Parsing in Vermont, the Proggy way

One might ask Governor Scott just what oath he took when he was sworn into office. It seems to us here at Loon Watch, that oaths taken by public officials usually contain such words as uphold the law, follow the Constitution and other niceties like not breach the public trust and not commit misdemeanors.

We haven’t found any wording allowing for upholding only those laws found in favor. Strange that the people writing the Constitutions both State(s) and US didn’t put in that wording. Guess they weren’t Progressives.

From Vermont Watchdog:

Speaking at a press conference Thursday, Republican Gov. Phil Scott said he would consider deporting some criminal aliens residing in Vermont illegally.

The statement represents a modest change in the governor’s approach to illegal immigration, which has been at odds with the Trump administration’s policy and executive orders.

 HERE is the full posting from:

More excerpts from the article follow:

On March 28, Scott signed into law S.79 , a bill crafted to shield illegal immigrants from “compulsory collection of personally identifying information, or dissemination of that information for purposes of establishing a mandatory federal registry or database.”

Immigration experts have told Watchdog that concealing data about illegal immigrants could cause Vermont to lose federal dollars it receives to support a variety of programs, including law enforcement. [snip]

Vermont Watchdog has reported that among the characteristics the state wants hidden from federal immigration enforcement officers are immigration status, national origin, religion, race and color. But, following Scott’s statement on Thursday, it is uncertain how deportation in Vermont can occur without some state officials revealing the status of criminal immigrants in contradiction to the spirit of S.79.

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Another look at…

It won’t be Mayberry PD.

A look back at that posting and then read his and you will see the advances the Feds are making. Actually it is the DoJ and the White House pushing this. Nothing good will come of this hellish work.

With the police under the control of the DoJ, you are going to see cops prosecuted for doing their job and criminals going free on minor technical points. There is going to be a serious conflict between justice and Obama’s idea of justice in America.

Baltimore officials, Justice Department promise sweeping overhaul of city police

Baltimore’s top law enforcement and political leaders on Wednesday vowed a sweeping overhaul of the city Police Department after a searing rebuke of the agency’s practices, which the Justice Department said regularly discriminated against black residents in poor communities.

Officials promised improved community relations, a purge of race-based policing and a modernized department that better trains officers and holds them accountable. But they warned that reforming an agency entrenched in a culture of unconstitutional policing would be a slow process and could cost millions of dollars.

“Police reform won’t happen overnight or by chance,” Vanita Gupta, principal deputy assistant attorney general, said at a news conference officially unveiling the Justice Department’s 163-page report. “It’s going to take time, and it’s going to require a focused and sustained effort.”

The Justice Department explicitly condemned many long-standing discriminatory enforcement practices by Baltimore police that allowed for illegal searches, arrests and stops of African Americans for minor offenses. But the highly critical report is also an indictment of “zero tolerance” and “broken windows” policing, which seek to quell crime by targeting minor offenses. Once heralded as groundbreaking crime-fighting strategies, they are now the subject of intense scrutiny amid the national debate over racially biased law enforcement.

“The powerful thing about this report is the way in which it validates what many of us have been saying about zero-tolerance policing in Baltimore for a very long time,” said Sherrilyn Ifill, the president of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, who lived in the city for 15 years and now lives in Baltimore County. “There are many of us who recognized that it was making the community less safe.” [snip]

The complaint against this will produce the same result as what they have in NYC after De Blasio dropped Giulani’s “Broken Window Program”. When Giuliani started this program in NYC, crime dropped rapidly. The illegal guns were taken away, shooting fell, petty crime dropped because those that committed it had records; They got harsher sentences and were off the streets for longer periods. NYC cleaned up. Now the city has a clown Marxist/socialist who stopped those programs. People now piss in the streets, crime is up, shootings up and of course this bozo wants to blame the guns.

As political leaders in Baltimore sought ways to stem the bloodshed, City Council member Martin O’Malley won the 1999 mayoral election with a “tough on crime” platform. Confronting a decade of 300 or more homicides annually, O’Malley adopted the zero-tolerance policing strategy of New York City.

Arrests soared — topping 108,000, prompting lawsuits and forcing judges to free prisoners to avoid overcrowding at the city jail.

Homicides dropped to 261 in O’Malley’s first year in office. But the numbers leveled off and then crept back up to 282 in the last year before he took office as Maryland governor in 2007. [snip]

“Such a review would have shown reductions in each of categories of police misconduct even as Baltimore closed down open air drug markets and achieved historic reductions in violent crime,” the statement said. “Make no mistake about it — enforcement levels rose when we started closing down the open air drug markets that had been plaguing our poorest neighborhoods for years. But after peaking in 2003, arrest levels declined as violent crime was driven down.”

The Justice Department found that zero-tolerance policing in Baltimore focused too much on the raw numbers of arrests and stops, which resulted in disproportionate stops of black residents over petty crimes such as loitering or trespassing. [snip]

The idiocy of the statement about the police arresting so many blacks is ludicrous. Vermont has a terrible drug problem. A look at the racial make up of the arrest records will show almost 97% white persons. Strange until one realizes Vermont is the whitest state in the union.
Baltimore is quite black; guess who is going to be committing most of the crimes. Try to get the media to report that item. The Alinsky Press has a very different idea of what you will get to see. Not your news

Baltimore is an outhouse with the same problems. It is going to get worse. Watch that the programs first relax police efforts to control petty crime, then the drugs and guns will take over the black neighborhoods.

Since this concept is racist at heart, the white parts of town will find crime becoming more prevalent and police protection not as heavy in coverage.

Complaints? To whom do the residents complain? The DoJ? There is no local control; your taxes only pay for the police. You have no say since they have become a NATIONAL POLICE FORCE, sort of like the Gestapo.
You voted for this fool-TWICE! What did you think you were going to get?

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Hope n’ Change

Conventional Wisdumb

Conventional Wisdumb 1

The Democratic convention is in full swing which, through Herculean effort, we will not use as a set up for a joke involving nooses. Oh sure, it would be funny – but (to quote Richard Nixon) “it would be wrong, that’s for sure.”

Especially since one of the opening evening’s speakers was Michelle Obama, the wife of our nation’s first half-white black president, there to give a ringing endorsement to Hillary Clinton – the wife of our nation’s first all-white black president.

Choosing, as ever, to take the high road, Michelle whined for the umpteenth time that she wakes up each day in a house built by slaves – which she apparently finds more upsetting than having her pricey wardrobe, dozens of personal “assistants,” and luxury 5-star vacations paid for by slaves.

Still, the first lady’s presence and well-toned bare arms helped take the spotlight off the previously scheduled woman who suddenly found herself in the doghouse…

Doggie Style 1

Hilariously, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was booed out of her own event, taken off the speaking schedule, and forced to resign as head of the DNC after leaked emails proved that the DNC was in collusion with Hillary’s campaign to burn the Bern and rig the Democratic primaries.

As a bonus, the leaked emails also made coarse remarks about “homos,” referred to Latinos collectively as the “taco bowl,” mocked the names of black people, documented myriad dirty tricks, and showed an unbelievable level of incestuous contact with the news media.

As a result of this still-breaking scandal, the DNC has announced that they’re launching an internal investigation to determine how the emails got leaked (as opposed to apologizing for tasteless, immoral, and possibly criminal behavior), and the thoroughly disgraced and disgraceful Wasserman-Schultz has suddenly been made the honorary chair of Hillary’s presidential campaign. As the old saying goes, “no bad deed will go unrewarded.”

Meanwhile, the convention presses on, with hopes that the tension between the supporters of Sanders and Clinton can be quelled by the soothing presence of “The Great Unifier,” Joe Biden…

Hands-Up-SwaneeSm _ Dec 3

But of course, not all of the political news is about Democrats. So let us turn our eyes and ears elsewhere…

Man on the Street 1

Yikes! How did that happen?! Sabotage by Vladimir Putin?! We’ll certainly launch an immediate internal investigation into the horrible joke above, although we’re guessing it will prove to be extreme carelessness rather than intentional wrongdoing.

Actually, we were trying to go to our Hope n’ Change field reporter, Fred Ciampi,  for his exclusive on-the-spot coverage of Donald Trump’s latest town hall meeting in Roanoke, Virginia. Take it away, Fred…

Well, I went to Trump’s town hall in Roanoke yesterday. After driving 65 miles we got to stand in the 92 degree sun for about 3 hours. Then the doors opened and we were inside in less than an hour. Thankfully, the Roanoke police and sheriff’s department did a masterful job of keeping all 20 protesters about two blocks away. The newsniks and their TV cameras took shots from about 87 different  angles of the protesters to make it look as if there were 17 million of them. They also interviewed the protesters in depth.

After we got in we sat down in nice padded chairs that were made for skinny people and waited for two more hours. Someone sang the National Anthem, then we all said the Pledge of Allegiance. Nowhere could I see anyone standing around with their arms crossed or looking at their cell phone during these activities.

A preacher gave a good spiel, some big bald guy said something, then Pence, and then Donald Trump. All the talking lasted for about an hour. Then The Donald took about five questions and left. Oh, I think I know why Pence was picked for the Veep spot; of all the choices, he has the best looking ‘executive’ hair.

With my 92% hearing loss I couldn’t understand a word anyone said but just being there was worth the trip. So, all in all, I got to witness a part of history yesterday. Then I went home and had a beer. 

Thank you, Fred. You earned that beer – and just maybe a Pulitzer for Hope n’ Change!