There is something that exists in the collective stupidity of politicians. Once again it is being exhibited in the GOP’s inability to understand what happened in the 2016 election. Now Reince Priebus is mouthing the very bits of idiocy that the voters rejected when they elected Trump. All this is after the GOP has worked their damnedest to thwart Trump’s agenda.

Reince Priebus: GOP Will Return to ‘Traditional Platform’ After Trump

It is oft debated the transformative effect President Donald J. Trump has had on the platform and principles of the Grand Ol’ Party, but according to former RNC chairman and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, President Trump has not changed the GOP much at all. In fact, he apparently told a group of Georgetown University students that it will “basically return” to its platform prior to Trump once he leaves office.

According to the Georgetown student paper, The Hoya, Priebus claimed that there is not all that much different in the Republican Party itself, but that Trump is his own unique brand. However, for the present time, Trump has refocused the party on a populist message.

From The Hoya:

Priebus acknowledged Trump is, in some ways, not like any other Republican president. Trump is “extremely unique” in his personal style, Priebus said, and his campaign themes refocused the Republican Party on a populist message.

“President Trump’s been very good for the party in the sense that it’s returned to the idea that the American workers are worth fighting for. That we’re not about Wall Street — we’re about people that are making tools and working with their hands and have been forgotten,” Priebus said.

Reince Priebus also touted President Trump’s success in pushing for “traditional” GOP stances. [snip]

Priebus cited Trump’s accomplishments, which appeal to his Republican base, as evidence his unconventional leadership style has not impeded his success.

“You have the tax cuts, you’ve got the Supreme Court and you have a total deregulation and a dismantling of almost everything that Obama did by executive order,” Priebus said. “Those, if you’re a Republican, are great things. The decisions that he’s made have made him a pretty historic president in only a year.”


But at the end of the day, despite President Trump’s success in growing the base, he predicted that it will not have a long lasting impact. [snip]

Ignorance is curable, albeit a painful process; stupidity is terminal. There is no cure for that. It seems that the GOP has contracted the latter. Frankly, it will be a relief when they/re gone. More and more voters are eschewing belonging to a party, opting for the Independent label.

Given the mess in DC from both Parties, their demise is welcome. We know there are enough lampposts. It is only a matter of finding enough rope.


Toon in-Observations

 Commentary on Toon in

Do you not find it quite interesting that the news is suddenly concerned with the political weather or should that be whether our sitting President may have or not had a dalliance with one porn tart, a Ms Daniels before becoming a candidate for the Office. Hardly does this rise to the level of staining a blue dress with body fluids in the Oval Office while holding that Office of President.

And so what if he did? Americans and the media have a preternatural obsession with matters sexual. Keep it in the closet but tell me all the lurid details. One must assume such a tryst was consensual since there are no arrest records. So this has nothing to do with anything more than political legerdemain to get other news off the front page.

All the Red Lines in the Syrian sand are like tangle-foot on the battlefield. Left there by the Obama Administration, Trump now has to fend off the Russians while dealing with the war crimes of gas usage against not just combatants but civilians too.

The Assad Regime and the Russian/Iran cohorts deny any use. This must be true since the always truthful OBAMA/CLINTON/KERRY Troika assured the world and America that ALL chemical weapons were removed from Assad’s control. Having those three Stooges show up on American TV sets again over this mess in the Middle East bodes not well for “Deep State” and their assault on America.

For now and until the Middle East uproar is settled, the news will be all about Trump/Daniels alleged assignation, did he pay for it and how much if so, was it worth it and all of the other dirt befitting CNN. Wearing that out they move on to Ryan’s not running, polls stating the Jackasses will win every seat in the House, States and most of the Fence Viewer Offices in the State of Vermont. (yes, such position does exist)
Millennials will stop snorting condoms long enough to go vote thus ensuring America becomes Socialist and Bernie becomes President in 2020.

And Facebook becomes the White House Official Media Office (WHAMO)


The IRS isn’t satisfied with using the old collection methods. Now it has resorted to more immediate gratification. Must be an Obama holdover technique, if it works, do it.

Horror: IRS Agent Allegedly Stuck A Gun In An Intern’s Mouth And Then Raped Her

This is a rather horrifying story: an IRS agent has been charged with rape, assault, and battery with a deadly weapon. The agent, James Clarke, allegedly put his firearm in a 21-year-old intern’s mouth, handcuffed her, and then raped her last July. This awful incident occurred in Boston, Massachusetts (via Boston Globe):

An Internal Revenue Service agent got a 21-year-old intern drunk last July and then allegedly handcuffed her in his government-issued car in Boston before shoving “his service weapon deep into her mouth” and raping her, a Suffolk prosecutor said Thursday.

The allegations were made during the arraignment of James R. Clarke, 44, in Suffolk Superior Court. He pleaded not guilty to charges including aggravated rape, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and indecent assault and battery.

The agent — who was assigned to the IRS criminal investigations office in Boston at the time of the incident — was released on personal recognizance after a magistrate rejected a prosecution request that bail be set at $10,000 cash.


…the magistrate agreed to release Clarke without bail, citing factors including his repeated interviews with investigators and his compliance with the summons to appear for arraignment.

Clarke was ordered to stay away from the intern and any civilian witness and remain in Massachusetts while the case is pending.

Clarke’s lawyer said the acts were consensual, while Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum said the IRS agent gave his intern enough drinks to get her drunk before attacking her. He requested bail set at $10,000, noting that one of the charges carries a ten-year jail sentence. [snip]

Wouldn’t it be hard to give consent with the barrel of a gun shoved down your throat? That seems to me to impair one’s ability to speak other than in gagging sounds. And if one finally could make an intelligible sound it would be in the affirmative since the negative might produce undesirable results.
The Q & A might go like this: “Give up the Booty or your Life!” Not much thinking going on with a choice like that.

That may have been just interest and penalties; the principle was forgiven.

Deaths by the numbers

Given the results, we should ban anyone under the age of 21 from owning a Smartphone if they live on their own and raise that age to 26 if they live at home in Mom’s basement.

One needs to look at a host of inanimate objects capable of causing death by their mere existence. From the chart, we should probably start at the top.Remove the offending item that causes a death or remove the individual offending the baseline. Simply ban the offending item or person: Alcohol, tobacco, fat people, drug abusers and drunks. Others remove themselves such as medical errors and accidents.

This is the perfect extension of gun control when it is applied to any occurrence found in normal life. Having a problem with it?


One might think that a man of the cloth would be above mixing politics and religion. Another reincarnation of Cardinal Richelieu.
The Robes of this Office are redolent of  the Hammer and Sickle. It seems that the chief Poobah of the Vatican, the Pontiff Plenipotentiary believes that the Churches’ minions need to be disarmed. They have no reason for owning guns.
Turn the other cheek when confronted with malice aforethought. Since I have only two cheeks there is a short limit to my tolerance.

Then again we find as usual, it is the “Do as I say, not as I do.” pig effluvia  spouted from those living a heavily guarded life.

May I inquire of the readers, “How many Swiss Guards have you at your beck and call?”
And the Church wants your money too.


Asking the search engines for the number of student/teacher deaths in elementary and high school shootings will not give you a clean answer.
Asking for a breakdown from Columbine to present avails nothing. All shootings, be those in schools, on playgrounds, at sporting events, gang related and those committed by others are mixed in if they occurred near a school, were committed by school personnel or if they happened on university campuses. Others were included that had nothing to do with schools but were shootings at group events.

So the area of inclusivity was extended to encompass educational “Gun Free Zones”. Omitted were adult to adult shootings with one exception as noted. Gang related also removed as those generally are specifically targeted. If no deaths resulted, those were left out as were if the only death was the shooter taking his own life or the police ending it.
In some cases the number of injured did get high, teens into the low 20’s.

Here are the two sites used to get the data. How accurate they are is open to conjecture.


These shootings are a horrible thing to have happen. Now we find out that one of the School resource officers, a Sheriff’s deputy didn’t enter the building and engage the shooter, but hid outside waiting fr backup. This is in direct contravention of orders. He should have entered and engaged the shooter. We shall not know how this would have affected the total death toll, but certainly would have had some effect upon the body count.

Starting with Columbine, what do you think is the body count for all the school shootings up to the present. Include the three professors killed at the U of Alabama by another professor in 2-2010; we did. 200? 275? 350? 450? Over 500 students in elementary, high and on college property. We’re talking about 11 years of rattling gunfire with the press howling abut every casing dropping to the floor.

Don’t know? The number is 132 to perhaps 140 depending upon the charts and what was used as a criterion as given above. That is approximately 8 persons a year.

  • 4/99 Columbine 12 killed
  • 10/06 Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania 5 killed
  • 4/07 Virginia Tech 32 killed
  • 8/07 Delaware State 3 killed
  • 2/08 Northern Illinois 5 killed
  • 10/08 University of Central Arkansas 2 killed
  • 2/10 University of Alabama 3 killed (Prof on Prof)
  • 1/11 Millard South High 2 killed
  • 2/12 Chardon High 3 killed
  • 12/12 Sandy Hook 26 killed
  • 6/13 Santa Monica College’s library 5 killed
  • 10/15 Umpqua Community College 10 killed
  • 9/16 Townville Elementary 2 killed
  • 12/17 Aztec High 3 killed
  • 1/18 Marshall County High 2 killed
  • 2/18 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High 17 killed

How many of these mushwits kill themselves in cars texting while driving, forget drinking and driving or talking on the phone. How many take a dirt nap from opiates, doin’ the doobie and then driving in a mind fog. Or just snacking on some plain ole Tide Pods.

And while we’re at it, isn’t it strange when the State Owned Media covers some horrific accident where some drunk high school schmuck runs his vehicle into a crowd at homecoming, that CNN never blames the Lexus, Tahoe, Beemer, Mercedes, or whatever for the carnage. They don’t even blame the beer company; they lay the blame right on the perp. Ain’t that something. How in hell did they get that wrong?



Just think of how many


lives would be protected!