Laissez le bon temps rouler

Dining and dog sex get into the medical journals where it gets passed on to you. All that nonsense about eggs, coffee and fats were put out by hoaxers; people and doctors bought it and…well you know the results.

Hoaxers Slip Breastaurants and Dog-Park Sex Into Journals

One paper, published in a journal called Sex Roles, said that the author had conducted a two-year study involving “thematic analysis of table dialogue” to uncover the mystery of why heterosexual men like to eat at Hooters.

Another, from a journal of feminist geography, parsed “human reactions to rape culture and queer performativity” at dog parks in Portland, Ore., while a third paper, published in a journal of feminist social work and titled “Our Struggle Is My Struggle,” simply scattered some up-to-date jargon into passages lifted from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

Such offerings may or may not have raised eyebrows among the journals’ limited readerships. But this week, they unleashed a cascade of mockery — along with a torrent of debate about ethics of hoaxes, the state of peer review and the excesses of academia — when they were revealed to be part of an elaborate prank aimed squarely at what the authors labeled “grievance studies.”

“Something has gone wrong in the university — especially in certain fields within the humanities,” the three authors of the fake papers wrote in an article in the online journal Areo explaining what they had done. “Scholarship based less upon finding truth and more upon attending to social grievances has become firmly established, if not fully dominant, within these fields.” [snip]

The authors — Helen Pluckrose, James A. Lindsay and Peter Boghossian — said that four papers had been published; three had been accepted but not yet published; seven were under review and six had been rejected.

Embarrassed journal editors quickly stamped the word “Retracted” across published papers this week, while the hoax drew appreciation from scholars who tend to be skeptical of work focusing on race, gender, sexuality and other forms of identity.

“Is there any idea so outlandish that it won’t be published in a Critical/PoMo/Identity/‘Theory’ journal?” the psychologist and author Steven Pinker tweeted.

Yascha Mounk, a political scientist at Harvard, called the hoax “hilarious and delightful” on Twitter. In an interview, he said of the authors, “What they have shown is that certain journals, and perhaps to an extent certain fields, can’t distinguish between serious scholarship and a ridiculous intellectual hoax.” [snip]

But where some saw a healthy unmasking of pernicious nonsense, others — including a number who work far from the more outré realms of the humanities — saw a sour, nasty rerun of a culture-wars chestnut that proved little more than that you can always fool some of the people some of the time. [snip]



If for some reason, you missed the Orionids this morning, there is a good chance that the show will be good tomorrow AM.

More data at Space Weather.

THE ORIONID METEOR SHOWER–UPDATE: This weekend, Earth is crossing through a stream of dust from Halley’s Comet, source of the annual Orionid meteor shower.The shower is expected to peak on Sunday, Oct. 21st, with rates of ~20 meteors per hour. However, Halley’s debris stream is broad and the shower could spill into Monday, Oct. 22nd, as well. The best time to look is during the hours before local sunrise when Orion is high in the sky and the waxing-full Moon is hanging low in the west.

Peccable reflections

In today’s loose society, one seldom comes across the ole fashioned modest bikini bottom. Here is proof that such morality still exist. The imagery is for education and enlightenment only.


At the site is a beautiful active visualization of Haley’s Comet and the orbits of the planets.

Space Weather site

METEORS FROM HALLEY’S COMET: Earth is entering a stream of debris from Halley’s Comet, source of the annual Orionid meteor shower. At least four bright Orionid fireballs streaked across the USA last night, according to NASA cameras, with more expected this weekend. Programmer Ian Webster created this interactive visualization of Comet Halley’s dusty debris stream cutting across Earth’s orbit:

Forecasters expect the meteor rate to peak on Oct. 21-22 when Earth passes through the densest part of the stream. Most years, this would mean 20 to 25 Orionids per hour. This year, however, the shower’s peak nearly coincides with the full Moon. Lunar glare could reduce the visible meteor rate 3-fold. The best time to look is during the hours before local sunrise when the constellation Orion is high in the southern sky and the Moon is low in the east:


How’s this!

Hungary gender studies ban draws university anger

A prestigious Hungarian university on Tuesday blasted a government decree that prohibits gender studies courses as a “major infringement” on academic freedom.

The decree, signed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban and in force since Saturday, dropped the subject from a list of masters degree programmes entitled to official accreditation and financial support.

Institutions are also now barred from launching new courses in the discipline, although students who have already begun courses may complete their studies, according to the decree. [snip]

Here’s all you need

to know about

gender studies

Big Spenders

The fools writing this mushwit stuff want YOU to give your money to them. That will make it equal.
Let them give their own money to the slugs, the downtrodden and to life’s maladroit.

Nearly half the world lives on less than $5.50 a day

Despite progress in reducing extreme poverty, nearly half the world’s population lives on less than $5.50 a day, with a rising share of the poor in wealthier economies, the World Bank said Wednesday.

In a twice-yearly report, the bank took a broader look at poverty to see where countries were lagging, even though the share of those living in —defined as earning less than $1.90 a day—has continued to come down in recent years.

Under the expanded criteria for poverty, the report found the number of poor worldwide was still “unacceptably high,” while the fruits of were “shared unevenly across regions and countries.” [snip]

Yeah, that is tough. Maybe they should change jobs. Rooting around for grubs and tubers with a pointy stick seems to be a limited job field. Perhaps a longer stick would help. Other than that they will need to learn how to say. “You want fries wit dat?”

Those words seem to work with the Snowflakes in their ascendancy to the pinnacle of success: Grill master.
And they want $15/hr for such skilled work They don’t even have to use a pointy stick.

Perspire to inspire and take a bath daily. It is called Capitalism.

Daily Insanity

Cheerleader turned defensive back hopes to play football at Franklin College

She’s on the field throwing passes, helping the defensive backs run different routes. She’s carrying around cards, getting the scout offense ready for the defense. On the clipboard, she looks at the script for practice, where she needs to go next.

Hope Nelson is a freshman student football coach for Franklin College. It’s a tremendous feat, a woman helping to lead a team that this season is 5-1 and undefeated in its conference.

Coaching is the backup plan.

She’s in the weight room, squatting 245 pounds, getting her legs stronger — ready to make tackles. She’s running sprints, getting lightning fast — to cover receivers and defend against pass offenses. She’s watching the guys on the field, the cornerbacks in particular.

That’s her position.

Nelson was a high school defensive back.

“When I tell people, it’s always ‘Wow.’ And they’ll ask, ‘What position do you play? Kicker?'” Nelson said. “But that’s not the case. I’m out on the field making tackles. And I want to do that here. I know I can do it.” [snip]

This will need to have different penalties. Ten yards for inadvertent improper touching, five yards for backfield in motion. The 15 yard penalties shall be reserved for such items as Groping after the whistle, , honking the boobs and heavy breathing when tackling.

The game ain’t going to be the same. Next will be female refs and linesmen to make sure those penalties are called… often.