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The TSA and just blatant control

When you let the government get control of ANYTHING, all they know is regulate, regulate and if that doesn’t screw up the system, REGULATE. We have muslims screening old Catholic nuns for bombs. Yet there unauthorized individuals roaming the tarmac because of security flaws. Then they decided to limit what one may have in their carry on bags. For instance, these regs:

Would you like to meet the idiot who thought up this idea?


Was it this guy, the Director of Security?

Historical happenings

12/26/1786 ~ Daniel Shay leads a rebellion in Massachusetts to protest the seizure of property for the non-payment of debt.

12/26/1962 ~ Eight East Berliners escape to West Berlin, crashing through gates in an armor-plated bus.

12/26/1991 ~ The Supreme Soviet formally dissolves the Soviet Union.


Note to the readers

I’ve rented a plane and a block of time and am flying to Texas tomorrow AM with my other half, to visit my niece, husband and their kids. I’ve not seen them in 10 years. My brother is already there with his wife so it’s a chance to have a few days of a gabfest.
My medical is good and my eyesight is over minimums so we’re good to go. I have a commercial instrument multi from my time in the military and kept that up. Depending on winds aloft, flight time should be about 5 hours± for that 310. Air miles are 860 and the Cessna twin cruises around 210 mph.

I plan on being back on 11/30 so I hope to post on 12/1.


Historical happenings

10/15/1582 ~ The Gregorian (or New World) calendar is adopted in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal; and the preceding ten days are lost to history.

10/15/1863 ~ For the second time, the Confederate submarine H L Hunley sinks during a practice dive in Charleston Harbor, this time drowning its inventor along with seven crew members.

10/15/1917 ~ Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan Mata Hari is executed by firing squad at Vincennes, outside Paris, on charges of spying for the German Empire during World War I.


A change

Historical Happenings is being dropped until I can find another source. The current site cannot deliver the ‘cookies’ properly causing the browser to lock up. I’ve tried different settings to no avail. It might be my security system; I don’t care. Everything else works fine.
When I get another source, that posting will be back.


Your powers of observation

After you get through staring, read below…

How long did it take you to realize that she is wearing a stainless steel Rolex band and no ring on her left hand.