The following are a classic study of “Idiots in Action”.

Here’s a real schocker and the Liberals can’t figure out why.

Americans abandoning New York, New Jersey, other high-tax states

Tax burdens Opens a New Window. continue to weigh on the minds of the nation’s residents, as the highest-tax states Opens a New Window. saw large outflows of residents last year.

“About 0.47 percent of people have migrated out of New York Opens a New Window. , which is the highest of any of the 50 states … it’s like 40,000 people,” Dolly Lenz Real Estate Managing Director Jenny Lenz told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, adding that many of them are moving to Florida because “the taxes are so low.” [snip]

The problem with those residents is they liked the services the high taxes afforded. When they move into your state, they bring that same mental condition that caused them to raise taxes.


Surely, this solution will fix the defiant behavior.

California May Ban Schools From Suspending Students For ‘Willful Defiance’

The California State Senate voted to ban schools and principals from suspending students for “willful defiance” of teachers, staff, and administrators.

The Senate approved SB 419 Monday by a vote of 30-8. It moves to the Assembly next.

A similar bill was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown last legislative session.

Under the new version (Senate Bill 419), students in grades 4-8 wouldn’t be suspended for disrupting school activities or willfully defying school authorities, including teachers and staff. The bill would also ban schools from suspending students in grades 9-12 for the same thing until January 1, 2025. The law would apply to both public and charter schools. [snip]

These clowns won’t be any smarter by keeping them in school than tossing their asses out.


Why not ban any meeting in a public or private setting?

Handshakes could be BANNED under new workplace rules to avoid expensive sexual harassment claims

HANDSHAKES could be banned under new workplace rules to avoid expensive sexual harassment claims, an expert has said.

Kate Palmer, an associate director of advisory at HR consultancy Peninsula, said employers may ban all forms of physical contact to avoid confusion about what kind of touch is appropriate.

Handshakes could be banned in the workplace as a way to avoid expensive sexual harassment claims

Ms Palmer added the #MeToo movement has forced employers to think about implementing more “black and white” policies.

She told the Metro: “Some employers may put a complete ban on physical contact.

“Whether that’s going too far or not is a question I would pose, because it’s contextual. Does shaking someone’s hand go too far? [snip]

Who feeds and dresses this idiots? Certainly, they can’t survive on their own.



A short compilation of the Left’s reaction to the Mueller report.

This is what should be the punctuation to the waste of time and money.


A short compilation of idiocy in America.


There’s easy relief for the taxpayers in the states controlled by the Social Democrats.

No relief in sight for taxpayers denied deductions for state and local taxes

President Donald Trump again indicated this week that he might be open to revisiting the new limit on state and local tax deductions that hits many middle-income residents hard in California and other high-tax, Democratic states.

Even so, don’t count on any changes soon to the Republican tax law that went into effect last year.

Legislative and political realities mean the $10,000 cap is unlikely to be scrapped or increased until after the 2020 elections at the earliest.

Although opposition to the cap is widely believed to have helped defeat Republican House members in California, New York and New Jersey last November, a key Senate Republican is adamantly opposed to a change. And increasing or eliminating the cap probably wouldn’t help get those seats back.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat and leader of the fight against the cap, this month called the new tax policy “an economic civil war that helps red states at the expense of blue states.”

Cuomo met with Trump at the White House Tuesday to discuss the matter.

“I told the president myself today: SALT repeal is hurting us. And if you hurt New York, you’re harming the economic engine of the nation,” Cuomo tweeted afterward. [snip]

Republicans argue that the state and local tax deduction is mostly used by the wealthy and is unfair to residents of lower-tax states. Capping the deduction helped simplify the tax code and make it more equitable, they said.

What’s more, the rules adopted by the new House Democratic majority mean they would have to raise hundreds of billions of dollars elsewhere to make up for the tax revenue lost by reinstating the deduction. That would increase Republican opposition. [snip]

Each of the complaining states can easily remediate this problem. Toss out the illegals, cut welfare, vote for capitalism, not socialism and the problem is solved.


She’s head of the House? Dear God, does she know what century we’re in now.

CONFUSION: Pelosi wishes ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ — on Valentine’s Day!

What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

The House Speaker held a public bill signing on Thursday, and during her remarks, she wished reporters a “Happy Thanksgiving.”

It was Valentine’s Day. She was a mere 84 days late.

The woman second in line to the presidency didn’t correct herself.

Earlier in the day, the House Speaker gave her weekly brief press conference, she could be seen suffering brain freezes, confusing millions and billions, and at one point, caught herself holding up only five fingers while talking about six bills. [snip]

This is what Progressivism does to the brain.


Death in the kitchen. Another alarm from the mushwits.

Burnt toast could be more toxic than TRAFFIC FUMES, scientists warn

BURNT toast can expose people to more pollution than if they were standing at a busy road junction, a study has claimed.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found burnt toast was especially harmful and the safest way was to “go for gold” – allowing the bread to turn a light gold colour.

The team of experts built a mock-up of a three-bed house and equipped it with monitors to assess how everyday activities impacted on air quality.

Roasting and frying can also prove to be toxic, the research found.

The team of experts built a mock-up of a three-bed house and equipped it with monitors to assess how everyday activities impacted on air quality.

Roasting and frying can also prove to be toxic, the research found.

But researcher Marina Vance said the biggest shock was discovering just what the impact of toasters was.

It was found they sent toxic particles into the air the moment they are switched on, The Times has reported.

Vance said at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science: “When you make toast, the heating element starts warming up the debris and gunk in the toaster which includes oils.”

Other pollutants included cleaning agents, especially household sprays, and air-purifiers which give off scents when plugged in to a socket.

Scented candles and wood-burning stoves were also found to be powerful polluters.

Other research recently published in the academic journal Atmosphere measured just how bad some of the pollutants were. [snip]

Evryone needs to move out to their backyard or nearest park where they can browse on the luscious herbs and forbs  found there. Just avoid where the dogs peed.



Pelosi gets Speakership back and the loons come out of the woodwork.

Took this idiot long enough to realize this fact.

NBC News Veteran Leaves Network, Says Media Have Become ‘Prisoners of Donald Trump’

NBC News veteran Bill Arkin made a dramatic exit from his network Wednesday dropping a 2,228-word internal memo to colleagues criticizing NBC and the broader media landscape. In his lengthy missive, Arkin said the industry had becomes “hostages” to President Trump’s news cycle.

“The world and the state of journalism [is] in tandem crisis … And I find myself completely out of synch with the network, being neither a day-to-day reporter nor interested in the Trump circus,” Arkin wrote. “In our day-to-day whirlwind and hostage status as prisoners of Donald Trump, I think — like everyone else does — that we miss so much.”

Arkin had worked at NBC on-and-off for three decades as a reporter and military analyst. In his memo, he also spoke about highlights of that tenure that included covering the Cold War, providing analysis during the war in Kosovo, and as an on-air analyst after 9/11. [snip]

Never heard of this turkey. Speaking of his work: How memorable.


Guess McDonals’s bottom line is getting a bit tight.

Straw Brawl At McDonald’s In Tampa

Maybe he should’ve ordered a happy meal.

A man is under arrest after authorities say he grabbed the shirt of a Florida McDonald’s employee and tried to pull her over a counter.

The employee responded by punching the customer several times in the face at the St. Petersburg restaurant on Monday.

A witness who posted video on Facebook says the fight started when the customer asked for a straw.

St. Petersburg police say the video shows Daniel Taylor grabbing Yasmine James’ shirt. James responded by hitting him several times.

Police say Taylor is charged with two counts of simple battery for grabbing James and for kicking another worker in the stomach as he was being escorted out.

Taylor is white and James is black. [snip]

The Jackass Party takes power in the House and a straw war breaks out over race. A coincidence? Can’t be,


The lesson is there but the Democrat Socialists are too dense and self-absorbed to understand it.

Venezuela’s Lessons for American Socialists

It’s hard to overstate how disastrous the reign of Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro has been for Venezuela. A recent series of Bloomberg articles vividly depicts the hellish, never-ending struggle for survival in Caracas, the country’s capital. Hungry children roam the streets, people are fleeing the country, health care is almost nonexistent, violence is endemic, even water is scarce. Chavez’s so-called Bolivarian revolution took a peaceful, middle-income country and transformed it into a nightmare that puts the ruinous Soviet Union of the 1980s to shame.

It’s important for other countries — including wealthy ones like the U.S. — not to ignore Venezuela, but to use it as a cautionary tale. Politicians like Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have embraced socialism, as have many young Americans. But what are the lessons of Venezuela? Why did the country become such a basket case? [snip]

But although lower oil prices undoubtedly made things harder for Venezuela, they can’t be the primary culprit in the collapse. Venezuela stopped releasing many of its economic numbers in 2014. But other petrostates — Saudi Arabia, Russia, Nigeria, Angola and Kuwait — saw their incomes stagnate or even fall after 2014, but they didn’t experience anything remotely like the devastation that has hit Venezuela:

Nor did the country come under attack by capitalist powers. Under President Barack Obama, the U.S. did impose sanctions against a few of the country’s officials in 2015, and President George W. Bush refused to sell arms to Venezuela, but these weren’t broad sanctions that had the power to seriously affect the country’s economy. No reactionary armies or bombers devastated Venezuela’s cities; the country’s impoverishment is all of its own making. [snip]

Socialism, the perfect economic plan once more fails spectacularly. The hackneyed phrase, “You can always tell a socialist, but you can’t tell them much.”  proves accurate afain.


The handbasket is in place; they plunked Pelosi into it. The trip to Hell for the House is underway.

Grinning Nancy Pelosi is confirmed as Speaker for the second time as Democrats take power – putting Congress on a collision course with Trump over investigations and government shutdown

Speaker Nancy Pelosi returned to power on Thursday and marked a new chapter in President Donald Trump’s tenure in Washington as he faces a Democratic Party on a collusion course with his administration.
Grinning broadly and holding up the speaker’s gavel, Pelosi leads a party with power to subpoena Trump officials, investigate him, and block his legislative agenda.

She did not mention Trump by name but she called for civility among the parties as they disagree and ask for the truth to be respected – a subtle dig at a president who is accused of name calling and lying about his record.

‘Let each of us pledge that when we disagree, we will respect each other and we will respect the truth,’ Pelosi said.

‘Transparency will be the order of the day,’ she added. [snip]

That line of tripe was used just prior to the ObamaCare passage. Remember how transparent that whole Charlie Foxtrot was. “You have to pass it to see what’s in it.”


Three days into the new year and the Jackass stupidity commences.

The new batch of clowns entering the House same as the old batch: Mushwits.

The ‘Green New Deal’: A Radical Mandate for Government Control of American Society

‘Ocasio-Cortez sees this plan is being a vehicle through which social equality might finally realized, as it will use reparations to right historical injustices’

Incoming New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brings with her a massive online following, influence she says she’ll deploy only in support of candidates who support her plan for a “Green New Deal.”
“The Green New Deal” is something Ocasio-Cortez invokes frequently in media appearances and rallies.

So what’s actually in it?

Her office recently released the text of a proposed House rules change outlining the plan.

The proposed rule change for the upcoming 116th Congress would require the creation of a “Select Committee for a Green Deal” that would be responsible for creating the plan by January 1, 2020, with corresponding draft legislation soon after. The text of the rule change lays out the committee’s jurisdiction and required areas of action. [snip]

Early on, under “Jurisdiction,” the document makes clear its grandiose philosophical vision: “The select committee shall have authority to develop a detailed national, industrial, economic mobilization plan for the transition of the United States economy to become greenhouse gas emissions neutral and to significantly draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and oceans and to promote economic and environmental justice and equality.”

In addition to achieving its goal of “meeting 100% of national power demand through renewable sources,” the document also repeatedly states the Green New Deal will advance non-environmental projects, such as, “social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice.” [snip]

All this ffrom the fool who killed the place where she worked and cost her co-workers loss of employment too.


Take it from someone who fled my native state, these have to all be Progressives who cannot wait to give the state their moey.

Vermont has a higher proportion of people moving there from out-of-state than anywhere else in the U.S., study says

Vermont’s population is among the smallest in the U.S., but a high proportion of people are moving to the New England state from elsewhere in the U.S., according to a new study.

United Van Lines, a St. Louis-based moving company on Wednesday released its 42nd annual National Movers Study, which tracks customers’ state-to-state migration patterns.

Vermont has the second-smallest population among states, exceeding only Wyoming, yet it saw the highest percentage of inbound moves in 2018 – at 72.6 percent. However, it’s worth noting that was out of 234 total moves.

A majority of people moving to Vermont cited jobs (34.4 percent) and retirement (31.2 percent), while 85 percent of the people leaving the state said they did so for a job. [snip]

Wait until they get a taste of the cost for utilities and food.


The Oscars, a show with a lower rating than the Chartered Life Underwriters salesman of the year extravaganza.

Oscars: It’s January, So Why Is There Still No Host?

As the holiday break comes to an end and Hollywood’s denizens stagger back to their offices, it is dawning on many that the Academy still has not found someone to host the 91st Oscars on Feb. 24 — just 53 days from now.

The Academy thought it solved this problem back on Dec. 4, when it announced that Kevin Hart would do the honors. But Hart withdrew just two days later amid an outcry over homophobic tweets that he had posted years earlier and his initial reluctance to apologize for them. Since then, Donna Gigliotti, who is producing the telecast for the first time, has been hunkered down in closely-guarded conversations with Academy CEO Dawn Hudson and president John Bailey.

Sources within the Academy’s 300-person staff and 54-person board of governors have told The Hollywood Reporter that they have no idea how things are progressing, but they are growing concerned as Hollywood’s biggest night rapidly approaches. Indeed, not since Jon Stewart was announced as the host of the 78th Oscars on Jan. 5, 2006, and only once before that in the 21st century, when Whoopi Goldberg was announced as the host of the 74th on Jan. 7, 2002, has the search for a host extended into the calendar year of the show itself. [snip]

Their problem is the difficulty in finding someone untainted in the pigpen called Hollywierd.  There is an answer:


It is a terrible thing to find those chickens coming home to roost are actually vultures. More and more, this is the case as the Left becomes unhinged.

Truth is a painful experoence when it’s jaws are clamped on your ass.

High-Tax State Exodus

U.S. population growth fell to an 80-year low last year amid declining birth rates, a new Census report shows. But it’s also telling that some states are booming while others are suffering a European-style sclerosis of population loss and slow economic growth.

One side effect of a strengthening national economy has been a widening disparity in state growth rates. The eight fastest-growing states by population last year were located in the West or South (Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Florida, Washington, Colorado and Texas).

And what do you know? These states have also experienced rapid employment and GDP growth spurred by low tax rates and policies generally friendly to business and job creation. Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Utah, Florida and Colorado ranked among the eight states with the fastest job growth this past year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nevada, Texas, Washington and Florida have no income tax. [snip]

The only option left to these ignorant socialist places is to place an exit tax on 75% of your ‘wealth’ to continue their errant ways.


All this from an idiot whose TV show consisted of him eating the genitals of of live monkeys and sucking on the toes of unwashed native feet.

TV chef in hot water after ‘horsesh-t’ Chinese food diss

“Bizarre Foods” host Andrew Zimmern has been axed from prime time on the Travel Channel amid the controversy over his assertion that Chinese food in the Midwest is being served in “horses - - t restaurants.”

The celebrity chef’s “Bizarre Foods” juggernaut franchise and sister show, “The Zimmern List,” have been bumped by network owner Discovery, Inc. into a graveyard rotation slot on Saturday mornings to run their course, Page Six has confirmed.

Filming has stopped on both shows midseason, sources tell us, and is not expected to continue further.

The move comes after the James Beard Award-winning chef offended the Asian-American community in comments to promote his Midwestern Chinese restaurant chain by saying: “I think I’m saving the souls of all the people from having to dine at these horses - - t restaurants masquerading as Chinese food that are in the Midwest.” [snip]

One of main courses likely to include sucking on the anal vent of live Asian catfish.


The ersatz Venezuelan Navy sallies forth with chief oarsman Maduro sculling the Admiral’s scow.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Venezuelans stalking open seas as socialist economy collapses

With rich Caribbean fishing grounds on their doorstep, the villagers of Cedros in Trinidad are never short of fishermen’s tales to tell.

The latest stories to do the rounds though, are not about record-breaking hauls of kingfish. Today the fishermen themselves have become the catch.

“I was out picking up my nets late one afternoon when a boatload of armed men came at me at full speed,” said Brian Austin, 54. “From about 200 metres away they started firing shots around my boat – it was terrifying. Luckily, I have a high-powered engine, so I managed to speed off, but they took my nets and all the fish in them.” [snip]

Isn’t it amazing that the wonders of Socialism  can, with such speed reduce plenty to paucity within a single generation.


As ‘Dirty Harry’ would say: Marvelous! This bozo opens his mouth and stupid falls out.


A clerk at Xhale City vape shop in Tucker, Atlanta went absolutely ballistic after a customer wearing a Trump t-shirt walked into the establishment.

The pro-Trump customer was denied service and asked to leave the store while the vape shop employee accused him of being a “racist motherf*cker.”

A black man was also standing in front of the counter watching it all go down and it was all caught on video.

“If you do not stop recording in my store, I’m going to call the police and ask you to leave,” the triggered employee said.

The customer refused to be bullied and told the clerk to call the police — this is when things took a wild turn.

“F*ck off dude! F*ck off! Get the f*ck out of here!” the employee screamed as he assaulted the customer.

The employee is heard talking on the phone presumably to his boss where he calls President Trump a “treasonous asshole.”

At this point the lunatic employee walks back over to the Trump-supporting customer, assaults him then calls him the N word.

“Leave the store! Leave the store! Leave the store! F*ck off! Get the f*ck off n*****!” the employee screamed.

At one point the customer threatened to call the cops for assault if the employee didn’t ring up his order.

The employee continued to melt down and refused to serve a paying customer — the best part about the video is that the pro-Trump customer REFUSED to back down to the liberal lunatic.

The Yelp page for Xhale City vape shop in Tucker, GA was quickly filled with one-star reviews calling for the unhinged employee to be fired. ]


It is always instructive to show the Left at their finest behavior.


As the year ends, we’re getting more and more crazy events.

Sears to join Robuck in obscurity.

Sears may be down to its last 24 hours. Iconic retailer likely liquidates if no bid comes in Friday

Sears, the 125-year-old icon, has 24 hours to survive.

The employer of more than 68,000 filed for bankruptcy in October. Its last shot at survival is a $4.6 billion proposal put forward by its chairman, Eddie Lampert, to buy the company out of bankruptcy through his hedge fund, ESL Investments. ESL is the only party offering to buy Sears as a whole, people familiar with the situation tell CNBC. Without that bid or another like it, liquidators will break the company up into pieces.

But as Lampert stares down a deadline of Dec. 28 to submit his offer, he is quickly running out of time. As of Thursday afternoon, Lampert had neither submitted his bid, nor rounded up financing, the people familiar said. Should Lampert submit a bid, Sears’ advisors would have until Jan. 4 to decide whether he is a “qualified bidder.” Only then, could ESL take part in an auction against liquidation bids on Jan. 14. [snip]

And there was no bid.


Now you can know how they can make up the BS they call news.

KTLA Anchor Chris Burrous’ Death Investigated as Possible Overdose: Glendale Police

The death of KTLA Morning News reporter and weekend anchor Chris Burrous is being investigated as a possible overdose, police said Thursday.

Burrous was found unresponsive at a Days Inn in Glendale after a male he was with called authorities around 1:15 p.m. to report he had passed out and was possibly not breathing, Glendale Police Sgt. Dan Suttles said in a news briefing.[snip]

There was no indication of suicide, he added.

“Glendale detectives are currently investigating the case and are thoroughly examining the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his death,” the department said in a news release.

Burrous’ body has been turned over to coroner’s officials, who will work to determine a cause and manner of death. Toxicology reports had not yet been completed Thursday night.

No further details on the investigation were available. [snip]

He probably was doing undercover work on opiods.


God on a tricycle with a toy gun demands mail.

Florida woman robs postal worker with a plastic gun

A woman was arrested for pointing a plastic gun at people while riding a tricycle and then stealing a package from a postal truck.

Deputies were called to Triangle Bay Dr. and Collier Blvd. Saturday night because of a call that a woman was pointing a gun at people.

Deputies found Leida Crisostomo riding a tricycle and holding a black and silver handgun. Deputies drove beside her and told her to drop the gun. She did. Then she rolled into the grass and put her hands behind her back, deputies said.

Once handcuffed, law enforcement said Crisostomo told them she was “God” and that voices in her head were telling her to do things.

Law enforcement discovered that her gun was plastic.

One victim told deputies that Crisostomo pointed the gun at a mail carrier and force the man out of the truck. The postal worker walked to the back of the truck and handed her a package. Then Crisostomo got back on her back and rode down the sidewalk.

The package was returned to the postal worker.

Crisostomo was arrested for armed robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

With some luck, she might get eight nuns and four priests on the jury.


It’s almost Christmas; what is being delivered to the world is a collection of ideas that show no season’s spirit.

T’is the Season for taking, it seems.

FedEx workers caught looting packages at Texas hub had 94 phones, Apple Watch, cops say

Employees at a FedEx Ground facility in Hutchins were arrested this week after two package handlers were accused of stealing nearly $50,000 in cellphones and paying a manager and security guard to ignore the crimes.

Officers were called to the company Wednesday night after a manager said he wanted to monitor two employees he suspected of stealing items shipped through FedEx, according to warrants.

The employees, 47-year-old Larry Poole and 58-year-old Wade Hal, were expected to arrive at the facility at 11 p.m. When they arrived, the manager and a team of security guards watched through a security camera as the duo unloaded trailers at the business, the warrants state.

Poole and Hal removed phones from packages that were shipped to the facility and placed them in two backpacks, according to the warrants.

The duo was suspected of paying a manager, 31-year-old Anthony Edison, and a security guard, 33-year-old Ricky Lacy, to “turn their face the other way” during the crime, the documents state. [snip]

Were they just doing some late Christmas shopping?


Yeah they should check out that membership. That crowd has some weird admission rites and wear funny hats.

Judicial nominee faces Senate scrutiny over Knights of Columbus membership

A judicial nominee faced questions from Senators this month about whether membership in the Knights of Columbus might impede his ability to judge federal cases fairly. The Knights of Columbus say that no candidate for public office should have to defend his membership in a Catholic service organization.

Senators Mazie Hirono (D-HI) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) raised concerns about membership in the Knights of Columbus while the Senate Judiciary Committee reviewed the candidacy of Brian C. Buescher, an Omaha-based lawyer nominated by President Trump to sit on the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska.

Senators also asked whether belonging to the Catholic charitable organization could prevent judges from hearing cases “fairly and impartially.”

“The Knights of Columbus does not have the authority to take personal political positions on behalf of all of its approximately two million members,” Buescher responded.

“If confirmed, I will apply all provisions of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges regarding recusal and disqualification,” he said. [snip]

Isn’t it strange that the Jackasses never ask AntiFa or any of the anti-American candidates similar questions? Where is it written that members of those afflicted groups don’t show overt bias and venom for the Courts.


Why not try this in those ‘sanctuary cities’ where crime is rife? Chicago, SF, LA, NYC or Baltimore. Save money on trials and incarceration costs

License-to-Kill Policing to Get a Trial Run in Rio de Janeiro

Teams of marksmen next year will patrol swaths of Rio de Janeiro with high-powered weapons and a license to kill, said a security adviser to Governor-elect Wilson Witzel.

As many as 120 sharpshooters will accompany police incursions into the slums of Brazil’s postcard city to exterminate gun-toting criminals, according to Flavio Pacca, a longtime associate of Witzel who the governor-elect’s press office said will join the administration. The shooters will work in pairs — one to pull the trigger, one to monitor conditions and videotape deaths.

“The protocol will be to immediately neutralize, slaughter anyone who has a rifle,” Witzel, a federal judge and former Brazilian marine, told reporters in Brasilia on Dec. 12. “Whoever has a rifle isn’t worried about other people’s lives, they’re ready to eliminate anyone who crosses their path. This is a grave problem, not just in Rio de Janeiro, but also in other states.”

Rio has long exemplified Brazil’s charm and its chaos, and what happens there echoes at home and abroad. Like President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, Witzel cruised to victory in October promising a brutal crackdown on criminals who make daily life a harrowing ordeal. Rio will be a proving ground for Bolsonaro’s philosophy of maximum force — and whether law enforcement devolves into a storm of extrajudicial killings. [snip]

This program certainly will prevent recidivism.


Here is a small example of the efficacy of the Barix program.

LSU football players questioned, not arrested after fatal shooting in Baton Rouge

Two LSU football players were detained and questioned about a shooting Saturday afternoon in Scotlandville that left one person dead in the back of a pickup truck, but the athletes were later released without being arrested, Baton Rouge police said.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, a key LSU running back, and reserve linebacker Jared Small were questioned by police for hours after the shooting, according to the attorneys representing the athletes. The identity of the person found dead has not been released by authorities, pending notification of next of kin.

“We believe this is an act of self-defense and the evidence will show that,” said Christopher Murell, one of the three attorneys representing Edwards-Helaire and Small, who are both graduates of Catholic High School in Baton Rouge.

The unidentified man was found dead in the back seat of a white Chevrolet Silverado just after noon Saturday in the 2900 block of 68th Avenue, Baton Rouge police spokesman Sgt. L’Jean McKneely said. The two athletes, Edwards-Helaire and Small, had also been in the truck and were the ones who called 911 after the shooting, McKneely said. He said the two athletes waited at the scene for police and cooperated with officers.

McKneely said he did not expect any arrest or charges to be filed against the athletes as of Saturday, but he would not comment on a possible motive in the shooting. He also did not identify anyone involved in the shooting. [snip]

Why should there be an arrest for performing a community service?


Some states haven’t offered much in the way of growth

Progressive policies are not helping certain states.

U.S. Population Grew at Slowest Pace in More Than 80 Years

Falling birthrate, rising death rate slow population growth as more Americans move to western and southern states [snip]

Most states with a population problem are “Blue” State

New York’s tax and insurance regs cause most of the moves.

New York leads nation in population loss

New York State leads the country in an undesirable category.

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau says New York tops the nation in population loss.

The report says nine states saw a drop in population between July 1, 2017, and July 1, 2018. New York led the way at a loss of 48,510 people.

Illinois (45,116), West Virginia (11,216), Louisiana (10,840), Hawaii (3,712), Mississippi (3,133), Alaska (2,348), Connecticut (1,215) and Wyoming (1,197) also lost people.

New York’s population of 19,542,209 is still fourth-highest in the country.

Nevada and Idaho are the nation’s fastest-growing states. Both states saw their populations increase by about 2.1 percent in the last year. [snip]

New York gets the benefit of the Cuomo progressive plan.

In California, being a mushwit is free.

Least-Educated State: California No. 1 in Percentage of Residents 25 and Older Who Never Finished 9th Grade; No. 50 in High School Graduates

California ranks No. 1 among the 50 states for the percentage of its residents 25 and older who have never completed ninth grade and 50th for the percentage who have graduated from high school, according to new data from the Census Bureau.

Texas ranks No. 2 for the percentage of its residents 25 and older who have never completed ninth grade and 49th for the percentage who have graduated from high school.

9.7 percent of California residents 25 and older, the Census Bureau says, never completed ninth grade. Only 82.5 percent graduated from high school. [snip]

Yeah, we need more illegals.


In today’s world, hate seems to be the driving force.
Hate will eat you alive, cancel any moral values you have and turn you into an animal.

One perfect example is the beating of a women by Kareem Hunt of the KC Chiefs.

NFL’s Kareem Hunt Brutalizes and Kicks Woman … In Hotel Video

MZ Sports has obtained video of Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt shoving, bull-rushing and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel back in February.

Kareem has not missed a single game this season despite the incident happening MONTHS before the 2018 NFL season kicked off … and team CEO Clark Hunt publicly stated in August he doubted Hunt would be suspended.

In the video, Hunt is seen arguing with a 19-year-old woman outside of his room at The Metropolitan at the 9 at 3:22 AM on February 10, 2018.

Hunt turns a corner and confronts the woman, shoving her hard. The woman strikes him back in the face … and that’s when Hunt goes berserk.

As friends try to hold him back, the 2017 Pro Bowler — who led the league in rushing yards — explodes and knocks one of his friends into the woman … who both go flying into a wall.

Both Kareem’s male friend and the woman appear dazed — but Kareem makes his way over to the female and kicks her while she’s crouching on the ground … knocking her over.

Police were called to the scene but no arrests were made. According to police reports, obtained by TMZ Sports, surveillance video from the hotel was obtained by law enforcement. We’re told that video is part of the evidence that was submitted to prosecutors.

Typical of these knuckle dragers.


Doesn’t matter who pollutes the place with hate.

LAPD Probes Swastikas Painted On Mural Depicting Black Panther Members

Los Angeles police Thursday were investigating the scrawling of four swastikas on an iconic South Los Angeles mural as a hate crime.

The vandalism was reported about 11:45 a.m. in the area of 48th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard, according to LAPD.

Social media images showed the mural was defaced by swastikas scrawled in white paint on the faces of prominent Black Panther members.

No suspects were in custody, according to LAPD. The swastikas were promptly scrubbed from the mural. [snip]

This has to fulfill some cretin’s desire for imfamy. A wonderful example of terminal stupidity. Interesting that these dolts, never do it in daylight, standing up for their values.


Bette Midler hasn’t much to brag about in her recent life. So why not attack another persona and make a total fool of herself.

Bette Midler Fantasizes About Trump and His Family Hanged ‘Good and High’

Actress and Broadway star Bette Midler fantasized about President Donald Trump and his family being hanged “good and high” in a pro-Robert Mueller social media post Friday.

“Trump Trump Trump Bob Mueller’s marching, Trump Trump Trump And here is why Trump Trump Trump He’s gonna hang you Hang the fam’ly GOOD AND HIGH!” Bette Midler said.

Her post was in response to a video of Donald Trump Jr. discussing alleged business in Russia in 2011, years before his father announced his presidential run.

Bette Midler often sends hateful and unhinged political messages on her social media. She recently attacked First Lady Melania Trump, using a revealing photo from her days as a model to label her “FLOTITS.”

The 72-year-old star has also referred to President Trump as a murderer, saying “the world is coming under siege from murderers, plunderers like him.” [snip]

Bette, you turned inside out declaiming that you were going to move to Canada if Bush won Trump won, Hitler won or anyone other than an avowed Marxist won. Trump may not be your President, but certainly Hillary isn’t.