For those dreamin’ O’ ta Green…

… Clancy, me stalwart leprechaun, is already hoisting a couple to tha fair Irish Day.

And Erin, this lovely lass, nae been one to cripple the mood of St Paddy’s Day.
Or the night either!

Maybe later Clancy will peel off those shamrocks.


A change?

Word Play

These are for the intellectually advanced.

Dijon vu – the same mustard as before.



It is that ‘time’ again whereby we take an hour from the morning and added it to the evening and pretend the day is longer.

This bit of silliness takes place at 0200 hours on Sunday morning when sensible people are sleeping, those hankering for last call get cheated because smart barkeeps change the clocks BEFORE they close so there will be fewer bleary-eyed Brylcreamed ‘gents’ suffering in the back of the church while the Pastor drones on about the evils of John Barlycorn and that horrible practice of dancing which is nothing more than fornicatin’ standing up. Prolly some attempted to indulge in both.

That’s Sunday morning. Everyone gets to suffer on Monday when the alarm goes off on that lost hour.

Blame your Congresscritter.


Moments in Religion


Signs of the times



Such delightful snippets of military lore are heartwarming.

USMC. 8 years, NO volunteers?… from Rico

God bless those Leatherneck’s, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children….the USMC.

For eight [8] years of the trespasser & fraud Obama’s tenure, there were NO Marine volunteers to serve on his pResidential detail….they HAD to be assigned. Ordered.
– Marines follow orders, but not traitorous Commie bastards.

Oooraawwwww, Devil dogs!