A good deal in elections

Our former Gov took a kick to the kishkas as he lost his SC House seat. A RINO and prevaricator of some renown, decided to bad mouth Trump, who tweeted a riposte dealing his that punch.

Sanford’s only worth was in the last election, where he kept Stephen Colbert socialist sister from gaining that seat.

Ta-ta bunghole.


Certified Loonies

Robert De Niro displayed a cogent picture of the vacuous position on the 2016 election and their inability to get, even with the limpid bias of the press, any traction for change.
Their actions are redolent of a 4 grade moronic tantrum: Profanity, fecal slinging, kicking kittens and blamestorming for explanations of their inadequacies. All tht is left to them is ad hominem attacks and a reducio ad absurdum position.

Robert De Niro Says ‘F— Trump’ at Tony Awards, Gets Standing Ovation

Robert De Niro had a few choice words for President Donald Trump while the legendary actor was on stage at Sunday’s Tony Awards to introduce Bruce Springsteen’s musical performance.

“I’m going to say one thing, F— Trump,” De Niro said while pumping his fists in the air. “It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump.’ It’s f— Trump.”

The political sentiment earned De Niro a standing ovation from the crowd at Radio City Music Hall, while CBS scrambled to bleep the audio on the live telecast. After the audience settled, De Niro got back to talking about Springsteen, who received a special Tony Award during Sunday night. The exclusive concert residency, “Springsteen on Broadway” — or as De Niro referred to it, “Jersey Boy” — features the Boss performing his music and sharing stories from his 2016 autobiography “Born to Run.” Tickets to the intimate concert are upwards of $850. The limited engagement run has been extended twice through Dec. 15. [snip]

Such a display of petulance is rarely seen outside a congregation of two year olds; it was thoroughly enjoyed by the Bozos in the balcony. Need one say more.

Iniquitous Individuals

What would you expect from a Lefty liar. On or off screen come the accounts of malicious actions and and a wheelbarrow full on turpitude.

Report: A Raging Joy Reid Allegedly Threatened Violence Against a Superior

The bizarre and controversial history of MSNBC host Joy Reid continued its relentless drip, drip, drip Thursday as Fox News uncovered her disturbing tenure at a South Florida radio station. Among the allegations from two of her former colleagues was a story of how she threatened violence against one of them and a homophobic shot at then-Governor Charlie Crist.

“MSNBC star Joy Reid physically threatened a senior colleague, accused a Republican politician of being gay on air and often referred to her hateful blog during a short-lived stint as a radio show co-host more than a decade ago, former superiors at the station told Fox News,” reported Fox News’ Lukas Mikelionis.

Fox News spoke with Andre Eggelletion, Reid’s former co-host of “Wake Up South Florida,” and he recalled how she allegedly threatened to assault him. “It was a very unhealthy work environment because of her attitude. She attacked me on a constant basis while I was there. I was even once threatened with physical violence during a break with her,” he told Fox News.

According to the report, Reid and Eggelletion were arguing over something he wanted to cover on the show when she did not. “There was a dispute over it and I told her, ‘Go ahead and call the manager’,” he recalled. And by his recollection, Reid allegedly responded with: “If you ever speak to me like that again I’m coming over there and it’s gonna be me and you.” [snip]

Sounds like she night be Samantha Bee’s mentor.Ahhh! What can you possibly expect but this from any Leftist BS pusher.

Given the way the Progressive networks accept this behavior, count on the press release stating, “Move along folks, nothing to see here”.

Big Spenders

You voted them into office again and again. To thank you for those votes, they spent your tax dollars on more entitlements that no one paid into a single dime.To fund this extravagance, borrowed or stole every penny in the coffers and then raided supposedly sacrosanct monies held for your future.

You brought this upon yourselves.

Social Security Expected to Dip Into Its Reserves This Year

The Social Security program’s costs will exceed its income this year for the first time since 1982, forcing the program to dip into its nearly $3 trillion trust fund to cover benefits.

This is three years sooner than expected a year ago, partly due to lower economic growth projections, according to the latest annual report the trustees of Social Security and Medicare released Tuesday. The program’s income comes from tax revenue and interest from its trust fund.

The trust fund will be depleted in 2034 and Social Security will no longer be able to pay its full scheduled benefits unless Congress takes action to shore up the program’s finances. Without any changes, recipients then would receive only about three-quarters of their scheduled benefits from incoming tax revenues. [snip]

The Social Security program works by using payroll taxes paid by workers and employers to pay for retirees’ benefits. What is left over is invested in the trust fund. Interest earned is reinvested in the fund.

Over time, the trust fund has grown to nearly $3 trillion. But long-running demographic trends threaten its finances. Last year, there were 2.8 workers for every Social Security recipient, down from 3.3 in 2007.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement the Trump administration’s efforts to cut taxes, reduce regulatory burdens and overhaul trade agreements would boost economic growth and generate new money for the country’s two largest entitlement programs. [snip]

The tax cuts signed into law last year have slightly lowered Medicare and Social Security’s projected revenue over the next few years. Lower income-tax rates reduced projected revenue from the taxation of Social Security benefits. That means less money flowing into both programs because those revenues are transferred to the trust funds.

President Donald Trump’s decision to end a program offering young undocumented immigrants reprieve from deportation while allowing them to work also reduced anticipated tax revenue into the Social Security program, the report said.

Congress has debated ways of bolstering the programs’ finances, but hasn’t agreed on what to do.

Some of what is written in the above WSJ article is incorrect. It makes it sound like the tax cut, in part, is responsible .

Medicare and Social Security is funded by payroll taxes, not income tax.With the tax rate cut revenues fell very slightly. What is not clearly stated is the Congress makes up for spending folly by purloining money from the SS Trust Fund. Which is nothing more than paper legerdemain; LBJ opened up that ‘Lockbox’ to pay for the Vietnam War. The surplus touted by Congress exists only on paper.

If the Millennials believe that Socialism will provide for their future, they need to understand that the Government has no money except what it pilfers from one’s paycheck. When the Progressives promise to give all to everyone, they conveniently omit how they will pay for this largess.
One way is to stop giving SS and Medicare to non citizens. those would properly named illegals.

There is an election coming up. Care to make a change?

Biased Agendas

Proving that American citizens are not first place with her, Pelosi scoffs at the newest employment rates for minorities and women. She sat on her hands not happy for her constituents.
In all fairness given her mental capacities, she may not have even known where she was.

Sour Pelosi poo-poos booming economy: ‘Strong employment numbers mean little’

The Trump economy is booming, but that’s not good enough for Nancy Pelosi.

The May unemployment rate was a stunningly low 3.8 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Black unemployment is the lowest ever: 5.9 percent, the Washington Examiner reports.

But instead of celebrating the incredible economic activity, the House Speaker wannabe shrugged.

“May’s jobs report shows that strong employment numbers mean little to the families hit with soaring new costs under the Republicans’ watch,” the House Minority Leader said in a statement.

She added:

Republicans’ cruel, cynical health care sabotage campaign is already spiking families’ premiums by double digits and pushing millions off their coverage, according to the nonpartisan CBO. Big Pharma continues to hoard the benefits of the GOP tax scam, using their handouts to further enrich executives and shareholders instead of lowering prescription drug costs for seniors and sick kids. At the same time, the President’s reckless policies are exploding gas prices, wiping out the few meager gains that some families should have received from the GOP tax scam, as wages remain stagnant.

As many stood to applaud, Pelosi remained seated with a sour look on her face.

Pelosi couldn’t find joy in dozens of companies passing along the tax cut savings onto employees in the form of bonuses, routinely calling the $1,000-or-more checks “crumbs.”

Iniquitous Individuals

Fauxahontas shows her true allegiance and it isn’t to any Amerind background nor America.

Elizabeth Warren praises communist China ‘long-term whole-of-government’ strategy

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren would rather praise communist China than the President of the United States.

The 2020 presidential hopeful and darling of the left appeared on CBS This Morning to hawk her new book when host John Dickerson brought up North Korea and the progress President Trump’s made in pressuring the rogue nation to de-nuclearize its military.

But Warren insisted the president doesn’t have a clear strategy, and suggested Trump take ques from North Korea’s communist neighbor to the north. [snip]

“Look at what China is doing,” Warren continued. “China’s got the long term arc and it’s playing everybody. It’s playing North Korea, it’s playing South Korea, it’s playing the United States of America because it has a long-term whole-of-government strategy that keeps driving towards an end.”[snip]

Warren claims to have some feathers in her lineage. All she needs now is some tar.

Going the extra mile…

… it support of Democrat voters. Offense has been taken, protests begun.