Cognitive dissonance

The real title to this piece should be “Clinton slips a gear”.

Clinton Praises a 1% White College For Its ‘Diversity’

While giving a commencement address at Medgar Evers College, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised the school for its diversity — despite the fact that only 1 percent of the entire student body is white.

During her speech, Clinton said, “You are an inspiring group. You come from 94 countries. Speak 44 languages. You embody what makes New York and America great already.”

“Your ambition, your innovation, your diversity is who we are and who we should want to be,” Clinton continued.

According to the College Board, Medgar Evers College is 62 percent black, 13 percent Hispanic or Latino, 20 percent ethnicity unknown, 2 percent Asian, and only one percent white. [snip]

Judging by Clinton’s previous statement about what America “should want to be,” however, it appears that white identity should be valued less.

There is something in the food or water that messes with the brains of the Progs. It isn’t just Clinton although she’s a good example. Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein and others all exhibit the same dumbs whenever they open their mouths.
Or maybe it is too much grab-ass without  a helmet.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

The following questions were set in last year’s GED examination. These are genuine answers (from 18 year old exam takers) One must assume these answers are after rigorous study.

Q. Name the four seasons?
A.. Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar

Q. How is dew formed?
A.. The sun shines down on the leaves and makes them perspire

Q. What guarantees may a mortgage company insist on?
A.. If you are buying a house they will insist that you are well endowed

Q. In a democratic society, how important are elections?
A.. Very important Sex can only happen when a male gets an election

Q. What are steroids?
A. Things for keeping carpets still on the stairs (Shoot yourself now , there is little hope)

Q… What happens to your body as you age?
A.. When you get old, so do your bowels and you get intercontinental.

Q. What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty?
A.. He says goodbye to his boyhood and looks forward to his adultery.

Q. Name a major disease associated with cigarettes?
A.. Premature death

Q. What is artificial insemination?
A… That be the farmer in CA that does it to the bull instead of the cow…

Q. How can you delay milk turning sour?
A.. Keep it in the cow (Simple, but brilliant)

Q. How are the main 20 parts of the body categorized (e.g. The abdomen)?
A.. The body is consisted into 3 parts – the brainium, the borax and the abdominal cavity. The brainium contains the brain, the borax contains the heart and lungs and the abdominal cavity contains the five bowels: A,E,I,O,U

Q. What is the fibula?
A.. A small lie

Q. What does ‘varicose’ mean?
A.. Nearby

Q. What is the most common form of birth control?
A.. Most people prevent contraception by wearing a condominium.

Q. Give the meaning of the term ‘Cesarean section’?
A.. The caesarean section is a district in Rome

Q. What is a seizure?
A.. A Roman Emperor. (Julius Seizure, I came, I saw, I had a fit)

Q. What is a terminal illness?
A. When you are sick at the airport.

Q. What does the word ‘benign’ mean?
A.. Benign is what you will be after you be eight.

Q. What is a turbine?
A.. Something an Arab or Sheik wears on his head. Once a Arab boy reaches puberty, he removes his diaper and wraps it around his head.

A remake of a movie

A wonderful chance to take a fine movie and turn it into a better satire of current events of one corrupt Party in DC, portraying them as the loons they actually are.

Don’t bother going to the theater, catch Scott Pelly on CBS for the full blown crazies.

Losing America’s Voice

This from someone who has been around long enough to see the idiotic chances that are ruining the quality of life and our freedom.

‘We’ve Lost Our Sense of Humor’ – Clint Eastwood Shoots Down Political Correctness

Legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood is criticizing political correctness, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Eastwood’s comments came during a discussion with Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan. 1971’s “Dirty Harry” features a cop named Harry Callahan (Eastwood) who breaks the rules to capture and kill a psychotic killer who is terrorizing San Francisco. Callahan often conflicts with liberals, and the villain resembles the long-haired hippies of the era.

“It was far-out at that time, so I brought it to [director] Don [Siegel], and he liked it,” Eastwood recalled. “A lot of people thought it was politically incorrect. That was at the beginning of the era that we’re in now with political correctness. We are killing ourselves, we’ve lost our sense of humor. But I thought it was interesting and it was daring.”

Eastwood came to Cannes to introduce a screening of a restored version of his 1992 Oscar-winner “Unforgiven”, which was shown as part of the Cannes Classics sidebar to mark the film’s 25th anniversary.

Big Spenders

When Progressives work up a plan one thing they always omit is results. Of course, they really aren’t concerned with results; they’re concerned only with growing government; any cost to society is irrelevant.
Redistribution of wealth is the objective: Money from your pocket to theirs.

Reality Check: Obamacare Is Now Killing Planned Parenthood

Get this: no less than six Planned Parenthood clinics across four Western states are now planning to close up shop. But it’s not because all those nasty women-hating Republicans are attacking abortion. These clinics are closing because of Obamacare.

Here’s why.

A War of Words and meanings

To start this post we need to have a couple of definitions nailed down so that there isn’t room to quibble.
One is sophistry:

  1. a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning.
  2. a false argument; sophism

The other is Pettifog:

  1. to bicker or quibble over trifles or unimportant matters.
  2. to carry on a petty, shifty, or unethical law business.
  3. to practice chicanery of any sort.

Over the past few weeks, you have heard nothing by lies, sophistry, hogwash and pettifogging from the despicable Democrats about health care, to wit, ObamaCare. Let us get something correct concerning this issue.

This argument isn’t about Health Care, merely go to any hospital ER and you must be attended to for what ever ails you. If you cannot pay, do what every pauper, illegal alien and ne’er do well in America does. Tell them you can’t afford the bill. SCOTUS in all it’s wisdom proclaimed free hospitalization for deadbeats in America.
If you find the ER overcrowded, merely let out the word that la Migra is on the way; you’ll be next in line after all the illegals depart. Works in Welfare offices too.

No we’re not talking about Health Care; we’re talking about FREE INSURANCE for deadbeats, illegals and paupers. More to the point, who is going to pay for it! Certainly not the Poobahs. They don’t pay income taxes; Taxes are collected on earned income, read ordinary income. The Poobahs cut coupons on bonds (interest) or collect dividends on stocks. If the bonds are Munis, they’re not taxable. The rest at most are taxed at 15% on Schedule D 1040. Now you know why Buffet and Gates advocate tax the rich. More chicanery, pettifogging if you prefer.

Insurance, like health care, is not a right nor an entitlement. One may purchase insurance on the open market if one wants adding amendments as desired and not bound to government fiat. Actually what does the government know about your needs or wants. In truth, what government program has ever worked? If you think one that has and didn’t cost triple proposed projected budget, get your figures together and make your case.

You heard Fauxahontas tell the ignoranti that the Republicans will kill thousands with their new health care plan. Pure pettifoggery on her part. A complete attempt to conflate health care with insurance.
What the Donkeys have is nada, zilch, nothing and less than that to offer. Perhaps they want to see the final contact of the death spiral of ObamaCare. That will be impressive.

Then Congress needs do nothing but let the FREE MARKET operate. The only persons to be objecting to that would be the Marxist/Socialists such as Sanders and Warren. All sophistry since one does not have a thing to do with the other.
All the Democrat/Socialist/Communists want is the complete takeover of the health care system creating a single payer plan which reduces everyone’s care to the lowest common level: Poor.

Biased Agendas

George Orwell has a strong following in the Progressive community. Favorite themes are the Memory Hole and the Ministry of Truth. Both hold dear a special loathing for history since history prevents a mind wipe and the creation of the “Correct” historical past.

The attack on the Civil War history, the monuments and memorials to the past is just one skirmish in this current ‘Civil War’.

This attack is an assault on American Military Veterans. Here’s why.