Sorry to disappoint you but I have trouble sitting. A new tumor has grown to the point where sitting is from very uncomfortable to very painful. I shall see the surgeon next Monday; probably shortly after that I’ll be in for another operation. I have no idea what will be the outcome. When I know I’ll post here.


A new hat

A case for term limits


Posting will be light during the Holidays. There will be some but I need to rest my eyes; doctor’s orders. I shall try to keep the topical stuff flowing.

Cretins, Morons and Dolts

A Politically Correct Christmas view from the idiots in Queens NY.



I just got out of the hospital yesterday PM after another seven day stint flat on my back, totally out of touch with the world.

Another bad bout with a kidney infection; this time I managed to add some spice to the doctor,s worry by coming very close to dying. I didn;t stick around to see all the action but according to the MD’s, my BP soared then crashed and my oxygen usage dropped right along with the BP.

I have no idea what the MD’s did but the chief Poobah said I gave them a damn nasty scare.

I am getting up and moving about a bit which is very tiring.. I shall post when I have the strength to sit up for a period of time; right now that is a chore. Thanks for sticking around during this gap in living.