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10/31/1941 ~ After 14 years of work, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is completed.

10/31/1984 ~ Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated in New Delhi by two Sikh members of her bodyguard.

10/31/2002 ~ Former Enron Corp. CEO Andrew Fastow is convicted on 78 counts of conspiracy, money laundering, obstruction of justice and wire fraud; the Enron collapse cost investors millions and led to new oversight legislation.

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Politics is the art of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.

~ John Kenneth Galbraith

Snowflakes on Parade

Meet the new Vulgarians!

These are the Progressive/Communist spawn of the Pelosi and Schumer tryst.

At first,with these idiots, it was the loud stink about safe spaces, the entire universe scrubbed of anything they consider offensive.
Now in an exhibition of dissolute behavior, immature ethical and moral control and a piggish attitude toward others. This is what the Leftist/Fascist establishment now grooms to rule, not govern, this Country.

Drunk USC students are overloading the ER and causing mayhem at a Columbia hospital

So many drunk University of South Carolina students are being transported to the emergency room during home football games that stretchers line the hallways of Palmetto Health Baptist, emergency services are strained and drunken antics slow nurses who are trying to tend to the truly sick.

“They try to run away, fight people, pee in the corner,” said a nurse at Palmetto Health Baptist. “It’s been that way the whole time I’ve worked there.”

“We do get violent USC students,” another nurse at Palmetto Health Baptist said. “It just takes away from other patients.”

For this story, The State interviewed four nurses and one Richland County Emergency Medical Technician under the condition their names not be used.

In the shadow of Williams-Brice Stadium Saturday, hundreds of college age women lined a wood fence with a “Female Entrance Only” gate. Behind the fence, thousands reveled prior to the Gamecock football team’s face off against Tennessee.

Two women hugged each other and stumbled around, spilling a red colored beverage from a red cup. A bottle of whiskey was on the ground a few feet from them. Boots, high heels and sandals trampled other solo cups, abandoned beer cans and emptied six pack holders.

Both Palmetto Health Baptist and Richland County EMS acknowledged the number of students requiring medical treatment on game day is a strain on resources. [snip]

“Most of them are 18, 19 years old,” another nurse said. “One of them wasn’t even 18 years old.”

Nurses said they distinguish students from other patients through a few ways: resident mentors will follow them to the hospital to drop off a cab voucher for students, some have student IDs (or fake IDs), and during game day, students often wear Gamecocks apparel or paint their faces. [snip]

Once drunk students are at the hospital, the rowdiness follows.

One example: On St. Patrick’s day, a 23-year old USC student was flailing around and allegedly “bit the tar out of” one of the nurses, before she was put in restraints, arrested and taken to jail, according to a summary police report and witnesses who spoke to The State. She was charged with third-degree assault and battery and released on a $1,087 bond. The case is ongoing.

“Spitting, kicking, the whole nine yards is pretty common,” when treating drunk USC students, the EMT said.

One nurse said about half of the drunk students who come into the hospital cause problems. [snip]

Whom do you think is paying for this bacchanalia? We don’t need to front money for this waste of EMT’s cost.
Instead of using an ambulance to transport them get a garbage truck to haul them, not to the hospital , but to an empty field and unload them in a big piggy pile. There they can assault each other, throw up on themselves, pee in their panties, fornicate with or without consent of the selected party and roll around in the slime.
Some may even live until dawn. Let the parents arrive to pick up what is left before the crows and vultures show up.
Making a video for any one of the socials could be arranged; we doubt any human would want to see such a debacle.

Welcome to today’s Institution of ‘Higher’ Learning.

Remember, via the Progressives in Congress and in the State Houses, WE ARE paying for this.