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There is one club that most haters seem to gravitate to and join with no thought a forehand. This requires residing on the Liberal Plantation however for these individuals, they consider that a ‘safe place’. Their leader of course is this poster clown.

You remember all these valued truths, don’t you?

We ask the Ministry of Truth why cannot they find the connection as posed in this illustration?Perhaps it is because of the blinding affiliation to the Club called TURD.

Stilton’s Place

Stilton’s Place

White House Correspondunce

Despite recent electoral upsets, when it comes to hypocrisy the Left still dominates the playing field. How else to explain the White House Correspondents Dinner, in which crude character assassination is passed off as “humor,” in juxtaposition to the progressives’ absolute apoplexy – and sporadic violence – directed against speakers like Milo, Charles Murray, or Ann Coulter?

President Trump wisely chose to break tradition (which is somewhat redundant, now that we think of it) and skip out on the media’s self-congratulatory banquet. And by “self-congratulatory,” we mean the kind of activity which usually results in needing glasses.

The evening was unsurprisingly filled with one-sidedly ugly remarks which can’t remotely be described as jokes, including all those sentiments (sometimes cleaned up, sometimes not) shown in the cartoon above.

The event was emceed by alleged comedian Hasan Minhaj, who was particularly smug about being a Muslim – the first, we believe, to appear at the prestigious podium since Barack Obama. And we’re not saying that his act was intended to bomb, but based on the material it seems likely that he was expecting to get 72 virgins out of the deal.

Indeed, the only genuinely funny thing at the banquet was Bob Woodward’s assertion that there’s no such thing as “fake news” being produced by the drunken luminaries in attendance. Now that’s laughable.


Daughter Jarlsberg would like to send sincere thanks to one and all for the many kind birthday wishes and nice remarks about her list of life lessons, and also share an insight behind her choice of Brahm’s “Academic Festival Overture” as a personal theme song…

“There’s a funny story behind Academic Festival Overture, which is part of why I love it so much. Essentially, the University of Breslau told Brahms that they were going to present him with an honorary degree. In return, they expected him to write them their own piece of music. Brahms thought that was pretty presumptuous of them, so to thumb his nose at them, the piece is actually a collection of student drinking songs. So much sass!”
Well played, Johannes, well played.

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Laissez le bon temps rouler



That word strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of the State Owned Media and the Ordained Left. The mere fact that they haven’t been able to eviscerate the Second Amendment sends them into paroxysms of rage. And now this is coming to the fore, making their horror even worse.

Don’t Tell The Anti-Gun Media, But Black Women Are Starting To Learn How To Use Guns

We all know that female participation in gun ownership and shooting sports is up. Female gun owners are also lining up for their carry permits as well. The gun industry knows that women are the next big thing for their business. It’s no longer an activity or a right exercised solely by white men, which if often an anti-gun talking point to denigrate the Bill of Rights. In fact, it’s made the gun control movement’s work in the stripping of our Second Amendment rights all the more difficult. They will put forth statistics about how a firearm in the home makes it less safe, but people don’t care. They want to be safe and more often than not—voters will side with the notion that a firearm increases one’s security. For starters, no one likes to be told how to live and how to manage their own safety priorities, let alone being lectured by anti-gun wingnuts from the liberal bastions of America about it. Well, The Guardian reported that black women are beginning to line up to learn how to use firearms for their own protection. What started as a group of ten women in Georgia has grown into a “movement.”

It was a modest setting for the launch of a movement: 10 African American women sat on folding metal chairs lining the edges of a small, gray-carpeted room on the second floor of the Bullseye Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
They nervously giggled as Marchelle Tigner began her lesson. Seven of them had never held a gun before.

“This is a movement, and it starts now,” Tigner told her students. Heads nodded.


Tigner, who lives in Savannah, Georgia, sensed that there was pent-up demand when she launched Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction in November. She found the Bullseye firing range near Atlanta and offered the class through social media, hoping for 20 students. But the class sold out in two days, so she expanded it to 40. Another class scheduled for 4 March sold out to 40 students in 24 hours; a third class for 30 on 18 March sold out in 30 hours; and so did a fourth on 19 March. Tigner’s now got classes scheduled through the end of May, including several in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

She said she’s surprised at the response her classes have received. “The growth of these classes – I never expected it,” she said. “It shows me how unsafe these women feel in their communities.”


I can confirm that more African American women are learning to shoot,” said Kenn Blanchard, author of Black Man with a Gun, a gun ownership manual. “I’m getting emails from places like Pennsylvania, Arizona, saying: ‘Hey Kenn, these seven ladies were shooting – look at their scores.’ That’s never happened before,” said Blanchard, who’s based in Maryland.


Nicholas Johnson, law professor at Fordham University and author of Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms, pointed to a 2014 survey showing that 54% of black people felt that owning guns did “more to protect people than endanger personal safety”, nearly doubling the 29% who said the same two years earlier. “I would not be surprised if it is stronger now, with the idea that the political environment has tacitly approved violent behavior,” he said. [snip]

Frankly, racists or no racists, it doesn’t matter. If someone is threatening you and your family with violence, then by all means do what is necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones. While I doubt that Trump’s win has been the harbinger for these racist incidents (we’ve always had moronic racists among us), I’m glad to see that more women are lining up to get trained in firearm use.

Still, there are some black women who tend to view those packing heat as Uncle Toms. Take Antonia Okafor, a campus carry activist and Independent Journal Review contributor, who said that black women are the ones who give her the harshest criticism for her Second Amendment advocacy.

“People don’t know me, or how I came to my beliefs,” she said. “My experience comes more from being a woman and being empowered through my gun.” And for women facing a life-threatening situation by a male assailant, a firearm is the greatest equalizer.

You didn’t hear this from the Fake News Media

Not a peep from them. Doesn’t fit the narrative of Trump’s anti-Muslim agenda rant they have on the front burner. However Trump doesn’t have anything of this nature being suggested or mentioned ever.

Migrants are being sold at

open slave markets in Libya

Vulnerable refugees from West Africa often arrive in the country with no money and no papers.

Migrants from West Africa are being openly traded in “public slave markets” across Libya.
As a departure point for refugees trying to get to Europe, migrants arriving in Libya from sub-Saharan are particularly vulnerable due to a lack of money and little in the way of documentation.

Survivors have told the International Organization for Migration (IOM) how there are slave markets and private prisons all over Libya.

Mohammed Abdiker, IOM’s head of operation and emergencies, said: “The situation is dire. The more IOM engages inside Libya, the more we learn that it is a vale of tears for all too many migrants.”

One survivor from Senegal spoke of how he was brought by smugglers across Niger in a bus to the southern Libyan city of Sabha, where he was due to risk a boat trip to Europe. When the middleman did not get his fee, the survivor was put up for sale along with other passengers.

He was taken to a prison where he worked without pay while the captors demanded 300,000 West African francs (about £380) before selling him on to a larger jail. Livia Manante, an IOM officer based in Niger, said migrants would be brought to a square where they were put up for sale.

Manante said: “IOM Italy has confirmed that this story is similar to many stories reported by migrants and collected at landing points in southern Italy, including the slave market reports.”

Those who did not get their ransom paid were often taken away and killed while others would die of hunger and disease in unsanitary conditions.

“If the number of migrants goes down, because of death or someone is ransomed, the kidnappers just go to the market and buy one,” Manente said.

The going rate for a migrant was between $200 (£160) and $500 (£400) each, with many forced into captivity for months before they are freed or sold on. So far this year more than 170 bodies have washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean while the Libyan Coast Guard has also rescued thousands more.

IOM has helped repatriate 1,500 people back to West Africa so far this year where it is trying to inform people not to risk the journey to Libya where they face exploitation.

“Migrants who go to Libya while trying to get to Europe, have no idea of the torture archipelago that awaits them just over the border,” said Leonard Doyle, chief IOM spokesman in Geneva. “There they become commodities to be bought, sold and discarded when they have no more value.”

This article was first published on April 11, 2017

Black Lives Matter…

…only during election years. Otherwise, the Jackass Party could care less if they clean out the neighborhood of all the ‘thugs’.