The Millennials

Today, preventing crime is something all need to do. Anti-theft devices help in that goal.


Idiot’s Corner

Given the levels of comprehension shown by the ejectees from the educational institutions, The lede on this article really isn’t surprising.

Americans grapple with recognizing facts in news stories: Pew survey

Only a quarter of U.S. adults in a recent survey could fully identify factual statements – as opposed to opinion – in news stories, the Pew Research Center found in a study released on Monday.

The survey comes amid growing concerns about so-called fake news spread on the internet and social media. The term generally refers to fabricated news that has no basis in fact but is presented as being factually accurate.

Facebook Inc , Alphabet Inc’s Google and other tech companies have recently come under scrutiny for failing to promptly tackle the problem of fake news as more Americans consume news on social media platforms.

The main portion of Pew’s survey polled 5,035 adult Americans aged 18 and above in February and March. The study was intended to determine if respondents could differentiate between factual information and opinion statements in news stories.

Participants were given five factual statements such as “spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid make up the largest portion of the U.S. federal budget,” and five opinion statements such as “democracy is the greatest form of government.” They were asked to identify which ones were factual and which were opinions.

Only 26 percent were able to correctly identify all five factual statements. On opinions, about 35 percent were able to correctly identify all five statements. Roughly a quarter got most or all wrong in identifying facts and opinions, the research showed. [snip]

“There is a striking difference in certain Americans in distinguishing what are factual statements and what are not and that depends on one’s level of digital savviness, political savviness,” Amy Mitchell, director of journalism research at Pew Research Center, said in an interview.

The study also found that when Americans call a statement “factual” they overwhelmingly also think it is accurate. They tend to disagree with factual statements they incorrectly label as opinions, Pew said.

The research showed Republicans and Democrats were also more likely to think news statements are factual when the statements appeal to their side, even if the statements were opinions.

The largest part of this problem arises from the fact that most younger persons are taught what to think not how to think. Regardless of our political biases (we all have them) one needs to know the difference twix beliefs and reality. Leaders in the military learn rapidly to discern between what someone would like to do and what they actually CAN do.

To quote Dirty Harry, “A man has to know his limits”.

The Millennials

Every day there is something in the news that belongs in the humor column. Today is no exception.

More than half of Millennials expect to be millionaires someday, according to a new study

Millennials expect to make it big some day, with more than half reporting that they believe they will eventually become millionaires, according to a new study.

Despite having crushing student loans (20 percent never expect to pay them off), credit card and other debt, people born between 1982 and 2000 share a confidence when it comes to their financial outlook.

‘Young people are optimistic about the future,’ said JJ Kinahan, chief strategist for TD Ameritrade, in a statement on the company’s new report. ‘On average, survey respondents expect to land a job in their chosen field and be completely financially independent by age 25.

That’s despite the fact that 17 percent still can’t say they’re financially independent from their parents; most report getting cut off once they’ve moved out of the house.

Perhaps the optimism is due to Millennials graduating in record rates – with the overall college completion rates rising nearly 4 percent in 2017, according to a report by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.  [snip]

Snorting condoms does this to the brain.

These individuals must live in a state where it is legal to smoke a lot of dope.
Or the Federal Reserve will debase the dollar more than now to where a million dollars is equivalent to $15/hour, ergo about $30,000 per annum.

This batch cannot be the ones touting Socialism as the “New Normal”.


The author of “Life imitates Art” nailed it to the wall.

Since the educational ideas took hold after WWII, there has been a decease in the requirements for scholarship plus the diminution of history as a necessary understanding of our how and why.

The balance of this article is behind a paywall. I have no intentions of enriching the NY Times.

Dumb and dumber: why we’re getting less intelligent

The IQ scores of young people have begun to fall after rising steadily since the Second World War, according to the first authoritative study of the phenomenon.

The decline, which is equivalent to at least seven points per generation, is thought to have started with the cohort born in 1975, who reached adulthood in the early Nineties.

Scientists say that the deterioration could be down to changes in the way maths and languages are taught, or to a shift from reading books to spending time on television and computers. [snip]

One cannot help but notice that those who are coming to teaching now are products of that same education that reduced the IQ in the first place.

The old adage ‘That you can’t know what you don’t know applies across the educational spectrum. Think about it; now can you teach with those conditions.

The Millennials

Two possibilities for the following boondoggle: Millennials are either realize she’s an idiot or couldn’t read the notice of the event.

Maxine Waters plays to empty seats as only 10 millennials show up to campaign event

Maxine Waters likes to say millennials love her, but if her own campaign event is any indication, that might be more rhetoric than reality.

79-year-old “Auntie Maxine” held a Meet & Greet Tweet-A-Thon on Sunday for two hours, and while it’s hard to know what she hoped the outcome would be, but the turnout seemed to be underwhelming.

“Come join top social media influencers for a tweet-a-thon in support of Auntie Maxine, our fearless champion in Congress who taught us how to reclaim our time!” the flyer read.

“Millennials come energized & ready to get out the vote!” her campaign urged.

But a video posted of the event by Waters’ campaign shows only a handful of millennials actually attended.

The Millennials

Typical for a Snowflake who was so used to getting a trophy for having his socks match now is complaining that Capitalism is responsible for all his fiscal ills. Most of these cretins blew a king’s ransom on some idiot degree in Planet Saving, Understanding the Transgendered or SJW’s War on White Privilege.
This clown was dumb enough to waste his time getting a degree in a saturated field: Law.

Now he wants some industrial giant or Big Pharma to recognize all the toil and aches Snowflakes put into making posters and marching for an end to Vaginal Itch.

He is a Socialist.


‘Yes, I’m Running as a Socialist.’ Why Candidates Are Embracing the Label in 2018

There was no question on primary night in Texas last month that Franklin Bynum would win the Democratic nomination to become a criminal court judge in Houston. The 34-year-old defense attorney had no challengers.
But for his supporters who packed into a Mexican restaurant that evening, there was still something impressive to celebrate. Many in the crowd were members of the Democratic Socialists of America, or D.S.A., a group that has experienced an enormous surge of interest since the election of President Trump, even in conservative states. And Mr. Bynum was one of their own — a socialist who, along with at least 16 others, appeared on the ballot in primary races across the state of Texas.

Yes, I’m running as a socialist,” Mr. Bynum said. “I’m a far-left candidate. What I’m trying to do is be a Democrat who actually stands for something, and tells people, ‘Here’s how we are going to materially improve conditions in your life.’” [snip]

Supporters, many of them millennials, say they are drawn by D.S.A.’s promise to combat income inequality, which they believe is tainting every facet of American life, from the criminal justice system to medical care to politics. They argue that capitalism has let them down, saddling them with student debt, high rent and uncertain job prospects. And they have been frustrated by the Democratic Party, which they say has lost touch with working people. [snip]

“The only group that expressed net positive support for capitalism were people over 50 years old,” he said. “The largest generation of Americans in history — millennials — have lost confidence. They are interested in finding a better way.” [snip]

Ms. Reade, who made campaign calls for Hillary Clinton in 2016, said she joined D.S.A. after experiencing a “profound disillusionment with the Democratic Party” in the wake of Mr. Trump’s victory. The organization gave her an outlet to pour her energy into: door-knocking in a “Medicare for All” campaign, and discussing political texts in free evening classes put on by members of the group. The classes, known as socialist school, included readings by Karl Marx and articles in Jacobin, a popular new socialist magazine. Ms. Reade has become a class instructor and vice chairwoman at the East Bay chapter, which has about 1,000 members. [snip]

This will be a rude awakening for many of these snowflakes. most had no idea why they even went to college. They compounded their fiscal woes when they didn’t get degrees that would actually line up with paying jobs.

The lead character in this article provides just what happens when one pursues a degree in a field loaded with newly minted legal beagles. Today, the TV is loaded with ads by ambulance chasers. Probably having trouble making a living “honestly” he decided to enter politics. Well, he has Sanders as a mentor on how to work the system.


There is no dearth of nastiness, idiocy and insanity loose in the world today. It runs the gamut from the mental illness of the Left believing we need to save their jobs because, well because they think they’re important to the sordid work of making child sex dolls. There are many steps between the loathsome and the horrid.

Denver Post Staff Makes Desperate Plea Amid Layoffs: The Paper ‘Must Be Saved’

The Denver Post issued what could only be described as a cry for help on Friday, publishing an editorial pleading with its hedge fund owners to support the iconic city paper. The piece also informed readers of impending layoffs.

“At The Denver Post on Monday, more than two dozen reporters, editors, photographers, videographers, page designers, digital producers and opinion staff will walk out the door. Our marching orders are to cut a full 30 by the start of July,” read the editorial titled, “As Vultures Circle the Denver Post Must be Saved.” [snip]


The Outbreak of Severe Bleeding Caused by Synthetic Weed Has Now Spread Beyond Illinois

A frightening outbreak of uncontrollable bleeding linked to inhaling synthetic weed products seems to have spread beyond the borders of Illinois. On Thursday, Maryland health officials reported that at least one person in the state has come down with similar symptoms, the first case reported there.

The anonymous Maryland patient was rushed to the emergency room on April 3, having developed unexplained bruising and bleeding from different parts of their body soon after taking a synthetic pot product. The person was later hospitalized. [snip]

May we suggest the users stick to Tide Pods.

Boy told police he wanted to feel ‘powerful’ after listening to rap. But he went too far

A 14-year-old Winter Haven Christian School student told police he had been listening to rap music and wanted to feel “powerful” and “cool,” according to police.

But his chosen means to feel empowered wound up breaking the law.

Winter Haven police arrested the student on Wednesday after they found a Kimel AP-9 semiautomatic pistol with 11 rounds of ammunition and two knives inside a backpack that was tucked inside a locker. [snip]

He was way ‘COOL’ and now he gets to chill out.

Factory making child sex robots left me in tears: The even darker side of sex doll industry

The demand for sex dolls with extra realistic features like moving parts and artificial intelligence is growing but nothing could prepare reporter James Young for the breaking of the ultimate taboo – child sex dolls

[snip] I also found that there is an even darker side to the sex doll industry. As the tour continued, the owner directed me towards an unfinished doll.

What caught me off guard, as he attempted to show me how they trimmed the rough edges, was that this doll wasn’t the compact 45kg version of a woman, but something smaller.

I felt like I’d been hit in the gut.

The doll appeared younger. I tried to compose myself, to have an objective discussion to understand why the owner had chosen to produce such a doll, but tears began to flood my eyes.

My mind was processing what it meant that this doll existed in physical space.

The harsh truth that some people want to bring their fantasies to reality, that imagination for these people is not enough, and other people are willing to sell it to them. [snip]

There is no limit to someone working out a new perversion every day.

A Third Of Millennials Aren’t Sure The Earth Is Round, Survey Finds

A new survey has found that a third of young millennials in the U.S. aren’t convinced the Earth is actually round. The national poll reveals that 18 to 24-year-olds are the largest group in the country who refuse to accept the scientific facts of the world’s shape.

YouGov, a British market research firm, polled 8,215 adults in the United States to find out if they ever believed in the “flat Earth” movement. Only 66 percent of young millennials answered that they “always believe the world is round.” Science teachers across the U.S. will be shaking their heads after learning that nine percent of young adults answered that they have “always believed” the planet was flat.

Another nine percent said of young adults said they thought the planet was spherical but had doubts about it. In a disturbing display of indecision, 16 percent of millennials said they weren’t sure what the shape of the planet was. [snip]

How can they believe in Global Warming on a Flat World?