The Vulgarians

The Vulgarians

A Vulgarian!

The Vulgarians


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The Dirty Dozen

Here’s the rogue’s gallery of communist mushwits. These individuals have committed felonies, engaged in treasonous acts, panty wetting and have proved themselves to mentally defective.

These are the Vulgarians.

A gathering of these pestilent scumbags makes the Star Wars bar scene appear to be a British PM tea break.

The Vulgarians

The Vulgarians

You would think the nation might be able to produce more and better candidates for public office. But that doesn’t appear to be possible; Sanders supports a pair of convicted individuals.

Bernie Sanders stumps for two candidates with arrest records in one week

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will have stumped for two Democratic candidates with arrest records by the end of this week — Wisconsin congressional candidate Randy Bryce and Arizona gubernatorial candidate David Garcia.

Bryce has been arrested a total of nine times for reasons including property damage, driving with a suspended license and marijuana possession. The 53-year-old was arrested in 1998 for drunk driving and pleaded guilty, reported CNN.

Sanders stumped for Bryce in Milwaukee Monday, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“When you’re in the middle of a campaign, obviously the Republican opposition research people go to work,” Sanders said in a statement prior to Monday’s event. “I think people are far more concerned about Randy’s views on how we can create living wages and provide health care for all people and improve education in this country [than] they are about what may have happened 20 years ago.”

Bryce was also delinquent on his child support payments for two-and-a-half months in 2015 and did not pay his ex-wife what he owed her until after launching his congressional bid, reported CNN.

Bryce was most recently arrested in 2018 for participating in a protest. He is competing with Republican Bryan Steil for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s old seat in a race that RealClear Politics rates as “Leans GOP.” [snip]

Garcia is now an associate professor at Arizona State University and trails Republican incumbent Doug Ducey by nearly 16 points.

The Vulgarians

Fits the Jackasses perfectly!

The Vulgarian Party

The very apt and new name for Clinton, Durbin, Schumer and ‘Socrates’ Booker. The Vulgarian Party is so correct. If this doesn’t properly label the sluts, panderers, crooks and demented ensconced in that pit of rot, nothing really does.


Definition: A vulgar person, especially one whose vulgarity is the more conspicuous because of wealth, prominence, or pretensions to good breeding.