Laissez le bon temps rouler

Laissez le bon temps rouler

1000 words

And this is what most of America is doing to endure the CRAP coming from Congress.

A new Democrat diet

Inquiring minds want to know

New Year’s resolution

This actually might work.

Not a bad idea, but…from Rico

This is really not a bad idea, though I doubt even that would overcome the deafening roar of stupidity emanating from the Democrats and/or bring their fantasy balloon back to reality.
– An Angel Dad has opined that Dem Poliicians should ‘have one of their loved ones murdered by an illegal alien.’

Here’s an even better idea:
– Every time an American citizen is murdered by an illegal alien, a randomly-selected Dem politician is executed.

Fair is fair.

Where the Jackasses trod

There are many paths in life that may be chosen, but once the choice is made, one must deal with the results.

There is a companion watching all of one’s moves. He will select the trials and the tribulations emanating from the path trod. Many times it is a pleasure to watch the occurrences as the “freude” is rammed home hard into the “Schaden”.

So what is this BOHICA moment? Food stamps, WIC and other ‘entitlement’ programs part of the government shutdown. The last payment to those programs was just made. They should begin running out of money is about a month, perhaps slightly less. Illegals, welfare slugs, women with kids on the dole all should be creating an uproar when those funds are exhausted. Anyone care to opine on whose constituents to which party that gaggle pledge allegiance? It will amuse to no end the machinations the Jackasses will attempt to explain their intransigence

The Donkeys say they will pass a bill to open the government as soon as they take over the House. Fine, but that has to then go to the Senate for a vote. And if by chance the Mushwit RINO’s vote to send it to the President, that will face a veto.Overriding a veto requires more votes that the original passage.

There shall be much wetting of panties and knicker twisting; a passel of painful wedgies should complete the squawking, whining and hand wringing.
I, for one, intend to take immense pleasure from this Congressional eruption.

Laissez le bon temps rouler

If the police find out who fired their guns, the old saw “No good deed goes unpunished” will apply once more.

The plan was to steal tools. Then customers drew their guns

Marysville police are asking for the people who shot at the getaway car to come forward.

The plan was simple: Steal tools and pawn them for money.

That’s what two men, 22 and 23, reportedly had in mind when they showed up to the Coastal Farm & Ranch store in Marysville on Saturday afternoon, according to a police report. They allegedly took four nail guns, each worth over $400, walked out of the store and got into a Honda Civic.

They didn’t expect to be surrounded by about six customers with guns raised.

One customer was standing in front of the car, yelling at the alleged thieves to get out. [snip]

Marysville police Cmdr. Mark Thomas on Monday said it’s unclear if the other people involved fired their guns lawfully, as they left before law enforcement got there. Security footage showed one of them getting in a vehicle just as the first officer arrived, Thomas said. [snip]

Laissez le bon temps rouler

The really strange part about this is that it insults everyone.