January 22 Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be visible on January 22. The two bright planets will be visible within 2.4 degrees of each other in the early morning sky. Look for this impressive sight in the east just before sunrise.

Sunrise is about 0715 hours

At 0500 hours the planets are near the horizon.

At 0630 hours the planets are higher in the sky..


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Collectivist Banking

If you have been awake for the month of December, you most likely saw the manipulation of the markets by the big Poobahs who look to shake the muppets into panic selling. You witnessed a one day climb of the DOW by 1084 points. The following day, it gave back over half of those gains.

In insider parlance, that is a “Sucker Rally”. One MUST remember that the Market is NOT the economy. The stock market is a LEGAL gambling pit. One who wishes to play, had better know the hidden rules.

So what have the metals been doing during this Danse Macabre. Not much. Certainly they react to the swirl of change but they haven’t soared nor plunged with insane gyrations.

Here’s the latest chart from Kitco.

[Most Recent Quotes from]

Gold hasn’t moved more than up $8.00± USD or down by a similar amount.

Forget not that with metals, “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”.

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Iniquitous Individuals

Here;”s a terrific example of education in a Progressive milieu. Where else can a ‘professional teacher’ work for the future of her students.

Teacher had young girl pose in lingerie, planned to sell her in Morocco, Texas cops say

A joint investigation between two Texas counties ended in the arrest of a 37-year-old woman Wednesday, accused of trying to sell a young female relative to men in Morocco for sex, according to a statement from the Freestone County Sheriff’s Department.

The woman charged is Amber Michelle Parker, according to jail records. She remained in Freestone County Jail Thursday, and was being held on a $25,000 bond.

The nature of Parker’s relation to the victim was not disclosed by officials from either Freestone or McClennan County, which assisted on the investigation, in an effort to keep the girl from being identified publicly.

Parker is an 8th grade reading teacher at Mexia Independent School District, according to the district’s website. Mexia is a town of about 8,000 residents that sits about 85 miles south of Dallas and 40 miles east of Waco. [snip]

She was communicating online with multiple men from Morocco about selling the young girl, according to the Freestone County statement. In order to entice the men and get a better price for the girl, she boasted that the girl was a virgin, and included photos of the girl in lingerie, showing the girl’s breasts, KWTX reported.

Authorities did not report on the price Parker was trying to get for her young relative, but they had been investigating the teacher “for months,” McNamara told KCEN, after Parker’s family members came forward with the tip. [snip]

Is it just me or do others see a Muslim connection in stories of this ilk.

Ponder this

In the case of news, we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.

~ Voltaire

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