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Dropping Death Charges

The good news on Friday was that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was moved out of intensive care following his attempted assassination by a rabid Democrat who had been whipped into a frenzy by hateful hyperbolic anti-Republican rhetoric.

The bad news is that on the very same day, Hillary Clinton sent sociopaths a fresh call to arms by tweeting “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this (healthcare) bill, they’re the death party.”

At least when Trump tweets, there’s sort of an endearing lunacy at work. But with Hillary, it’s nothing but pure spite and malice intended to mislead, divide, distort, and inspire hate – and possibly political hate crimes. [snip]

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Only in La-La Land does this make any sense but that is where the Loony Left resides.

Feminist Blames ‘Hateful White People’…For Not Electing a White Guy

Here’s your head-scratcher for the day: a feminist is now blaming “toxic, vindictive voters” and “hateful white people” for electing a woman to office instead of a heterosexual white male.

No, this isn’t an Onion headline. By electing Republican Karen Handel to Georgia’s 6th District congressional seat instead of Democrat Jon Ossoff, feminist and all-around screeching shrew Jill Filipovic says voters displayed their rampant “bigotry.” Because, as we have clearly learned by now, it’s never the left’s fault when they lose elections – it’s all the work of racist white trash hicks and their no-good Confederate flag-waving ways.

Filipovic’s tweets are at the link. This fool should be placed where sharp items are not available to her.

Democrats weren’t entirely without fault, Filipovic eventually conceded. After all, the left should have “catered” more to their target victims audience, and ignored all those racist white folk.

Never mind that both Handel and Ossoff were white as the driven snow, or the fact that only one of them – the Republican, mind you – was a woman (which Filipovic claims to otherwise value). It appears that in the quest to paint all right-leaning voters as evil phobic Nazis, Filipovic is now labeling the entire Georgia’s 6th District constituency a bunch of racist bigots, all because they didn’t elect the straight white guy.

Yep. #LiberalLogic.

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Father’s Day 2017

Sure, it’s not exactly topical – but we couldn’t let Father’s Day go by without poking a little fun at the wild and woolly Clinton family, and restate our suspicion that (unlike certain blue dresses we could name) Chelsea has no trace of Bill’s DNA.

And speaking of the Clintons, what ever happened to the investigations that were supposed to be happening to look into the ugly relationship between “contributions” to the demonstrably bogus Clinton Foundation and “favors” granted to high-rollers by Hillary’s State Department? As long as we’ve got Special Counsels galloping around Washington with their hair on fire, why not put one on her tail? [snip]


This Country needs Gun Control! Not control of the gun but control of the ownership of said weapon. We need it soon and fortunately we have the means of accomplishing this in a rapid fashion.

This has to be done on a national level and the wherewithal is available now. The Federal Government can go to every state and get copies of the voter registrations records. With those in hand, the very thing that the Democrats so long have called for can become a reality.

With the exception of one clown, all political shootings have been committed by individuals devoted to Leftist causes and registered in the Democrat Party. Banning Democrats from owning and possessing any and all firearms we immediately remove the ease by which they can commit these heinous acts. To insure they don’t try to register in another party to get around being a “prohibited person” their names will have to be on a black list preventing such action.

As part of this new law, it will be mandatory that each Democrat home gets a yard sign announcing that the residence is a “GUN FREE ZONE” and is protected by 9-1-1. This should satisfy their comfort level; it is what they wanted for us.

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