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In today’s loose society, one seldom comes across the ole fashioned modest bikini bottom. Here is proof that such morality still exist. The imagery is for education and enlightenment only.


According to the A$$holes bending a knee over police brutality, Baltimore is exacerbating the murder rate by putting more police on the street. The people of that city should be rebelling against more police protection.

Baltimore puts 230 desk officers on streets as murders mount

A day after 11 people were shot in Baltimore, the troubled police department said it’s shutting down its administrative functions so that more officers can hit the streets.

The Baltimore Sun reports Interim Commissioner Gary Tuggle announced Wednesday that 230 officers assigned to administrative duties will go on patrol, putting a total of 650 officers on the streets in a department struggling to fill 500 vacancies.

Tuggle says they’ll keep desk officers on patrol until they’re no longer needed or the department can no longer function with administrative duties going undone.

Both Mayor Catherine Pugh and Tuggle blame the violence on the illegal drug trade.

Baltimore has recorded 250 homicides so far this year, 44 of them in the last 30 days.

Chicago is going to have to increase the numbers of deaders per day if it hopes to keep Mayor Emanuel’s honors as the leader of the “Murder Capitol” of the USA.

Don’t you find it strange that these cities are all run by Democrat aficionados of Marxist communism. All have very strict gun control laws. The politicians work hard to keep the malefactors out of jail so they can vote stupid ticket.

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