Day by Day

Hi people

I back from an 11 day stint in the hospital. One surgery then, another minor (very) today.

Right now I/m trying to regain my strength so that I can sit up for a bit of time and clean up this blog. I start a bit of posting as I/m able.

Thanks for your forbearance.

The Mueller Report

And about as filling!

And about as filling!

Note to readers

Temps de dire au revoir

Since January,I’ve been in and out of hospitals.

I’ve been unable to sit for and length of time and finally working on the blog became more than I The reason was a Perianal abscess slightly smaller than Rhode Island. The MD’s finally drained it which gives some relief.

Now to the real news; I won’t be posting on Loon Watch for quite a while, if ever again. I’m 10 years removed from Vermont and have little knowledge of the daily political BS, taxes and the minutia that makes the blog work. I started this blog in Aug of 2008. It’s time to move on to newer things. I intend to paint and draw, something which I have deprived myself for too long.

Three more of my friends died this year. Another moved to NY in preparation of selling their business. This leaves a couple of Vietnam brothers and the editor of the local paper.

This blog will stay open, maybe a post may show up. I’m tired, worn out from all the medical problems attendant to old age a rather wild younger age and the crap that came home with every Vietnam Vet.

If I start another blog, the name and URL will appear in Loon Watch.

Thanks for the following and your readership.



Sorry to disappoint you but I have trouble sitting. A new tumor has grown to the point where sitting is from very uncomfortable to very painful. I shall see the surgeon next Monday; probably shortly after that I’ll be in for another operation. I have no idea what will be the outcome. When I know I’ll post here.

A new hat

A case for term limits