Need to have more money? Run for Congress.

Consider this…from Rico

Harry Truman said it best, and said what NO Congress-critter would say today:

“An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics.”



After Clinton’s loss to Trump, the Left became crazed over the Electoral College. Their opinion is that the election was stolen by the Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers knew what they did when they put the Electoral College into the Constitution. They wanted to insure that the large(r) population centers in this Country could not by dint of numbers run roughshod over the smaller parts of the Country. To change this setup would require an amendment to the Constitution or a Constitutional Convention. Both methods are nigh on impossible as planned.

Now the Left believes it has a means of circumventing the Electoral College. They are getting the smaller states to pass legislation that would require the College vote for the winner of the popular vote regardless of how that state voted in the election.Washington State has passed this already.

By this manipulation, the large states like New York, California, Illinois, Florida and New Jersey with their high number of electors could with a sufficient number of smaller states control the outcome of National Elections. This obliterates the voter’s voices in fly over country. The voices of the Deplorables effectively snuffed.

That slippery slope then looks like this:


The reality of what a Ponzi scheme Social Security is will soon be revealed in a very painful way.
All these Snowflakes will have the honor of seeing their beliefs shattered on the alter of reality. OPM is required to run any socialist program; guess whose OPM is going to be used.

An aging America: Old people will outnumber children for the first time in the country’s HISTORY

Adults 65 and older will soon outnumber children for the first time in America’s history, it has been revealed.

The US Census Bureau released new projections this year that showed the country’s changing – and aging – demographics.

By 2030 all baby boomers will be older than age 65 and one in every five Americans will be retirement age.

The Census Bureau said that deaths will ‘rise substantially’ between 2020 and 2050, meaning the country’s population will naturally grow very slowly.

Projections also revealed that America will become more racially and ethnically diverse, with the country’s share of mixed-race children set to double.

The non-Hispanic White-alone population is projected to shrink from 199 million in 2020 to 179 million in 2060.

Meanwhile, the ‘Two or More Races’ population will be the fastest growing over the next several decades.

While the projections did touch on race, this time the Census Bureau did not mention when white Americans will fall below half the population.

‘It was just us getting back to sticking to data,’ a Bureau spokesman told the New York Times.

The Census Bureau made headlines in 2008 when it projected that non-Hispanic whites would drop below half the population by 2042.

And three years ago the Bureau released a new graphic that showed white Americans would lost their majority status by 2044.

Many academics criticized how the Bureau was presenting its data, fearing it could stoke white nationalism

Former Census Bureau director Kenneth Prewitt was so concerned by the graphic that he organized a meeting with the chief US statistician.

‘Statistics are powerful,’ Prewitt said. ‘They are a description of who we were as a country.’

‘If you say majority-minority, that becomes a huge fact in the national discourse.’

A 2014 study also found that white Americans who were assigned to read about the changing demographic were more likely to report negative feelings toward racial minorities. [snip]

Once these young socialist find out they’re going to pay for all the wonderful “entitlements” politicians will have to either tax the Snowflakes more and more or the programs will end.
Fortunately, at my age, I won’t be around to see the crash of Socialism hitting reality.


GM’s problems aren’t new. If one thinks back to the Obama interference in the GM troubles the meddling in the bankruptcy proceedings. Remember how he unlawfully forced out bondholders, stockholders and wanted to give control of the company to the union. They knew if they took ownership, they would be responsible for profits.
What you are seeing is the result of government meddling in private business.

GM to halt production at several plants, cut more than 14,000 jobs

General Motors said Monday it plans to effectively halt production at a number of plants in the U.S. and Canada next year and cut more than 14,000 jobs in a massive restructuring that will cost up to $3.8 billion.

In response, the United Auto Workers vowed to use “every legal, contractual and collective bargaining avenue” to fight the changes.
U.S. President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also criticized the automaker’s decision.

“I am not happy,” Trump told reporters on the White House lawn Monday afternoon, speaking of CEO Mary Barra. “You know, the United States saved General Motors. For her to take that company out of Ohio is not good. I think she is going to put something back in soon.” [snip]

The Detroit automaker said plants in Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, and Ontario will be “unallocated” in 2019 and it will cease operations at two additional plants outside of North America by the end of next year. It will also wind down operations at propulsion plants in White Marsh, Maryland, and Warren, Michigan.

Although the decision effectively shuts down those plants, the company wouldn’t say outright that they are closing. Shuttering a plant is a matter of negotiation with the UAW, GM spokeswoman Stephanie Rice said in an email. [snip]

I defy any individual to show where ANY government meddling in business, operations, physical running of the same has been successful.

Now GM will close plants, layoff workers and finally get rid of the UAW in most of it’s operations.

Of course a Progressives will promise anything to make idiots happy.

Watch: Six Years Ago Obama Promised to Buy a Chevy Volt. Now It Is Dead

Six years ago, President Barack Obama promised to buy a Chevy Volt after his presidency.

“I got to get inside a brand-new Chevy Volt fresh off the line,” Obama announced to a cheering crowd of United Auto Workers activists. “Even though Secret Service wouldn’t let me drive it. But I liked sitting in it. It was nice. I’ll bet it drives real good. And five years from now when I’m not president anymore, I’ll buy one and drive it myself.”

Now it looks like Obama will not get his chance to make good on the promise. General Motors announced Monday that it would cease production of the hybrid electric plug-in Volt and its gas-powered sister car the Cruze. The announcement came as part of a larger restructuring by the car company as it seeks to focus production around the bigger vehicles in favor with U.S. consumers.

The Volt and the Cruze were two of the signature achievements of the partnership between the Obama administration and General Motors following the auto-industry bailout. Although the Volt was long-planned by GM executives, it received a lot of support from the administration. Obama described the Cruze as “the car of the future.”

Both cars reflected the policies of the Obama administration but never really caught on with the car-buying public. They initially enjoyed a brief bout of enthusiasm from consumers but this was short-lived. Particularly after the price of oil fell dramatically, American consumers moved on to larger vehicles such as SUVs.

The failure of both the Volt and the Cruze is instructive. The Volt was a very high-priced car that was heavily subsidized by government policies, both federal and state, favoring electric vehicles. Many thought its high-price tag doomed it, especially since the gas-powered Cruze was a very similar car at a lower price point. But neither achieved the expected sales. These were cars Americans did not want.

Obama, who once described the manufacture of these cars as “jobs of the future,” could not be reached for comment.

So much for a socialist future.


As more states put dopers on the roads and streets, they’re getting impaired idiots wandering around in society. Dopers cannot deal with reality, just altering it is a mental defect.

Correlation between marijuana and mental illness

In pot-legal Oregon, “Reefer Madness” – schizophrenia – is a real and growing problem.

Nov. 13 – Pot-legal Oregon is seeing more young people suffering from psychosis due to heavy marijuana consumption as adolescents, reports the Mail-Tribune, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Oregon newspaper.

Oregon is further along the legalization process than Vermont, which allowed personal possession and recreational use this year and is considering licensed cultivation and sale of marijuana.

In Oregon, marijuana may be sold in stores and grown and possessed for personal use. Possession became legal in 2015 and commercial sale in 2016.

In 2017, an estimated 128,000 Oregonians (mostly young adults) consumed marijuana more than once daily.

“‘A string of studies has shown a link between marijuana use and the development of schizophrenia. Researchers estimate 8 to 15 percent of cases of schizophrenia are caused by adolescent marijuana use,’ says Dr. John Mahan, Jackson County Mental Health psychiatric medical director,” the Nov. 11 Mail-Tribune reports.

Oregon also has also reported more emergency room visits for marijuana poisoning, more burns related to cannabinoid oils and more marijuana-related traffic accidents. [snip]

More details linking pot consumption with mental illness, as reported by the Mail-Tribune:

“‘Mental health workers at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center’s psychiatric unit have noticed more people coming in with marijuana-induced psychosis.

“‘It seems like we are seeing an increase in particularly young men with first-break psychosis and positive urine drug screens for marijuana. And these are people who are self-reporting high uses of marijuana, high THC-content marijuana,’ says Laurel Madrone, clinical manager for Asante’s Behavioral Health Unit in Medford.

“Young people with no history of mental illness themselves or in their families are experiencing delusions and hallucinations,’ Madrone says.”

Vermonters concerned about our legislature’s apparent desire to legalize commercial sale of marijuana might want to write directly to President Donald Trump and acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. [snip]

What will you do if suddenly, one of these dopers gets a ‘Don Quixote’ delusion and starts tilting with windmills with his vehicle.

What is going to occur with your insurance rates with these stoners are operating something on the public highways?


Once more the wonders of sensitive, caring socialism shows the rest of the world how to live. Shades of the Communist USSR starvation of the Ukraine to force submission.

Report: 80 Percent of Venezuelans Short of Food

Around 80 percent of Venezuelans are now short of food, according to the new data compiled by NGO Human Rights Watch on Tuesday.

Following a trip to the Venezuelan border with Brazil by a team of health experts from John Hopkins University, researchers found that malnutrition continues to rise aggressively, with 80 percent of households unable to access enough food and rates of malnutrition among five years now over the World Health Organization’s crisis limit. In 2017, the average person lost around 11 kilos (24 pounds). In 2016, that number was 19 pounds; it is expected to have risen in 2018.

Combined with chronic malnutrition, the report also points to the scale of the collapse of the country’s health system, with practically every major health condition ranging from tuberculosis to malaria reaching crisis levels. For example, the number of malaria cases has risen from 36,000 in 2009 to 406,000 in 2017, while 87 percent of HIV patients now do not receive their necessary drugs.

Most of these conditions are going untreated, mainly due to a lack of necessary medical resources and trained specialists. Experts managed to collect such data by working with local authorities at the Venezuelan’s border with Brazil, where thousands of people are fleeing the country every day, many of whom are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Around 2.3 million Venezuelans have left the country have left the country since 2015, mostly to neighboring Colombia and Brazil and other Latin American countries.

As well as the humanitarian disaster, the country is also seeing a complete collapse of most of its institutions, infrastructure, and public services. Nowadays, essential products and resources including water, electricity, transportation, gasoline, and toiletries are all in scarce supply, with regular blackouts across major towns and cities. [snip]

The regime continues to deny the existence of a crisis. Maduro recently declared at the United Nations General Assembly that his country is “stronger than ever” and blamed any visible difficulties on the supposed “economic war” led by the United States.

As in other countries where socialism is the operating form of government, any and all bad occurrences are to blame on some other scapegoat; never is socialism responsible for the economic and cultural woes.
Note that the leaders praise their work with their mouths full.

Socialism has never worked anywhere it’s been tried. Nevertheless, the mushwts who believe so fervently always refuse to accept their place in the terminal horror that ensues with the collapse.

There is never enough OPM
to make socialism work.


Joe Stalin’s idea of holding elections and the results seems to have found a strong and secure position in Vermont elections. It isn’t the vote that counts but the people who count the votes; Vermont’s Progressives just want to insure that the election returns are favorable.

Brooke Paige to Condos: 70,000 more on voter rolls than eligible

In a debate forum Friday, Republican candidate H. Brooke Paige said incumbent Secretary of State Jim Condos’ initiatives to increase voter registration have caused the state to sign up 70,000 more people to vote than there are eligible voters.

By the end of the day, however, he retracted his statement, saying he made “miscalculations.”

Vermont is heading into the general election with about 481,111 people listed on its voter rolls, the highest number of registered voters in the state’s history. On the campaign trail, Condos has cited the statistic as proof that newly enacted policies such as automatic voter registration (AVR) and Election Day registration are working as intended.

But during the debate hosted by VPR’s Vermont Edition, Paige attacked Condos’ record, saying his office has out-registered the eligible-voter population in the state by about 70,000. According to his calculations based on census data, only 407,390 Vermonters are qualified to vote. [snip]

Condos, apparently surprised by the challenge, responded that there is no evidence to support Paige’s claim. He added that the voter registration system was updated in 2015 and is very robust, and that it’s largely the role of town clerks to keep voter rolls clean and accurate. [snip]

Late Friday, however, Paige retracted his challenge, saying his numbers were wrong. He now estimates Vermont has 497,394 eligible voters. [snip]

According to official state registration data, there are around 16,000 more eligible voters for this election than in 2012. As of mid October, there were 481,111 residents on Vermont’s voter rolls, amounting to 92.5 percent of the state’s 520,000 eligible voters. [snip]

If Vermont has more registered voters than people eligible to vote, it wouldn’t be the only problem encountered by states that adopt policies like automatic voter registration through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Elections expert Bev Harris, founder of BlackBoxVoting.org, told True North that automatic registration “fairly regularly” puts noncitizens on the voter rolls.

That glitch appeared in Vermont as soon as automatic voter registration was implemented at the start of 2017.

“Green card holder and Burlington resident Luke McHale was one of those affected by the glitch in the DMV system,” the Burlington Free Press reported back in February 2017. “McHale’s wife, Becca, said Thursday her husband was surprised to pick up the mail and find a letter from the Burlington city clerk’s office saying he was now registered to vote.”

The Orange County Register said Vermont’s DMV registered 1,500 voters by mistake, including noncitizens. [snip]

Those extra names are handy when one needs to, ahem adjust election results. Like in Minnisota, when they ‘needed’ some extra votes in the Al Franken race, they can find boxes of ‘misplaced votes.

Duplicates on the checklist

Harris said motor voter registration also can lead to names showing up more than once on voter rolls.

“There are significant problems with merging two data bases — then overlap will occur,” she said.

She explained that if someone already registered as a voter goes to the DMV and updates name spelling with any change from the original, it creates a duplicate voter registration.

“You’re gonna end up with a bunch of extra people on the list,” she said. “If you are an insider then you can pull out those extras that aren’t really voters, and you can cast absentees in their names.”

Condos has come out before and said that people owning second homes in Vermont should be allowed to vote

I wonder if he also means all the illegals in Vermont working the farms and the ‘french fry factories’ like MacDonald’s. Chick-fil-A isn’t included; they’re racist and homophobes and they close on Sunday.