Another kink in a Democrat city

What is it with the Politicos is these Liberal/Progressive strongholds? Do they feel as if they have the “droit du seigneur” over any resident of the fiefdom.

Lawsuit alleges Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused troubled teen in 1980s

A new lawsuit accuses Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of child sexual abuse decades ago. Two other men have told The Seattle Times they, too, were abused by Murray as teenagers in the 1980s. The mayor vigorously denies all the accusations.

A 46-year-old Kent man sued Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Thursday, claiming Murray “raped and molested him” over several years, beginning in 1986 when the man was a 15-year-old high-school dropout.

The lawsuit in King County Superior Court, filed under the man’s initials, “D.H.,” alleges Murray sexually abused the crack-cocaine addicted teen on numerous occasions for payments of $10 to $20.

This more than likely on the Liberal Plantation will fall under the chant of “The King is Dead; Long live the King” as the Progressive Pedophile lovers gather up their torts and knives and head to court.

How much more equality can we take?

There is a large chance that the voting public in other states will require palliative care if this Squaw tries a run for POTUS. Fauxahontas has a fervent belief that she has been given a gift from Manitou which includes absolution from any and all transgressions.

Oops! Elizabeth Warren Pays Her Female

Staffers FAR Less Than the Guys

An embarrassing new report published on Equal Pay Day reveals that Elizabeth Warren, reigning left-wing queen of false ethnicity claims and socialist hopes and dreams, actually pays her female staffers much less than their male compatriots.

Shocked? Me neither.

Our friends over at the Free Beacon crunched a few numbers and discovered Warren’s female staffers make an average of 71 cents for every dollar her male employees earn – nearly 10 cents less than the national average of 79.6 cents per dollar. The Free Beacon notes:

The median annual earnings for women staffers, $52,750, was more than $20,000 less than the median annual earnings for men, $73,750, according to the analysis of publicly available Senate data.

When calculated using average salaries rather than median, the pay gap expands to just over $26,051, or about 31 percent.

The report added only one woman on Warren’s payroll earned a six-figure salary. (That would be her director of scheduling, sitting pretty at $100,624.88.)

However, five guys out-earned this lady by miles, including Warren’s director of oversight and investigations ($156,000), legislative director ($149,458), deputy chief of staff ($119,375), Massachusetts state director ($152,310), and deputy state director ($113,750).

The Free Beacon explained they only calculated the wage difference based on the salaries of Warren’s full-time staff who were employed for the whole year – meaning the disparity isn’t because, for example, some female staffers only worked three days a week for six months.

It’s a pretty shameful reveal for the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, who’s used the so-called “gender wage gap” myth as a political soapbox for years. She even tweeted last year on last year’s Equal Pay Day, calling it a “national day of embarrassment.” [snip]

It certainly is an embarrassment, but then there isn’t much about her public life that isn’t.
She is all mouth with no known skills that make any real difference to her constituency.

But then they voted for her which bespeaks volumes to their mental condition.

The Millennials

A funny tale in photos for the Millennials who now can see their illegal immigrant Cow, trying to sneak under the fence, get caught by the Border Patrol Bull. Oh, the indignity, the outrage, the immeasurable humor of this condition. I’d even pay TWO DOLLARS to see this again.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together!

Flying high

Leave it to a druggie to screw up everyone travel plans. This plane was in line on the taxiway when this clown decides to gain some more altitude before takeoff.
All the crew had to do was open a cabin door and toss this schmuck out onto the grass, then call the Society of Quivering, Sensitive Liberal Rescuers to get him before he reached ambient temperature. Meanwhile, other passengers could have been on their way with only a minor delay.

Passenger’s overdose forces plane back to gate at JFK

A plane that was about to depart Kennedy Airport for Florida was forced to return to the gate Wednesday when a 24-year-old man overdosed on heroin and anxiety medication, officials said.

The JetBlue plane was on the taxiway and about to take off when the man, who lives in Bethpage, Long Island, started foaming at the mouth around 10:50 p.m.

The flight returned to the terminal and was boarded by Port Authority cops Eric Stern and Sean Pomerantz, who found the distressed man floating in and out of consciousness.

The man also appeared confused and was having trouble breathing, officials said.

The officers determined the man was under the influence of heroin and anti-anxiety pills and administered a dose of Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose.

The man’s condition improved and he was rushed to Jamaica Hospital for treatment, officials said.

Political Speak

For now the President is making nice with Ryan; that won’t last for Ryan put the skids to him with that ObamaCare Lite piece of crap he was peddling around DC. Ryan has lied to the Conservative faction at every turn. he needs to be hit on the head with the gavel and tossed out of the House chair.

Trump Praises Ryan on Health as Aides Privately Blame the Speaker

In public, President Donald Trump is standing by House Speaker Paul Ryan over the failed Obamacare replacement bill.

“I like Speaker Ryan; he worked very, very hard,” Trump said in the Oval Office after Ryan on Friday pulled the legislation from the House floor for lack of support. Instead, the president pinned the responsibility on Democrats.

Behind the scenes, though, the president’s aides blame Ryan for the bill’s embarrassing defeat, which stymied a Republican goal for more than seven years, a senior administration official said.

Asked whether Trump, Ryan, or the Freedom Caucus chairman, North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows, would be most to blame if the bill fails, the administration official said Ryan. The official insisted on anonymity to discuss internal White House deliberations. [snip]

Trump and his aides were heavily invested in the legislation. On Thursday, Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, took the unusual step of traveling to Capitol Hill to deliver an ultimatum: take a vote on Friday, win or lose. Ryan had sought to carefully build a majority for the bill, and it would be highly unusual for him to call the vote without knowing if it would pass.
Little Choice

Ryan had little choice but go along with the administration’s gambit.

Trump said Friday at the White House, before the legislation was pulled, that Ryan shouldn’t lose his job if the bill went down. He also said “no” when asked if the bill had been rushed or if he regretted pursuing a replacement of the Affordable Care Act ahead of other priorities such as a tax overhaul. [snip]

Ryan could have put the “buy insurance across state lines” and “tort reform” into the bill. He bent over for the lawyers and the insurance companies instead of giving the voters what they wanted.
He lost and that will come back to bite him. He needs to be voted out of the Speakership and even better, out of office.

Conflating insurance with health care

The big shouting match occurring in the House is purportedly over health care. What a barrel of horse piss.
First, everyone has health care, either through their insurance or via the ER at a hospital. What is being fought over in DC is who is going to control health INSURANCE. The Government of you, the citizen as to where, when and how you will buy and If YOU WILL BUY INSURANCE. Not whether the Government will tell you where, when and how much.

The obfuscation by both parties is disgraceful, telling people that they are going to lose health care.

Take It or Leave It: House to Vote on TrumpCare Tomorrow, POTUS Threatens to Walk Away if Bill Fails

Last night’s perceived “breakthrough” didn’t quite pan out as expected today. The House Freedom Caucus showed up at the White House this morning and declined to take President Trump’s final offer, and now it looks like exasperated Republican leaders have seen enough. Rather than allow negotiations to drag on interminably, there will be a vote. Tomorrow. And the chips will fall as they may. As Cortney reported earlier, President Trump has declared that if recalcitrant House Republicans vote with Nancy Pelosi to kill the American Health Care Act, he will walk away from the issue and allow Obamacare to remain in place.  That’s some real hardball, daring Republicans to defy him.  House GOP leaders say they’re ready to yank campaign funding away from members who cross Trump’s wishes, then place the blame squarely on the party’s hard-right flank:

Michael F. Cannon @mfcannon

Sources: House leadership threatens to pull bill to preserve , and then blame House @freedomcaucus for ObamaCare still being law.

Even if you dislike the bill — and I think some important changes (here are a few ideas) still must be made among the way — that assessment would be more or less accurate. Most of the Republican conference is reportedly livid at the Freedom Caucus, several of whose leaders co-sponsored a version of the AHCA when then-Congressman Tom Price introduced it in 2015. They believe the group constantly shifts goalposts and refuses to take ‘yes’ for an answer: [snip]

Remember when Ryan became speaker of the House, his first action was to give Obama everything he wanted in his budget. He then promised the Conservative faction a rework on a bill if they voted for it. They did and then Ryan reneged on his word. After that he ignored the Conservatives in all matters.

Ryan works hand in glove with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) that never has been on the side of the American worker, from insurance to immigration.

White Supremacy food OMG


Milk is Now Racist! Didn’t You Know?!

You know the old saying, “Milk does a body good?” Well, it does, and you’re a racist.

Samantha Diaz, a writer for California State University-Long Beach’s (CSULB) newspaper “D49er,” wrote an article this past Monday asking the question, “Milk, new symbol of hate?”

In case you’re not familiar with Diaz’s article/argument, here you go:

The federal endorsement of milk in American diets contributes to the problem by uncritically pushing people to drink milk, despite the potential detriment it has on non-white people’s health.

Diaz references a study that states that 75 percent of African-Americans are lactose intolerant. Therefore, touting the health benefits of milk ignores non-white people, and is intrinsically racist.

“It may not surprise you that the United States was founded on racism,” Diaz added, by way of explanation. “That every institution we uphold has racist roots that are sometimes difficult to catch and even harder to fight against.”

Diaz goes on to argue that white nationalists and neo-nazis are using milk as a form of white supremacy.

Really? Seriously? What’s next? Elmer’s glue and plain yogurt are racist, too, right? Why don’t we just classify anything that has the color “white” in it or on it as “racist,” while we’re at it. And what about chocolate milk? That’s not white. Although, it very well could be white milk masquerading as chocolate milk, and that’s cultural appropriation. Just another form of closet racism — somehow.

Apparently, this all stems from internet trolls finding a Mother Jones article, which Diaz provides no source for (here, Samantha, I’ll do your job as a journalist for you), which asks another question, “Are the U.S. Dietary Guidelines on Milk Racist?”

No! No, they’re not! The crazy portion of the ever-growing liberal population have been trying to prove that white people are racist for so long that they’ve jumped the shark and become the predominant purveyors of racism themselves.

But Diaz takes the Mother Jones article as gospel — particularly the excerpt stating that “milk is non-beneficial to Africans.”

Here’s another little nugget of dumb from Diaz:

Remember that this is the dietary guidelines for Americans. I want to emphasize that last word. These guidelines are for Americans. This means they should reflect the health needs of the ethnicities that make up America which, news flash, isn’t just white people.

Oh, the life of the Social Justice Warrior is so hard, having to alert for every smidgen of politically incorrect language, action or heaven forefend, a impious thought that violates the Progressive dogma.


There must be no rest for those securing the ramparts of citizen thought control. The State must be preserved.