Illegal Immigration

The German word for taking delight in others mental conflicts is “Schadenfreude”. What Trump is doing with this National Emergency causes the Jackasses no end of grief. Gotta love it!

Wall Edition: The United States of Emergencies…from Rico

The MSM (purveyors of ‘dumpster juice’ aka ‘news’) well know this and chooses to ignore it to keep you ignorant.
– Trump is using Obama’s ‘National Emergency on Mexican Drug Cartels’ (which is still active and in effect) as one vehicle to build the Border Wall. Bad, baaaad Trump! It’s only OK when WE do stuff like this scream the Libtards!

What upsets the kollective Left most is that Trump is the first President to ‘do something’ about a real National Emergency* instead of merely (a) using it for PR and a photo op, and/or (b) talking about it.
– Case in point: 31 of the 58 Presidential-declared ‘National Emergencies’ are STILL IN EFFECT (including the one ref’d infra).

Don’t take MY word for it. Go ahead, fact-check this yourself. [What the MSM conceals below the surface of the Swamp with their willfully-generated scum.]
– Of the 58 National Emergencies that have been declared since 1979, 31 are still in effect.
*National Emergencies Act: 50USC, ch34, p1601; Public Law 94-412, 90 Stat. 1255.

Illegal Immigration

The ongoing ‘Charlie Foxtrot’ in the halls of Congress should cause wonder and concern that this Country, America, is actually governable.

Emergencies in Perspective…from Rico

I’m certain the MSM and the Democrats (C) will be certain to provide a calm, logical, and factual perspective on the just declared “emergency”…hahahahaha, just kidding!
– They will, as a matter of course, lie their collective Communist asses off shamelessly, expecting the ignorati to swallow the lies of the ingnoranuses.

It’s a matter of perspective, and when your purpose is to harm America…then you look at things entirely differently than if you purpose is to defend and protect America.
– What is a desirable ‘feature’ to the former, is a ‘bug’ to be shunned to the latter.

Here is a good comparison of how recent Presidents pre-Trump perceived emergencies.
– This in itself should give you a pretty good indication that the histrionics, alligator tears, gnashing of teeth, and rending of political garments the world will now be subjected to by the drama queens of the Left is pure, unadulterated, bovine excrement.poi

Illegal Immigration

New Jersey has for many a year been the but of a joke about being a landfill. Mob influence also is known to have a strong say in politics. Now the newly elected Governor of that septic tank proves the validity of all those rumors.

CE Just Told NJ’s AG To Shove It: You Want To Restrict Cooperation…We’ll Just Increase Our Immigration Raids

New Jersey is following California’s lead by adopting new sanctuary state-like rules regarding how its local law enforcement agencies will cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It’s part of blue state America’s ongoing war on the Trump administration, flipping them off whenever they can, especially when it comes to immigration (via NJ 101.5):

More than a year after New Jersey voters elected a governor who campaigned on a platform of protecting the state’s immigrant residents, including those in the country illegally, the state’s top prosecutor released a list of rules governing cooperation by state and local police with federal immigration authorities.

The new rules prevent cops from quizzing people about their immigration status unless relevant to an investigation and limits cooperation by jails with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We are issuing new rules that draw a bright line between federal civil immigration authorities on the one hand and state and local law enforcement officers on the other,” Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said. “And we’re telling our friends and our neighbors who have been living in fear: You can trust state law enforcement. You can trust state prosecutors here in New Jersey.”

“Nothing in this directive provides sanctuary to those who commit crimes in New Jersey. If you break the law in New Jersey, if you assault someone, if you rob someone, if you defraud someone, we will hold you accountable no matter your immigration status. If you break the law in New Jersey, we will go after you, no matter your immigration status. No one gets a free pass.”

This isn’t the only time that ICE and New Jersey have fought one another. This month an illegal alien in Middlesex was released after the jail refused to honor an ICE detainer. The illegal is now a murder suspect(via The Patch): [snip]

Increased raids works for me. Panic the illegals badly enough and they’ll leave the state for places where they can tax the populace more heavily. California comes to mind. Among the mud slides, fires and illegals, that state ranks up there as a cloaca for the nation.

Illegal Immigration

When one gets a poverty stricken, starving migrants all desiring just to work (selling drugs is work) who cannot feel for them as one does for a big eyed kitten of ten weeks.

Doesn’t that just pluck your heart strings? If not you’re a racist hard-bitten Trump conservative who probably kicks puppies.

Then there is this from some potential illegal.

Migrants in Tijuana Regret the Caravan: ‘I’m Done With the United States’

After being gassed by the U.S. and held in a camp by Mexico, hope is running out for some who left Honduras with dreams of a better life in America.

After fleeing tear gas shot at the U.S. border, Carlos González confessed confusion and second thoughts about the caravan that carried him to doorstep of his dream: life in the United States.

The 40-year-old corn farmer from Honduras, wearing a pink breast cancer awareness hat and an orange work vest, had hopped on the caravan of Central American migrants figuring it would facilitate his entry into the country. It set out from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on Oct. 12 and for five weeks he could hope and dream—especially as the caravan pushed past police barricades and crossed through closed borders in Guatemala and Mexico.

But the U.S. border has proved impossible so far for the more than 7,000 migrants anxiously arriving in Tijuana, where they’re waiting in the squalor of a small baseball stadium-turned-tent city. It’s just a stone’s throw from the border they hope to cross, which many could not imagine would be so difficult.

“I thought it would be easy,” said González, who traveled north with his wife and two children, ages 4 and 3. He said his family was planning to sign up with Mexican officials for voluntary repatriation.

“We’re here alone, hungry, unprotected. My daughter is sick with diarrhea,” he said from a street by Tijuana’s El Chaparral border crossing, where he hoped to make a little money washing cars. “I don’t want to lose my kids, lose my life.”

Scenes of migrants fleeing tear gas shot their way by U.S. Border Patrol brought condemnation and accusations of excess. The Sunday protest was peaceful, several participants told The Daily Beast. The protesters, including women and children, first encountered Mexican police, but detoured around them and headed toward the border. There, according to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, they breached the fence.

The migrants say they wanted nothing more than to ask for answers as to why they were unable to cross the border or make asylum claims. [snip]

He can make a claim for asylum. Just go to the US Legation in one’s country and apply. Simple, so why don’t they do it?
Here’s the answer to a fast turn around for declined applications.

A rose is not a rose…

…by any other name.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Doing the jobs Americans won’t do

Sanctuary City: Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Brutally Raping Long Island Mother for an Hour

A previously deported illegal alien has been arrested and charged with brutally raping a woman in Long Island, New York for an hour, according to police.

Ever Martinez-Reyes, a 24-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, allegedly followed a 36-year-old mother of two to her home, knocked her unconscious, then repeatedly raped her for an hour, investigators say, according to Newsday.

The alleged assault and rape occurred in the sanctuary city of Nassau County, which refuses to turn criminal illegal aliens over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency for deportation.

One of the investigators called the alleged rape “one of the most brutal” sexual assaults she has ever investigated. [snip]

Just a hard working illegal who only wanted a little. So she was forced to give up the booty. What the politicians and their liberal voters will do FOR THE VOTE!

Illegal Immigration

San Fran politicians must be smoking a s#!tload of the noxious weed to have come up with this idea.
That statue represents a conflict in racial groups since they offer sanctuary to the offending conquistadors. Since the last Redskin, Indian, Amerind, Native American left Frisco and probably the State because of unafordable rents and laws governing living in tents unless homeless.

San Fran to Remove ‘Offensive’ Statue Showing the Spanish Defeat of Native Americans

In a heroic display of social justice bravery, San Francisco has effectively saved their populace from another deadly hunk of metal standing around doing nothing by removing a statue depicting a Spanish cowboy standing over a Native American.
After more than 30 years of ranting, activists successfully convinced the city to remove a statue they say “inappropriately celebrates the oppression of Native American people,” according to The Hill (despite the fact that the statue’s removal does nothing to change the nation’s actual history).

The “Early Days” statue, which portrays a missionary standing over a cowering Native American man while a Spaniard gazes off into the distance, has been standing there doing absolutely nothing since 1894. It’s part of a larger installation called the “Pioneer Monument” that tells the story of the state’s founding – which, like it or not, includes the arrival of the Spanish and the ultimate defeat of many of the area’s Native American tribes. Despite this historical non-changeability, the Perpetually Offended got it in their heads about three decades ago that the statue was offensive and should be removed. [snip]

Because who cares about facts and history when you have feelings, right?

After a couple of generations of mental devolution, the cretins in office decided to be racially sensitive. How swell of them.

If one wished to see schadenfreude in action, watch these turkeys get voted out of office by the illegal conquistadors whom they gave non-citizen voting rights.

“Nothing is wrong with California that a rise in the ocean level wouldn’t cure.” ~ Ross MacDonald (1915-1983)

He knew back in the time before Millennials. The BIG ONE will clean out that pest nest.

Illegal Immigration