Ponder this

There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us.

~ James Truslow Adams


For those dreamin’ O’ ta Green…

… Clancy, me stalwart leprechaun, is already hoisting a couple to tha fair Irish Day.

And Erin, this lovely lass, nae been one to cripple the mood of St Paddy’s Day.
Or the night either!

Maybe later Clancy will peel off those shamrocks.

Historical happenings

3/16/1913 ~ The 15,000-ton battleship Pennsylvania is launched at Newport News, VA.

3/16/1926 ~ Physicist Robert H. Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket.

3/16/1964 ~ President Lyndon B. Johnson submits a $1 billion war-on-poverty program to Congress.


Historical happenings

3/15/1892 ~ New York State unveils the new automatic ballot voting machine.

3/15/1955 ~ The U.S. Air Force unveils the first self-guided missile.

3/15/1968 ~ The U.S. mint halts the practice of buying and selling gold.


Because change admits we’re wrong…

… and the Eco-Nazi Left never admits that.

Rep. Peter Welch admits government’s ‘well-intentioned flop’ on ethanol

Vermont Democratic Congressman Peter Welch has been an advocate of doing away with ethanol subsidies for a while. As the program’s serious failures mount, Welch is gaining some allies, and there is actually a possibility that the subsidies will be phased out. Here’s what he recently had to say on the subject:

We’ve now had more than a decade of experience with [ethanol subsidies], and it had the best of intentions. But it has turned out to be a well-intended flop.

It actually doesn’t cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, it expands them. It’s had a significant impact on overplanting in fragile areas of the corn belt. It has had significant impacts on small engines. And it’s also had a significant impact on feed prices … and there is a lot of evidence it has increased the cost of food. (Source: Red State)

What a refreshing admission from a politician. Our meddling actually made matters worse in pretty much every respect, and we should just stop.

Now, if only Welch and his colleagues would come to similar revelations regarding their actions in, say, healthcare reform, where government intervention (very well intentioned) has led to higher insurance costs, longer wait times to access care and an opioid crisis. Or in regard to their “help” with access to higher education, which has caused the price of a college degree to explode while the value of those degrees, in many cases, has declined. Or government’s approach to welfare, which has destroyed the black family in America and is now corroding other demographic groups.

The list is almost endless. But ethanol policy is a start.

Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute.

Getting any change in this policy will require a massive movement in the electorate. The farm lobby will raise money, donate to non farm candidates to insure votes outside the farm belt keeping ethanol in the gas tanks of American cars. It has nothing to do with cleaner air, better fuel economy or less damage to machinery. It has only to do with money in someone’s pocket.

Look for Archer Daniels Midland to lead and other members of the consortia to follow such as Union Pacific RR ( Big AG) and Monsanto. Then we shall find out who in the MSM own large blocks of Big AG and blow off the downside of ethanol.


Historical happenings

3/14/1900 ~ The United States currency goes on the gold standard.

3/14/1947 ~ The United States signs a 99-year lease on naval bases in the Philippines.

3/14/1964 ~ A Dallas jury finds Jack Ruby guilty of the murder of alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.


Historical happenings

3/13/607 ~ The 12th recorded passage of Halley’s Comet occurs.

3/13/1918 ~ Women are scheduled to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York due to a shortage of men.

3/13/1974 ~ Arab nations decide to end the oil embargo on the United States.