, support drops like a rock: [snip]

So, how would we pay for it? We don’t know—and neither do the clownswho are pushing this terrible idea. Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who shot her way to stardom by picking off top incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley, has no clue how anything works apparently. From economics to apparently government itself, she’s aloof. On Medicare for All’s costs, she doesn’t understand the question and replies by just saying “you just pay for it.” The best answer was that this scheme is cheaper than our current system because it would…reduce funeral costs.  [snip]

Interesting that those idiots want to pass a bill while admitting they have no clue to pay for it. That’s how socialism destroys an economy: Taxes.

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With these results, one has to question why are we spending money on public education. The schools are turning out morons at a rapid rate.
One can bet that the teachers for the most part don’t know more than their charge. Remember they went through the same educational disaster.

You are witnessing “A Brave New World”; schools are turning out Deltas and Epsilons.

Thanks, Common Core: ACT Scores for Class of 2018 Worst in Decades

The creators of the ACT test announced on Wednesday that scores for the class of 2018 are the worst reported in decades. Math scores, in fact, are in freefall among ACT-tested U.S. high school graduates, falling to their lowest mark in 14 years, according to The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2018, the ACT’s annual report.

The report includes ACT test results from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

“The percentage of ACT-tested graduates who met or surpassed the ACT College Readiness Benchmark in math—suggesting they are ready to succeed in a first-year college algebra class—fell to its lowest level since 2004,” the report declared, with only 40 percent of 2018 graduates meeting the benchmark, “down from a high of 46% in 2012.”

The average score on the ACT math test dropped to its lowest level in 20 years — 20.5 on a scale of 1 to 36. American students scored 21.1 in 2012 and 20.7 last year.

“The negative trend in math readiness is a red flag for our country, given the growing importance of math and science skills in the increasingly tech-driven US and global job market,” said ACT CEO Marten Roorda. “It is vital that we turn this trend around for the next generation and make sure students are learning the math skills they need for success in college and career.”

But it’s not just math scores that have parents and educators concerned. Scores in other subjects are also falling. [snip]

Someone tell me from where the next generation of teachers comes? Is is from this group of scholars?
Next we shall be told that we’re going to pay for the “FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION”, promised by Senator Squaw or Bernie or any of the new batch of morons running for the House Seats.

Put them to work; a strong back is a terrible thing to waste.

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Cheerleader turned defensive back hopes to play football at Franklin College

She’s on the field throwing passes, helping the defensive backs run different routes. She’s carrying around cards, getting the scout offense ready for the defense. On the clipboard, she looks at the script for practice, where she needs to go next.

Hope Nelson is a freshman student football coach for Franklin College. It’s a tremendous feat, a woman helping to lead a team that this season is 5-1 and undefeated in its conference.

Coaching is the backup plan.

She’s in the weight room, squatting 245 pounds, getting her legs stronger — ready to make tackles. She’s running sprints, getting lightning fast — to cover receivers and defend against pass offenses. She’s watching the guys on the field, the cornerbacks in particular.

That’s her position.

Nelson was a high school defensive back.

“When I tell people, it’s always ‘Wow.’ And they’ll ask, ‘What position do you play? Kicker?'” Nelson said. “But that’s not the case. I’m out on the field making tackles. And I want to do that here. I know I can do it.” [snip]

This will need to have different penalties. Ten yards for inadvertent improper touching, five yards for backfield in motion. The 15 yard penalties shall be reserved for such items as Groping after the whistle, , honking the boobs and heavy breathing when tackling.

The game ain’t going to be the same. Next will be female refs and linesmen to make sure those penalties are called… often.

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