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Clever tyrants are never punished.

~ Voltaire

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Oh the glories of a socialist life. One gets to do what they want with minimal to no repercussions.

More than anything possible to show is the ineptitude of any socialist politician. All politicians believe they have the answer to every problem but the Progressives do more damage in a shorter time than the run of the mill motormouth in DC.

Workers Flee and Thieves Loot Venezuela’s Reeling Oil Giant

Thousands of workers are fleeing Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, abandoning once-coveted jobs made worthless by the worst inflation in the world. And now the hemorrhaging is threatening the nation’s chances of overcoming its long economic collapse, union leaders, oil executives and workers say.

Desperate oil workers and criminals are also stripping the oil company of vital equipment, vehicles, pumps and copper wiring, carrying off whatever they can to make money. The double drain — of people and hardware — is further crippling a company that has been teetering for years yet remains the country’s most important source of income.

The timing could not be worse for Venezuela’s increasingly authoritarian president, Nicolás Maduro, who was re-elected last month in a vote that has been widely condemned by leaders across the hemisphere. Prominent opposition politicians were either barred from competing in the election, imprisoned or in exile. [snip]

If Maduro is going to find a way out of the mess, the key will be oil: virtually the only source of hard currency for a nation with the world’s largest estimated petroleum reserves.

But each month Venezuela produces less of it.

Offices at the state oil company are emptying out, crews in the field are at half strength, pickup trucks are stolen and vital materials vanish. All of this is adding to the severe problems at the company that were already acute because of corruption, poor maintenance, crippling debts, the loss of professionals and even a lack of spare parts.

Now workers at all levels are walking away in large numbers, sometimes literally taking pieces of the company with them.

A job with Petróleos de Venezuela, known as PDVSA, used to be a ticket to the Venezuelan Dream.

No more. Carlos Navas, 37, worked on a drilling crew outside of this oil city, El Tigre. He had a house here, with air-conditioning, and a car. He never imagined he might not make enough money to buy food for his wife and three children. [snip]

“Before, you worked and you were rich,” Navas said of his oil company job. “Your salary bought anything you needed. Now you can’t buy anything, not even food.”

Inflation in Venezuela is projected to reach an astounding 13,000 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund. When The New York Times interviewed Navas in May, the monthly salary for a worker like him was barely enough to buy a whole chicken or 2 pounds of beef. But with prices going up so quickly, it buys even less now. [snip]

Maybe this is a new pension plan. Quit and take parts of the company with you.

We should not think that the Venezuelan are alone with a corrupt Socialist Government.

Nicaraguans flood migration offices in bid to flee crisis

One evening as she watched some local kids play outside in her Managua neighborhood, Nicaraguan Mireya Alegria was shocked to see police, motorcycles and a white van carrying hooded men speed past.

“They started firing,” she says. It was the moment she decided enough was enough.

Now Alegria is one of the thousands of Nicaraguans desperately seeking to process migration documents and flee to neighboring Central American countries, as two months of anti-government dissent has triggered increasingly violent state repression.

“Thousands of people come daily to do paperwork,” said Nubia Manzanares, a migration agent, adding that many come with their children.

Lines in offices such as hers are endless, as families and young people attempt to leave in particular for Costa Rica, the primary destination of Nicaraguans since the country’s 1980s civil war between President Daniel Ortega’s Sandinistas and the US-backed contras.

Jonathan Pena, 19, says his top reason for leaving is because he sees the government “persecuting and killing young people. [snip]

The crisis sparked by relatively small protests against now-abandoned social security reforms morphed into an explosive movement demanding Ortega along with his wife and vice president Rosario Murillo leave office.

But Ortega appears set on staying, and the past two months has seen more than 160 people die in bloody clashes between armed government-backed forces and activists brandishing slingshots and homemade mortars. [snip]

– ‘Forbidden to be young’ –

Nicaraguans say the gangs have marked youth — who have spearheaded the mass movement against Ortega — as their primary targets.

“Now it’s forbidden to be young,” says Xiomara Vargas, a 54-year-old housewife who accompanied her nephew, a computer science student, to the migration office. psnip]

It’s an attitude analyst and former politician Nunez echoes: “Ortega will try to navigate between the rubble and reach the end,” he says.

“Regardless of the human and economic cost.”

This mess is redolent of California, Illinois and Vermont. The politicians in those places are Progs who can’t keep a budget or spending under control Vermont has a horrible drug problem and it isn’t eating Tide Pods. The other places need no elucidation.

The UN is nothing but an organization run by thugs, criminals and Socialists. Pardon that redundancy.

When, not if: US poised to quit UN’s human rights council

Diplomats say the United States is about to quit the United Nation’s main human rights body, primarily over Washington’s claim that the Human Rights Council is biased against Israel.

The move would be the Trump administration’s latest snub of the international community. The U.S. State Department said Friday no decision has been made to leave.

But diplomats who requested anonymity said it appears more a matter of when, not if, the pullout threatened last year by the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, will happen.

Never in the 12 years of the council has a serving member dropped out voluntarily. Seven years ago, in the midst of the Arab Spring, Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya was kicked out with the approval of the U.N. General Assembly, which has final say.

We need to stay in the UN just to counter resolutions promoted in the Security Council.
What we need to do is stop paying the dues and insist that the whole cesspool be moved to Germany. Merkel deserves the crowd.

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