Note to the Readers

I’m taking a week off; I’m doing house renovations, moving a door in a room from  one end of the wall to another and all the electrical that goes with it. Then I have a built in cabinet and storage to renovate and the electrical lighting inside it. We’re having an addition put on; that I am NOT doing. But there is painting and hardwood flooring to go down.

All this comes behind the work I do. See you in a week. (I hope)

Note to my readers

If I get back from the hospital early enough, I’ll try to post more today. Tomorrow is more of the same, I’m going back for more tests. These will determine how much more chemo I’m going to endure.

Prognosis so far is good, I’m kicking the big C’s ass. But it does take a toll. Thanks for staying with me.

Note to my readers

The postings will be short on 3/15. I’m going to the hospital and will be admitted for at least one day. Posting will resume when I get back and as soon as I can get in front of the computer. All this came from a call from the VA concerning the CT scan I had today.

Historical happenings

3/08/1782 ~ Gnadenhutten Massacre – Ohio militia kills 90 indians

3/08/1838 ~ US mint in New Orleans begins operation (producing dimes)

3/08/1913 ~ Internal Revenue Service begins to levy & collect income taxes

Day by Day


A note

Finally, I made enough headway to start putting some posting on a daily basis. Not as much,  but a selection that should entice you to read and tickle the thought process of the brain.

I guess I have had enough of politics to cause dysentery. I hope Trump succeeds, not for a rabid belief in him but for the sake of the Country.

Day by Day, the Daily Toon (may not be so daily) and my fave fools, the Millennials will show up from time to time.

Other items that should require thought and reasoning are on the docket; if there is anything that you wold  like to see, please leave a note in the comment section. I’ll respond. If I can do it I shall try it out.

So let’s start.


Sorry for the no post hiatus. Saturday I has Windows decide to take a vacation and corrupt itself to death. Anything that I tried to do from woring the internals to booting from the CD did nothing. Monday the box went to the shop, where it took the high guru to get it booted and he had to restall Windows.

I have to external backup drives that constantly back up EVERYTHING, co you can imagine what I’m wading through to restore the C drive. Getting my basic data I need for daily life had to get place somewhat. I got the computer back at 1400 hours Monday. Tuesday was hospital time for most of the day, now back at putting things back in order bit by bit. I’ll try to put up something each day but for some time it will be sparse. Photoshop will be one of the last programs loaded; CS-6 doesn’t have a working bridge, so I use my old CS-2 Suite for most all work. Adobe sucks for being user friendly, money oriented.

Look for more posting soon but not with great frequency Sorry for all this garbage, I hate it more than you.