Iniquitous Individuals

Some creative individual has an opportunity to make a full length animated feature that should be a winner. Call it, “Hollywood: Despicable You!” Let it feature all the effete twits who pompously talked down to America about our right wing morals, our uncaring insensitive ways and anti-women beliefs. To them we are racist, rapist, gun toting wife beating caitiffs. That’s just on Mondays.

Now the overcoat has parted and their Godhead Harvey Weinstein is thrust onto stage center pantless. Weinstein wishes to play the victim now that he’s exposed.

Of more interest is the deafening silence from Hollywood and the tangle-footed scramble by the Jackasses to give back the semen coated dollars they eagerly sought during campaigning. Of course no one knew anything a forehand. Well this circlejerk is so loathsome, it will taint most of the amoral prigs in Hollywood.

Weinstein sexual harassment controversy exposes Hollywood’s double standard

When the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape leaked one year ago, capturing then-candidate, now-President Trump bragging in coarse terms in 2005 about being allowed to grab women because he was a celebrity, Hollywood had a meltdown.

Cher called Trump a “scumbag carny barker” on Twitter. Comedian Patton Oswalt labeled him a “sexist creep.” Actress Emmy Rossum wrote: “misogynistic entitled pig.”

This week, amid revelations that Oscar-winning movie and television producer Harvey Weinstein had a long history of sexually harassing women, Hollywood’s response was largely muted. Film studios on Friday all declined to comment. [snip]

The sordid allegations against Weinstein put Hollywood and Democrats in an awkward spot.

Over the years, Weinstein has given generously to Democrats and liberal causes, contributing more than $600,000 to Democratic politicians and groups, according to federal records. He donated tens of thousands of dollars to the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, worked as an intern for Weinstein Co. in New York last summer prior to enrolling at Harvard University. Weinstein also has contributed to the Clinton Foundation, whose website states that the producer provided well over $100,000 as of June.

Ah! Those so sensitive toward women’s issues, the Jackass Party, the Clintons, Obama, Liberal politicians across the land and of course the enablers in Hollywood who in complicity kept their mouths shut, allowed many less than powerful women be abused, coerced and threatened because they had a job and wanted to keep it.
The next question is from where did the money come and who handled the payoffs.


That wonderful but elusive “Radiant Future”

Ever since the Glorious October Revolution, the Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Progressives one and all have made promises of a future where everyone is equal, wise, well fed and comfortable. Of course in practice, it is only the elite that are living that life style.

Witness Uncle Bernie, the Savior of Vermont, who owns four houses and lives of the largess of the taxpayers. His wife managed to drive two colleges into fiscal turmoil one ending in bankruptcy and eventually dragging her into court on fraud charges. Some Radiant Future for those students. They received bupkis. But this Communist has grand visions for you and the Country, not just Vermont.

Uncle Bernie wants to have the grand SPHC, which Vermont Progressives already rejected as so expensive, the Progressives said they couldn’t afford it. California rejected it because they couldn’t afford it; they are a mental box of rocks when it comes to finances. He wants to lay it on Medicare/Medicaid so that the taxpayers get crushed.
Sen. Sanders cares not that Venezuela is trying the same crap that the Soviet Union and Cuba tried with the same results.

If you can’t get it to work in a Century, do you think it will work by trying for another 100 years?
Socialists have an enormous case of the STUPIDS.

Big Spenders

It doesn’t make any difference to which party a politician belongs, they all want to spend your money.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner Signs Law Forcing Illinois Taxpayers to Pay For Abortions

Illinois taxpayers will now be forced to pay for abortions under a new law signed Thursday by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, which mandates the procedure be covered under the state’s Medicaid programs and for all state government employees.

The new law, which was approved by the state legislature back in May, will go into effect barring a court order.

After signing the bill into law, Rauner said while he “respects those who believe abortion is morally wrong,” he believes all women should have the right to prematurely kill their unborn children if they decide it’s the best choice for them – even those who can’t afford to do so on their own.

“I do not think it’s fair to deny poor women the choice that wealthy women have.”[snip]

Of course, what Rauner conveniently omits is that all women in Illinois – whether wealthy or poor – already had the “choice” to voluntarily terminate their pregnancies well before this new law came around. What they didn’t have, however, was the state-sanctioned ability to force other people, including those who morally oppose abortion as murder, to pay for it. (emphasis added)

And it looks like Rauner’s fellow Republicans in the state legislature aren’t too happy about his decision to approve the new law, which he’d originally said he would veto. [snip]

Pro-life group Illinois Right to Life estimates the new law will result in about 12,000 more babies losing their lives through abortion each year.

 According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 15 other states cover abortion services under their state Medicaid programs. Oregon, which has long since provided taxpayer-funded abortions for low-income women, recently expanded their own program to force taxpayers to cover free abortions with no cost-sharing for all women in the state, including illegal aliens.

Every “SWELL” idea that the Socialists produce always forces people to enjoy the benefits.

Biased Agendas

Comrades! We have the best of everything for your children at heart when it comes to their education. The best buildings, desks, teachers… We worked to get the best course of study.
In Vermont, the State makes sure everything is equal for all children. What about your State?

Lindberg: Elected officials choose private schools for their kids, public schools for others

In the 2011 book “Upheaval,” Lou Dobbs states that “90 percent of funding for public education comes from local property taxes and state taxes. Yet, 90 percent of decision making about how that money is spent and how our children are educated comes from the federal government via the U.S. Department of Education.” In fact, the U.S. Department of Education will expropriate $77 billion dollars from the U.S. taxpayer this year.

It is also a fact that many of our federally elected officials refuse to send their own children to public schools. Some 41 percent of the members of the U.S. House and 46 percent of U.S. senators send their children to private schools. 56 percent of U.S. Senate Education and Labor Committee members send their children to private schools. Just as disturbing is the fact that 22 percent of public school teachers send their children to private schools. This is twice the national average for the general public.

Arne Duncan, former secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, enthusiastically promoted the Common Core curriculum as the great panacea for all things wrong with public education. Yet, as reported in the media, “Mr. Duncan chooses to send his children to the University of Chicago Lab School, arguably the most elite private school in Chicago — and certainly the most expensive.” Duncan’s children are not subjected to the Common Core curriculum that he so aggressively promotes for our children.

In Vermont, many of our elected state representatives and senators also choose to send their children to private schools. Ironically, they also vote to deny school choice to their taxpaying constituents. (emphasis added)

A full view of this hypocrisy as demonstrated by one Vermont legislator can be found in this YouTube video: (runs 1:29 minutes)


A modern auto dà fé

The Spanish Inquisition toasted many a person, whether they converted in their beliefs or not.
Given close to two decades of facts counter to the Warmist Ideology, they still want to persecute and prosecute any and everyone that disagrees with their position.

Calls to punish skeptics rise with links to climate change, hurricanes

Calls to punish global warming skepticism as a criminal offense have surged in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but it hasn’t discouraged climate scientists like Judith Curry.

A retired Georgia Tech professor, she argued on her Climate Etc. website that Irma, which hit Florida as a Category 4 hurricane on Saturday, was fueled in large part by “very weak” wind shear and that the hurricane intensified despite Atlantic Ocean temperatures that weren’t unusually warm.

That is the kind of talk that could get policymakers who heed her research hauled before the justice system, if some of those in the climate change movement have their way.

“Climate change denial should be a crime,” declared the Sept. 1 headline in the Outline. Mark Hertsgaard argued in a Sept. 7 article in the Nation, titled “Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us,” that “murder is murder” and “we should punish it as such.” [snip]

Brad Johnson, executive director of Climate Hawks Vote, posted last week on Twitter a set of “climate disaster response rules,” the third of which was to “put officials who reject science in jail.”

Climate skeptics have taken note of the alarming trend. “Ever since Hurricane Harvey, the global warming-hurricane hysteria has ratcheted up to levels I haven’t seen since 2006,” said Ms. Curry.

Anthony Watts, who runs the Watts Up With That blog, listed some of the threats to criminalize skeptics under the headline, “Hate on Display — climate activists go bonkers over #Irma and nonexistent climate connection.”

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano said the heightened vitriol aimed at those who dispute the link between climate change and extreme weather events is a sign that the global warming narrative is losing steam with the public and policymakers.

“Activists have been frustrated with record number of polar bears, no acceleration of sea level, the Pause, no trends or declining trends in extreme weather and the public’s apathy,” said Mr. Morano, whose book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” is slated to be released in February.

President Trump has said he plans to pull out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, drawing an outcry from those who argue that rising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are driving higher temperatures and natural disasters such as drought, wildfires and hurricanes.

“The effects of climate change are no longer subtle. We are seeing them play out before us here and now. And they will only worsen if we fail to act,” said a Sept. 7 op-ed in The Washington Post co-authored by Penn State climatologist Michael E. Mann. [snip]

Forget not that this is the very much disgraced Michael E. Mann caught manufacturing data at East Anglia UK. His street creds are quite suspect.

The push to prosecute climate skeptics comes even though the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has concluded that it is “premature to conclude that human activities — and particularly greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming — have already had a detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or tropical cyclone activity.”

“That said, human activities may have already caused changes that are not yet detectable,” said the Aug. 30 statement. [snip]

Mr. Watts said the air pressure graphic should prompt global warming activists to take a deep breath.

“With Irma ranked 7th, and Harvey ranked 18th, it’s going to be tough for climate alarmists to try connecting these two storms to being driven by CO2/global warming,” Mr. Watts said in a post. “But they’ll do it anyway.”

Typical Leftist Ideology, Believe it or Else. It is thus with all Marxist/Communist cant; there is never any choice in acceptance. I’m surprised the Pope hasn’t made it a condition of Faith. Failure means Excommunication.

Who are they?

They claim to fighting “HATE”, racism, a host of phobias, warts, white skin and painful hair.

They call themselves AntiFa.

What are they really behind the hoods and masks? Here is a glimpse.

A decision not to decide…

…is a decision.

The Senate in a method they believe leaves no fingerprints, repealed ObamaCare. By passing no bill, they left ObamaCare to die a lingering death, twisting in the wind. The Senate acted in the affirmative with a negative action.

America deserves better than this pack of Mushwits;

what we have as a class of political Dorks.