For your consideration on the conditions in America with the Jackasses gaining power. All this is with the assistance of the RINOS on the purported opposition.

This Roman nailed it considering he lived from about  BC 56 to 102 AD. Students of Western Civilization studies will know of course what happened to Rome.

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

~ Cornelius Tacitus


We are all 2018 today –

Today the whole world is the same age! Today is a very special day. It happens only once every 1,000 years

Your age + your year of birth = every person’s answer will be 2018

It is strange and inexplicable! Try it and see! It will not happen again for another 1,000 years!




It’s been 10 years since I posted this blog for the first time on 8/28/08. With the exception of some absences due to hospitalization and some travel, Loon Watch appeared everyday. Those breaks totaled probably three months.

It has been nine years since we moved to South Carolina; I’ve lost touch with the Vermont in which I grew up. Most of my acquaintances either died or moved out of state. Today’s Vermont is a hellish cacophony of PC jabbering, Progressive governmental disasters, high taxes, low paying jobs and sustainable nonsense.

Now I have to choose as to whether I keep this blog going or stop Loon Watch. If I do cease publishing this one I’ll more than likely start a new one centered around the foibles, insanity and flavor of life south of the Rappahannock.

The other blog Vermont Woodchuck Photo Blog hasn’t been worked since Memorial Day. Photos and art are my passion; I worked professionally for the papers around NYC back in the ’70’s and for papers in Vermont. I fully intend to go back to painting watercolors and drawing pen & ink.

No choice has yet been made. This is difficult.  I’ll surely let all know if I close this site and whee I can be found.

My other blog:

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Here’s some magic which requires NO sleight of hand. Stunning. Try to figure it out.

The link will load the clip.

Sign language

For those that never flew commercial air, you probably wonder what the flight attendants are doing prior to takeoff. They are purportedly giving safety procedures; some believe they’re giving Last Rites. The latter is closer to the truth.

Feel better now?



It’s Friday the


Signs of the times