Idiot’s Corner

Oh! How terrible this is.

The horrible effects of

oppression suffered by

Colin Kaepernick.

It is no wonder GQ decided to honor him as CITIZEN DUDE of the Year to make up for all his adversity.

Imagine having to grow up with all the amenities such as good schooling nice clothes and housing with your own room. Clean air not filled with bullets from some hoodie driveby. Yup, dis boy was oppressed.

And understand where he’s coming from now, this is the oppression that this person of minor talents, ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is forced to endure. Could you live in a hovel such as this with hot and cold running maids, not enough palm trees and only able to drive ONE car at a time!

Why that looks like some cheap gate bought at Home Depot. How low can one get.
A rather large carbon footprint for such a caring Social Justice Warrior

It’s hard to chastise someone’s behavior…unless you have “walked a mile” in one pair of their 400+ pairs of shoes!

Makes me want to run right over and kick the snot out of him while he’s oppressed.


Laissez le bon temps rouler

Finally, there is hope for the Snowflakes and those who have been educated with no sense of history.


(“Americans with No Abilities Act”)

The Senate is considering a sweeping legislative bill sponsored by the Democratic Party that will provide new benefits for many more Americans. The “Americans With No Abilities Act” is being hailed by the mainstream media as a major legislative goal of advocates for the millions of Americans who lack any real skills and ambition.

“Roughly 50 percent of Americans do not possess the competence and drive necessary to carve out a meaningful role for themselves in society,” said California Sen. Barbara Boxer. “We can no longer stand by and allow “People of Inability” (POI) to be ridiculed and passed over. With this legislation, employers will no longer be able to grant special favors to a small group of smart workers, simply because they have some idea of what they are doing.”

In a Capitol Hill press conference, Nancy Pelosi pointed to the success of the U.S. Postal Service, which has a long-standing policy of providing opportunity without regard to performance. At the state government level, the Department of Motor Vehicles also has an excellent record of hiring Persons with No Ability (63%).

Under the “Americans With No Abilities Act”, more than 25 million mid-level positions will be created, with important-sounding titles, but little real responsibility, thus providing an illusory sense of purpose and performance.

Mandatory non-performance-based raises and promotions will be given to guarantee upward mobility for even the most unremarkable employees. The legislation provides substantial tax breaks to corporations that promote a significant number of “Persons of Inability” (POI) into middle-management positions, and give a tax credit to small and medium-sized businesses that agree to hire one clueless worker for every two talented hires.

Finally, the “Americans With No Abilities Act” contains tough new measures to make it more difficult to discriminate against the non-abled, banning, for example, discriminatory hiring interview questions such as, “Do you have any skills or experience that relate to this job?”

“As a non-abled person, I can’t be expected to keep up with people who have something going for them,” said Mary Lou Gertz, who lost her position as a lug-nut twister at the GM plant in Flint, Mich., due to her inability to remember “righty tighty, lefty loosey”. “This new law should be real good for people like me. I’ll finally have job security.” With the passage of this bill, Gertz and millions of other untalented citizens will finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Said Sen. Dick Durbin,II: “As a Senator with no abilities, I believe the same privileges that elected officials enjoy ought to be extended to every American with no abilities. It is our duty as lawmakers to provide each and every American citizen, regardless of his or her inadequacy, with some sort of space to take up in this great nation, and a good salary for doing so.”

This message was approved by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

Peccable reflections

It’s here. Deer season is upon us and a myriad of sportsmen are taking to the woods in an annual rite of Autumn.

Here is a serious question.

We are looking forward to hunting season, and need an answer. If we shoot a buck, but only have a doe tag, can we claim that the buck wasn’t really a buck? We mean, perhaps he’d always wanted to be a doe, but with no choice of his own because he was born with the physical attributes of a male. You know, really deep down on the inside he’d always known he was truly a female.
I’m just wondering if if it is possible to get the game warden to buy that bullshit, because society and the Supreme Court does.

Historical happenings

11/18/1865 ~ Mark Twain’s first story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” is published in the New York Saturday Press.

11/18/1950 ~ The Bureau of Mines discloses its first production of oil from coal in practical amounts.

11/18/1978 ~ Peoples Temple cult leader Jim Jones leads his followers to a mass murder-suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, hours after cult members killed Congressman Leo J. Ryan of California.

Ponder this

Whoever named it necking was a poor judge of anatomy.

~ Groucho Marx

Collectivist Banking

Wonder where your money went at 2% inflation?

Inflation is Daylight Robbery…from Rico

Many know John Maynard Keynes as an economist. Virtually all Western economies are now run according to his theories, since all Central Bankers are pupils of Keynesian Economics and that is the ONLY economic theory taught to undergraduates/graduates today.
– Few know that he also fancied himself to be Bolshevik.

In his own words:

“By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.”

If you think Government, Central Banks, or Keynesian economists were your friend, and you’re not in the top 1%, you are mistaken, misled, and/or deluded.

The US Government’s official forecast for the 2018 inflation rate is 2%.
– The inflation rate for 2017 has been declared to be 2%.
– For 2016 the inflation rate was deemed to be 1.26%.

John Williams of SGS Shadowstats calculates the inflation rate using the government formula from the 1980’s…before the USG started using a formula which grossly understates inflation.
– SGS calculates that the inflation rate is currently running at 9.8%, a far cry from the ‘offishul’ 2%.

Look at the price changes from 1996-2016, and decide for yourself who to believe.
– Not that government would “lie” about anything, mind you.

Idiot’s Corner

Once more this Texas Turkey is opening his mouth and dumb is falling out. Back when he was doing the Nightly Fables he used to sign off with “Courage”. That translated into “Bullshit”. Yes it’s good old Dan Rather, still babbling after all these years.

Flashback-Dan Rather on Clinton Rape Charge: ‘Happened A Long Time Ago,’ ‘Let’s Move On’

In 1998, Juanita Broaddrick claimed that, in 1978 Bill Clinton, then the Attorney General of Arkansas, raped her in a hotel room. The next year, CBS anchor Dan Rather declared that, even if true, “it happened a long time ago” (21 years) and it was time to “move on.”

Noting the media double-standard in covering such allegations, a Newsbusters flashback blog reports:

“Take, for example, our report in 1999 that not-yet-disgraced CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather provided the Exact Opposite of the Matt Dowd philosophy. It was the Don Imus radio show — then simulcast on MSNBC — on February 23, 1999. When women cry rape, it doesn’t matter whether it’s true. It’s too dated for the truth to matter, and besides, we think the American people are tired of all these accusations”:

DON IMUS: Even this Juanita Broaddrick thing that, this interview that the people over there at NBC News have been sittin’ on for some reason, who knows but —

DAN RATHER: Well, I think the reason is pretty obvious that they’re, they don’t call me and tell me why they run or don’t run these things, but I think it’s pretty obvious. They are nervous about, number one, whether this information is accurate, whether it’s really true or not.

And then number two, “Even if it does it turns out to be true, it happened a long time ago and number three, they’ve gotta be figuring maybe, just maybe the American public has heard all they want to hear about this and are saying you know, “Next. Let’s move on to the next thing.”

One can extrapolate this to Al Franken’s funny grope of 2006 too, right? Why not, that occurred in the dim past and why Al is a nice and funny guy and a good Progressive Jackass Party hack. By Dan’s thinking anything more than 20 minutes old is ancient history.

What then Dan, do we do about Roy Moore? That is a bit more than 20 minutes old. We talking about three (3) maybe four (4) decades, considerably more aged than that wanker Willy Clinton’s toiling in the wild oats. And no allegations of rape have emerged either. No sheep, sisters, first cousins or mothers have said boo.

You’re witnessing a political hatch job typical of the Left and abetted by the GOPe.