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For those dreamin’ O’ ta Green…

… Clancy, me stalwart leprechaun, is already hoisting a couple to tha fair Irish Day.

And Erin, this lovely lass, nae been one to cripple the mood of St Paddy’s Day.
Or the night either!

Maybe later Clancy will peel off those shamrocks.

A change?

Moments in Religion

Signs of the times


Such delightful snippets of military lore are heartwarming.

USMC. 8 years, NO volunteers?… from Rico

God bless those Leatherneck’s, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children….the USMC.

For eight [8] years of the trespasser & fraud Obama’s tenure, there were NO Marine volunteers to serve on his pResidential detail….they HAD to be assigned. Ordered.
– Marines follow orders, but not traitorous Commie bastards.

Oooraawwwww, Devil dogs!

Signs of the times