Cretins, Morons and Dolts

There is something seriously bent in the Liberal/Progressive/Communist mind that causes the media and Hollywood to be pervs, molesters and booty grabbers. The hackneyed phrase that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” seems to reside in the dark reaches of their pernicious hearts. This isn’t to say that some on the right have been accused of poltroonish habits; not on the scale of the Liberal scoundrels.

Fox had a few miscreants pilloried. We don’t think an of those were proven. But when we deal with the Nets and cable piggies, the list is voluminous. Some were tarred for lying, obfuscating and producing fake news. Others are history for, lets leave it at improper use of hands and other body parts which is a bit more than a ten yard penalty. You know their names from the nightly News BS presented. Enjoy these targeted cartoons.

The latest but probably not the last was Moonves.

You can have a guarantee that this #MeToo will turn around and soil a few panties and garter belts. When the sisters finish spinning and cutting the threads they are indiscriminate in handing them out the fates. Already a couple of doxies have felt the tip of the lash.


Bent Genders

Bert and Ernie are effing puppets.

Somebody finally tipped over the Muppets; once kid’s fare, now they are immersed in the perved world. We’re to believe that Bert and Ernie frolicking in each others shorts.

Bert and Ernie are gay says writer – but Sesame Street insist they’re just ‘non-sexual puppets’

The true nature of Bert and Ernie’s very special friendship has been a hotly-debated mystery ever since the iconic children’s show first aired in 1969.

Many were convinced the two lovable characters who shared a basement apartment on 123 Sesame Street – but slept in different beds – were gay lovers. [snip]

Now, after decades of speculation, one of the show’s writers has lifted the lid on its most famous and beloved characters.

Mark Saltzman, who joined the Sesame Street team in 1984, has revealed he did indeed write Bert and Ernie as a gay couple.

He told Queerty the characters reflected his own same-sex relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman at the time. [snip]

Well, this figures. A couple of poufs decide that their lives should intrude into normal reality. Why not make them HIV positive? Put some real life into the characters.
More proof that the Left and the bent ones have no attachment to this space/time continuum.

Day by Day

Historical happenings

9/17/1903 Turks destroy the town of Kastoria in Bulgaria, killing 10,000 civilians.

9/17/1916 ~Germany’s “Red Baron,” Manfred von Richthofen, wins his first aerial combat.

9/17/1959 ~ The X-15 rocket plane makes its first flight.

Day by Day

Day by Day

Kaepernick won’t

It’s 9/12, one day past the remembering. There are some others that get no recognition for”Just Do It” crap and Nike’s getting Politically Correct.
No one has a moment for those that Died in Benghazi. If you want a slogan with meaning, use “I Did It”. That’s good for ever “Boot” who stepped into the bush, the dunes, a hot Ville,or rode shotgun on a convoy.

This also goes for all my comrades in arms, deceased, retired or active, who ‘Just Did It’ when asked to put something of value on the line: Your life.

Forget not that no service member is EVER ‘Ex’; we are always ‘Former military.” That service is you, forever.