I just got out of the hospital yesterday PM after another seven day stint flat on my back, totally out of touch with the world.

Another bad bout with a kidney infection; this time I managed to add some spice to the doctor,s worry by coming very close to dying. I didn;t stick around to see all the action but according to the MD’s, my BP soared then crashed and my oxygen usage dropped right along with the BP.

I have no idea what the MD’s did but the chief Poobah said I gave them a damn nasty scare.

I am getting up and moving about a bit which is very tiring.. I shall post when I have the strength to sit up for a period of time; right now that is a chore. Thanks for sticking around during this gap in living.


Note to the readers

Sorry about the short posting yesterday and nothing today. The internet went down yesterday morning and by the time they got it fixed, it was today’s afternoon.

I shall try to catch up tomorrow. Right now I have to sort out that which I could download this PM and look for what has occurred.


see you tomorrow.

Note to my readers

I.m back and posting.

Last Friday I went to the ER for lab test and a check out. Instead of going home I was admitted with a bad UTI and very serious kidney infection. The infectio was close to getting into the blood stream. The admitting doctor actually tried to talk me out of my DNR.

I was sick for about five days prior to admission. Discharge was yesterday with more antibiotics to take for the next week. Right now I’m quite weak as one wold expect after lying on one’s back for 7½ days. They took so much blood for test and cultures, I thought I was going to need a transfusion.

OK, I shall post as much as I can before I tire and need to nap. Please bear with me.

Note to the readers

The eye surgery was successful in one fashion; it relieved the internal pressure in the eye caused by glaucoma. The doctor doesn’t know if my vision will return. As of now I can see sim shapes in the center and peripheral vision.

Needless to say writing is difficult for my left eye has a couple of holes in the retina and astigmatism giving me 20/70 sight. Looking at the screen is quite tiring. Posting the images is easier since I programmed Photoshop to scale and trim, sharpen and adjust contrast.

I hope all of yu truly appreciate your sight. One never knows the effects until something is lost. I’ll try to write when I can

Cretins, Morons and Dolts

Note to the readers

Tomorrow I’m going into the VA hospital for surgery on my right eye. Some of you may have seen other notes, but for those who haven’t, I developed acute glaucoma in both eyes. I had laser surgery on both to help equalize the pressure. The left eye responded to the treatment with a surfeit of eye drops.

I’ve lost most vision in the right eye, to my dismay since that was the ‘better’ eye.

They are going to or try to remove the scaring from the disease and put in another drain since the one there isn’t working well. They are going to remove the cataracts in both eyes. Needless to say I’m going to have a difficult time for several days. If all goes well I’ll have a post-OP Thursday and another in one week. Prognosis for success: 50/50.

This condition is linked to the diabetes brought on by agent Orange exposure, one of several undesired afflictions.

Just wanted to let you know that posting may be absent or intermittent for a week or so.


Music without musicians

Take the time to watch this through. It is complex and wondrous,. Other videos after will be pleasing too.