The Millennials

He probably saw an ad for the ‘Lending Tree’ and figured that’s the source of all money.

Seeing where he is standing I doubt he’s long for this world; his political bent tells us that his brain is quite addled. Has anyone asked him what he does when it rains?

Once taboo, socialism finds comrades among US millennials

Lee Carter, who this week won a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, is part of a growing cadre of young politicians pledging their allegiance to the Democratic Socialists of America

While working as an electrician Lee Carter received a literal shock, through one hand and across the chest, that jolted him into politics and turned him on to what was a dirty word in America for nearly a century: socialism.

His struggle to obtain compensation for the workplace injury inspired him to run for office, and this week Carter ousted a top Republican incumbent to nab a spot in Virginia’s House of Delegates, becoming one of over a dozen unabashed socialists newly elected to US state and municipal seats one year after Donald Trump took the White House.

The 31-year-old former Marine is part of a growing cadre of Americans, particularly millennials, pledging their allegiance to the Democratic Socialists of America, the nation’s fastest growing leftist group that was originally founded in 1982 as a foothold for Marxists.

Riding the wave of democratic socialist Bernie Sanders’s spirited White House bid against primary rival Hillary Clinton, the organization is helping propel socialism out of the shadows.

In the years prior to the Sanders campaign, the DSA’s number of card-carrying members hovered around 6,500 — and has nearly quintupled since 2016’s presidential race to more than 30,000. [snip]

A good guess would say that shock did more than push him into politics. It toasted much of his gray matter to charcoal. The balance of it is only good for collecting trophys for tying his shoes and putting on his underwear first.

It was rather humorous how the Snowflakes all endorsed Trump’s tax plan when they believed it was Bernie’s idea. They were on it like white on rice. They have no historical perspective of what socialism is or what it did to the countries where is was practiced. They think it is some kind of warm fuzzy group thing where everybody shares cocoa, cookies and equality is the norm of the day.

What they need is a one year externship in Venezuela, Greece, Zimbabwe or Cuba. A taste of that cheese would be harsh on the snowflake palate.


Biased Agendas

The Left will do and say anything to convince you that the next best thing since ObamaCare is Single Payer Health Care. You read that right, Government run pig trough style health care. Here is how good it can be.

Oh My: Canadian Doctor Finds Out Her Patient’s Wait Time To See A Neurologist Is Over Four Years

Sen. Bernie Sanders is pushing the single-payer health care initiative hard. The issue has fallen onto the backburner in the news cycle, but the hard left of the Democratic Party wants this—even some wanting to use it as a litmus test regarding candidate support. The more establishment wing is skeptical. In fact, some of President Obama’s former economic adviser feels that this whole push is going to be a total disaster for Democrats. And for good reason: when you tell voters that their current health insurance plans will be cannibalized by Bernie-care—support for Medicare-for-all drops like a rock. The price tag is another issue.

We all know this program is insanely expensive. The Washington Post editorial board noted the high cost; they also noted it would be a train wreck for the working poor. Even Sanders knows this aspect about the cost, which is why he deployed evasive maneuvers when asked about it by NBC News’ Chuck Todd. Even the Canadian doctor who came to D.C. to endorse his single-payer push admitted on the senator’s podcast that socialized medicine creates long wait times. Well, for another Canadian doctor, she is experiencing that aspect firsthand; she had to tell a patient of hers that the wait time to see a neurologist would take over four years. Alas, the wonders of socialism are on display (via CTV News):

An Ontario doctor says health-care wait times have reached “insane” lengths in the province, as one of her patients faces a 4.5-year wait to see a neurologist.

When Dr. Joy Hataley, a family practice anesthetist in Kingston, Ont., recently tried to send a patient to a neurologist at the Kingston General Hospital, she received a letter from the specialist’s office telling her that the current wait time for new patient referrals is 4.5 years.

The letter said that, if the delay is “unacceptable” to Dr. Hataley, she should instead refer the patient to a neurologist in Ottawa or Toronto.


Dr. Hataley said she’s used to hearing back from specialists who are unable to see her patients for months, and even up to 2.5 years. But a 4.5-year wait is “insane,” she told in a telephone interview.

“This is an alarm bell,” she said. “What it is to me is a red flag to the system.”

Dr. Hataley’s patient, Suzan Wooldridge, said that although her case is not urgent, having to wait 4.5 years to see a neurologist is “just wrong.”

You know what else is wrong: government running health care. This is what you get. And besides 150 million health care plans that would be on the chopping block, access to specialized care and treatment will have to be reduced to keep costs down. Oh, and there’s tax increases; everyone’s taxes would go up to cover everyone, while degrading the quality of care. I’m not so sure the electorate would consider that tradeoff palatable. But hey—we can all wait in line and suffer to see the doctor together. Like all good comrades, right?

Good Ole Unca Bernie doesn’t tell you about these parts, NO-NO-NO. These nasty bits are always left out because they sour the treacle and make everyone unhappy with the “Radiant Future”.

100 years of blood and death

Given the history of Communism/Socialism and the constant show of fails today, how can anyone still espouse this as a viable form of governance escapes sane people. Only those with an psychotic desire to control society follow this path. They attract acolytes with borderline personalities incapable of discerning reality.

Communism’s Bloody Century

In the 100 years since Lenin’s coup in Russia, the ideology devoted to abolishing markets and private property has left a long, murderous trail of destruction

A century ago this week, communism took over the Russian empire, the world’s largest state at the time. Leftist movements of various sorts had been common in European politics long before the revolution of Oct. 25, 1917 (which became Nov. 7 in the reformed Russian calendar), but Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks were different. They were not merely fanatical in their convictions but flexible in their tactics—and fortunate in their opponents. [snip]

The balance of this article is behind a paywall. I shall not give the American media a plug nickle for any scribbling. You can find this history on the web but all one has to do is read what is happening in Venezuela for a repetition of the last Century.

The Millennials

You can always tell a fool,

but you can’t tell them much.

Millennials: Communism sounds pretty chill

‘This report clearly reveals a need for educating our youth on the dangerous implications of socialist ideals’

In a Halloween tweet that’s since gone viral, Donald Trump Jr. jokingly (although who really knows these days?) took the opportunity to impart an important political lesson to his cute little daughter.

I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s never to early to teach her about socialism.

Perhaps he should share his wisdom with millennials.

According to the latest survey from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a D.C.-based nonprofit, one in two U.S. millennials say they would rather live in a socialist or communist country than a capitalist democracy.

What’s more, 22% of them have a favorable view of Karl Marx and a surprising number see Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong Un as “heroes.”

“Millennials now make up the largest generation in America, and we’re seeing some deeply worrisome trends,” said Marion Smith, executive director of the organization. “Millennials are increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism and even communism as a viable alternative.”

But do they even know what it is?

The survey, which was conducted by research and data firm YouGov, found that millennials are the least knowledgable generation on the subject, with 71% failing to identify the proper definition of communism.

Smith explained that this “troubling turn” highlights pervasive historical illiteracy across the country and “the systemic failure of our education system to teach students about the genocide, destruction, and misery caused by communism since the Bolshevik Revolution one hundred years ago.” [snip]

“This report clearly reveals a need for educating our youth on the dangerous implications of socialist ideals.” Smith said. “We will continue to work with educators to build curriculum to address this important need.”

The idea that one is going to turn this mess around is crazy. Look at the faculty at the colleges and universities teaching this crap. This is where these ideas are taught and inculcated.

Better that we offer these snowflakes a fast one way trip to any socialist/communist country with a revocation of citizenship here. Let them enjoy their paradise forever, while holding their degrees in Black, Women Studies or the Art of Genitalia Switcharoo.

Big Spenders

The SJW prove once more their business ideas aren’t worth a tinker’s damn.

Fair Wage’ Boston Pizza Joint Closing Up Shop

Shh! Don’t tell Bernie Sanders, but according to this example, and pretty much every other example in history, socialism doesn’t work.

A popular pizza restaurant in Boston announced on Wednesday that it will have to close its doors at the end of the year, because their experiment of giving all of their employees a “fair wage” made the business insolvent.

“I don’t think anyone is looking at it as a failure,” Luther Pinckney, a team leader at Dudley Dough told the Boston Globe. “It’s an experiment, and some very good things came out of that, such as skill-building for staff and being in this building at this time of gentrification and change in this community.”

If the business isn’t going to be open anymore, then it was a failure. While it’s good that they helped build skillsets for their employees, but because of their “experiment,” the employees with these new skills are out of a job entirely. [snip]

What the Haley House was trying to do with Dudley Dough is admirable, but in order to continue to help people you have to also try and educate people that a typically minimum wage job isn’t meant to support a family. Minimum wage jobs were supposed to help young people enter the workforce. You’re supposed to give people equal opportunities, not equal outcomes.

Socialist ideas, when put into practice, never work. The idea of some kind of utopia is a nice one for those that actually want to help people. But, if it never works, then why keep trying it?

That’s the definition of insanity.

Oh hell, why not tell Bernie. It’s about time somebody wakes up that fool to the realities of life.

That wonderful but elusive “Radiant Future”

Ever since the Glorious October Revolution, the Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Progressives one and all have made promises of a future where everyone is equal, wise, well fed and comfortable. Of course in practice, it is only the elite that are living that life style.

Witness Uncle Bernie, the Savior of Vermont, who owns four houses and lives of the largess of the taxpayers. His wife managed to drive two colleges into fiscal turmoil one ending in bankruptcy and eventually dragging her into court on fraud charges. Some Radiant Future for those students. They received bupkis. But this Communist has grand visions for you and the Country, not just Vermont.

Uncle Bernie wants to have the grand SPHC, which Vermont Progressives already rejected as so expensive, the Progressives said they couldn’t afford it. California rejected it because they couldn’t afford it; they are a mental box of rocks when it comes to finances. He wants to lay it on Medicare/Medicaid so that the taxpayers get crushed.
Sen. Sanders cares not that Venezuela is trying the same crap that the Soviet Union and Cuba tried with the same results.

If you can’t get it to work in a Century, do you think it will work by trying for another 100 years?
Socialists have an enormous case of the STUPIDS.

The troubled life of a Snowflake

It must be terrible to live in constant fear of some triggering event or object be it the sight of a statue, an errant sign or a shoe lace. What else can terrorize one so quickly: An unperfumed fart in a dorm elevator perhaps?

Michigan State Launches Investigation Into a Shoelace Mistaken For a Noose

A stray shoelace on the Michigan State University campus being mistaken for a noose led to an investigation and a strong condemnation by the university president and a police investigation.

In a statement on the “racial incident” at a residence hall on Oct. 4, MSU president Lou Anna K. Simon applauded a student for the “courage” she displayed by reporting an item she found outside her room. The statement also claimed an investigation was being conducted by the MSU Police and the Office of Institutional Equity.

Simon also condemned the “noose”— which, again, was later found to be a shoelace — as a “symbol of intimidation and threat that has a horrendous history in America” that “is not tolerated on our campus”:

I want to be clear: This type of behavior is not tolerated on our campus. No Spartan should ever feel targeted based on their race, or other ways in which they identify. A noose is a symbol of intimidation and threat that has a horrendous history in America.

After the investigation was conducted, however, MSU spokesman Jason Cody issued another statement saying the police have determined the item was a “packaged leather shoelace and not a noose.” [snip]

Cody also clarified that the person who lost the shoelace lived on the same floor as the person who reported the incident and did not intend harassment.

In 2015, the University of Delaware launched a hate crime investigation over paper lanterns on campus. At Bowling Green State University, a student reported lab equipment in a window as a Ku Klux Klan meeting, while a stray banana peel triggered the cancelation of a Greek life event at the University of Mississippi earlier this year.

There is more than a bit of humor in this. If one knows a smattering of their early history, you might recall the Battle of Thermopylae. If you suffered under a recent public school education, perhaps you saw the movie “300”. That’s the short version.

Michigan State’s cognomen is the “Spartans”; one cannot believe those real Spartans would be triggered by much of anything.

The Snowflakes at MSU befoul the name “Spartans and the University should convert the the name to the “Daunted”.