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The cure for the following is to put the schmuck up in ‘White Face’ then actually hang the idiot on Rodeo Drive as a totem to Progressive beliefs.

Sources: Police investigating whether Jussie Smollett staged attack with help of others, allegedly being written off ‘Empire’

Chicago police confirmed Thursday that detectives are talking to two persons of interest in connection with the alleged attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.
Multiple sources have told ABC7 Eyewitness News that police are investigating whether Smollett and the two men staged the attack allegedly because Smollett was being written off of “Empire.”

A source familiar with the investigation told the ABC7 I-Team that Smollett failed to appear for an interview with detectives earlier Thursday, but has since spoken with police.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson contacted ABC7 to say they are continuing to treat Smollett as a victim and the investigation remains ongoing.

Chicago police told ABC News, “Police are investigating whether the two individuals committed the attack – or whether the attack happened at all.”

Smollett released a statement Thursday evening, saying, “Today Jussie did answer routine followup questions for Chicago Police Department and continues to cooperate.” [snip]

A source briefed on the Smollett investigation confirmed to ABC News that Chicago police are questioning the two persons of interest — one of whom has appeared on “Empire.”

The law enforcement official also told ABC News that the homes of the persons of interest were raided Wednesday night. Police removed shoes, electronic devices and other items they believe could help them determine if the two people played any role in the assault. [snip]

Middle Finger

This phony protest isn’t about the police shootings; more than likely it’s about their worrying if they’ll get arrested for the various crimes many of their fellow players commit.
Or is it because they’re afraid to protest Trump. That would piss off the fools still watching the NFL.

Illegal Immigration

Care for a helping of irony? Mexico can provide it and then some.

Mexico is angry because

the shoe is on the other foot and the Mexicans from the State of Sonora , Mexico do not like it. Can you believe the nerve of these people? It’s almost funny. The State of Sonora is angry at the influx of Mexicans into Mexico.

The state legislators from the Mexican State of Sonora traveled to Tucson to complain about Arizona ‘s new employer crackdown on illegal s from Mexico . It seems that many Mexican illegal s are returning to their hometowns and the officials in the Sonora state government are ticked off. A delegation of nine state legislators from Sonora was in Tucson on Tuesday to state that Arizona ‘s new ‘Employer Sanctions Law’ will have a devastating effect on the Mexican state. At a news conference, the legislators said that Sonora, – Arizona’s southern neighbor – made up of mostly small towns – cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools that it will face as Mexican workers return to their hometowns from the USA without jobs or money.

The Arizona law, which took effect Jan. 1, punishes Arizona employers who knowingly hire individuals without valid legal documents to work in the United States. Penalties include suspension of, or loss of, their business license. The Mexican legislators are angry because their own citizens are returning to their hometowns, placing a burden on THEIR state government instead of ours.

‘How can Arizona pass a law like this?’ asked Mexican Rep Leticia Amparano-Gamez, who represents Nogales . ‘There is not one person living in Sonora who does not have a friend or relative working in Arizona ,’ she said, speaking in Spanish. ‘Mexico is not prepared for this, for the tremendous problems it will face as more and more Mexicans working in Arizona and who were sending money to their families return to their hometowns in Sonora without jobs,’ she said ‘We are one family, socially and economically,’ she said of the people of Sonora and Arizona .

Wrong! The United States is a sovereign nation, not a subsidiary of Mexico , and its taxpayers are not responsible for the welfare of Mexico ‘s citizens. It’s time for the Mexican government, and its citizens, to stop feeding parasitically off the United States and to start taking care of its/their own needs.

Too bad that other states within the USA don’t pass a law just like that passed by Arizona . Maybe that’s the answer, since our own Congress will do nothing.

Perhaps we need to rewrite our immigration laws, make them more specific with less verbiage. These will do:

  1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.
  2. All ballots will be in this nation’s language.
  3. All government business will be conducted in our language.
  4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.
  5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office.
  6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or any other government assistance programs. Any who are a burden will be deported.
  7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
  8. If foreigners come here and buy land, their options will be restricted. Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.
  9. Foreigners may have NO protests; NO demonstrations, NO waving of a foreign flag, no political organizing, NO bad-mouthing our president or his policies. These will lead to deportation.
  10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted and, when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All assets will be taken from you.

Are these too tough, racist,anti-immigrant? Or are they precisely right.
Or are you thinking they’re racist, evil and nasty toward the POOR, the DOWNTRODDEN, the PEOPLE of COLOR just wanting to partake of the American social system.

For all you who think they’re too harsh, insensitive and reek of “White Privilege” you need to know from what Country they are law.

These laws are the formal legal immigration laws of MEXICO. They are completely favorable to the desires of that Government. Live with and by them or don’t emigrate. Now tell me how racist they are.

Mexico makes sure that the problems we face today won’t exist when the people who work for a living will not be outnumbered by the people who VOTE for a living.







Biased Agendas

It’s getting closer! The opening day of the 2018 NFL season and here are a few of the stars you can see in action.

These college grads along with the following stats are protesting Police Brutality, Racism and and probably President Trump too. They have been sorely mistreated in America.

NFL Team Arrests Since 2000

  • Minnesota Vikings 42
  • Cincinnati Bengals 40
  • Denver Broncos 36
  • Tennessee Titans 33
  • Miami Dolphins 28
  • Kansas City Chiefs 28
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 27
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
  • Cleveland Browns 26
  • San Diego Chargers 25
  • Indianapolis Colts 24
  • Chicago Bears 23
  • Seattle Seahawks 20
  • New Orleans Saints 20
  • Washington Redskins 18
  • Oakland Raiders 18
  • Baltimore Ravens 18
  • Carolina Panthers 18
  • Green Bay Packers 17
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 17
  • Atlanta Falcons 16
  • San Francisco 49ers 16
  • Detroit Lions 15
  • New England Patriots 15
  • Buffalo Bills 14
  • Dallas Cowboys 13
  • New York Giants 13
  • Arizona Cardinals 12
  • New York Jets 11
  • Philadelphia Eagles 10
  • Houston Texans 9
  • St Louis Rams 8

           Total 656

I think I’ll take a knee on watching any NFL.


What passes for news while the world moves on to greater and more dangerous happenings.

How in hell did we ever get along without this kind of news.

…[Simon Cowell reveals he hasn’t touched his mobile phone in 10 months

His phone book is crammed with numbers of the rich and famous.

But if any of the A-listers try to call Simon Cowell, he won’t answer – because his mobile is off. And it has been for ten months.

In an astonishing confession, the television mogul revealed he had become so distracted and irritated by his phone that he made himself uncontactable for the sake of his mental health and happiness.

He told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I literally have not been on my phone for ten months. [snip]

Now you know why the Millennials are such mushwits.

What you get if you don’t know the latest moves.

Off-duty FBI agent allegedly shot a man accidentally after gun falls on dance floor in Denver bar

An off-duty FBI agent allegedly accidentally shot a man in the leg early Saturday after the agent’s gun fell from his holster on the dance floor of Mile High Spirits, according to a Denver police news release.

“The victim was transported to the hospital with a good prognosis,” the news release read.

The name of the agent wasn’t released because he hasn’t been charged, said Marika Putnam, a Denver police spokeswoman. [snip]

“When the agent retrieved his handgun, an unintended discharge occurred,” the release read.

The agent was taken to Denver police headquarters and was released to an FBI supervisor. The incident is being investigated by the Denver police homicide unit. Charges will be determined by the Denver district attorney’s office.

You can do it, but it is damn hard to get an AD from today’s weapons. And as someone who has carried all my life, how did he get the weapon to ‘fall’ out of the holster.

How in hell did we ever get along without this kind of news.

“Uncomfortable” Starbucks Employees Respond To Becoming “World’s Biggest Public Toilet”

Starbucks employees are bristling after being forced to sit through an entire day of training on racial bias on Tuesday, following an April incident in which a Philadelphia manager called the police on a pair of black men who were sitting in the store without having purchased anything, which sparked a nationwide protest and culminated with Starbucks becoming “America’s largest public toilet.”

In order to atone for the now-fired manager’s poor judgement, Starbucks rolled out a new “inclusiveness” policy – shuttering 8,000 locations for a day of “Color Brave” training which included several documentary videos, notebooks for employees to record their “private thoughts,” and a 68-page employee guidebook which teaches employees about topics such as institutional racism and the history of prejudice. [snip]

The company’s new inclusiveness training also warned employees not to accidentally mistake scruffy looking husbands for homeless men.

In one, an employee recalled seeing a scruffy-looking man approach a woman in line and hold out his hand to her, after which the woman got money out of her purse. The employee said she went up to the man and told him panhandling isn’t allowed in the store. The woman informed her the man was her husband.

As we noted yesterday, Starbucks rolled back a key provision in their new “inclusiveness” policy which would allow vagrants to use the coffee chain as a homeless shelter. [snip]

Il y a de pssoir pour des publique

Some baristas discuss the real Starbucks agenda.

Starbucks Baristas Reflect On The Company’s Anti-Cop Propaganda Disguised As ‘Anti-Bias Training’

On Tuesday, Starbucks closed their stores across the nation to hold an “anti-bias” training after Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson, two black men, were arrested for loitering at a Philadelphia store without buying anything.

Multiple Baristas who attended the training told Philadelphia Magazine that the company beat around the bush when discussing racial issues.

“I was really disappointed when I walked out of there because I was expecting so much more,” an 18-year-old black woman, pseudonym Tina,  said.

According to the woman, Baristas were given a 68-page guide where they were asked to respond to writing prompts with various scenarios.

“It felt like we were off task the entire time because we didn’t reflect on the situation itself,” the woman said, referring to the incident involving Robinson and Nelson. “The training materials focused a lot on police brutality, which had nothing to do with the incident that happened.”

For some participants, the most upsetting aspect of the training was the focus on police brutality. Here’s what the Philadelphia Magazine reported:

“The videos of cops knocking people down and fighting people were really disturbing,” Tina explained. “I told them I didn’t like the video and they told me they understood and that I was open to give my opinion.” What does watching videos about police brutality have to do with the situation that happened, Tina said she kept asking herself. “They went too deep into it and missed the point all at the same time.”

“At one point,” said Jamie, “a girl at my table actually had to get up and leave because video after video they showed black people being assaulted by police or black people being verbally assaulted and white people being racially biased toward people of color. It offended her. She left after that.”

Here’s one of the videos Starbucks showed its employees:

What this has to do with lattes and burnt coffee is beyond any relation.

Squealing Lefties

This doesn’t sound like the ‘Blue Wave’ of November has much water in it.

Report: Obama Pleads With Jay-Z to Prevent Other Hip Hop Artists Meeting With Trump

Former President Barack Obama has reportedly asked Jay-Z to encourage other hip hop artists not to meet with Donald Trump following the firestorm of publicity over Kanye West.

The claim is being made by pro-Trump activist Josh Cornett, who tweeted, “Sources are confirming that former President Barack Obama has called Jay-Z several times over the past month pleading with Jay-Z to discourage fellow Hip Hop artists from meeting with President Trump.”

The tweet has received over 7,600 retweets and over 10,000 likes since being posted.

Donald Trump Jr. also liked the tweet, leading some to speculate that he may know that the story is true.

While the story remains unconfirmed, it would make political sense for Democrats to deter pop icons from being seen to endorse President Trump in any way as the mid-terms draw nearer.

In the week after Kanye West tweeted his support for Candace Owens, a vocal African-American Trump supporter, Trump’s popularity amongst black males jumped from 11 per cent to 22 per cent. [snip]

What! Me worry?

Idiot’s Corner

Starbucks it seems is caught in the Obama syndrome of massive exhibits of abnegation depending upon the gravitational pull of Political Correctness.
What is surprising is the compulsory public displays for minor infractions by a single employee cause 8000 stores to close for political indoctrination. This isn’t new to that chain. Starbucks would like these eruptions to disappear down the ‘memory hole’.

Hearken back to the last problematic liaison had twixt baristas and consumers . Starbucks management felt there was a lack of ‘community’ in the contacts.

Thus this change came about:

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