Seems that this bimbo is quite a prolific writer. At another time and with another SCOTUS candidate she was involved in a similar way. She really gets around.

Please allow me to introduce to you…from Rico

Please allow me to introduce to you Kavanaugh’s ‘accuser’…just in a way Schmuckie Schumer and the MSM won’t.

– This is a picture of her holding a ‘Not My President’ sign at a protest. Not to suggest she’s any more ‘political’ or rabidly ‘partisan’ than Schmuckie, the Dem’s collectively, or the media whores are. Nawww…

– That said, decide for yourself, since they don’t want you to be able to decide anything but rather just drink the blue kool-aid and swallow the lies you are being fed.

Now this second attachment fits the category of RUMINT so far, but if it’s true…well, it adds a depth and complexity to the taste of the utter BS being spread around so liberally. Turns the ‘creamy’ into ‘chunky’ if you ask me…and oh, that ripe odor!

– The same radical whackjob sent the same letter about Gorsuch?



Given the complete nonsense exhibited by the Jackass Party during the Kavanaugh hearings, this utterance by Sen. Dick Durbin (D) is nothing more than expected.

The worry by the Donkeys is that SCOTUS is the only means of shoving Liberal/Progressive/Communist ideal and ideas down America’s throat. those perfidious politicians on the Left see the Trump Administration and the Control of Congress by the GOP as a death knell.

Durbin: ‘Rushing a Vote’ on Kavanaugh ‘Would Be a Historic Mistake’

“Rushing a vote on this nominee would be a historic mistake,” Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) tweeted Monday morning, as cable news shows led with an accusation, dating back to the early 1980s, against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Later, appearing on CNN, Durbin said Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has to make sure that Americans believe everyone is being treated fairly. [snip]

Earlier, the attorney for Christine Blasey Ford told various media outlets that her client — now a psychology professor in California — would be willing to testify publicly before the Judiciary Committee if she’s asked to do so.

It seems now she isn’t as eager to run her mouth since lying opens her up to perjury.

She’s willing to jabber about this. We find that her ‘lawyer’ is a big time donor to the DNC and

California professor, writer of confidential Brett Kavanaugh letter, speaks out about her allegation of sexual assault

Earlier this summer, Christine Blasey Ford wrote a confidential letter to a senior Democratic lawmaker alleging that Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her more than three decades ago, when they were high school students in suburban Maryland. Since Wednesday, she has watched as that bare-bones version of her story became public without her name or her consent, drawing a blanket denial from Kavanaugh and roiling a nomination that just days ago seemed all but certain to succeed.

Now, Ford has decided that if her story is going to be told, she wants to be the one to tell it. [snip]

This testimony should be amusing,IF SHE DOES COME FORWARD. It seems she can’t remember any important details. If that happened to you, you sure as hell would not forget.

Now the heat is falling on that fossil from CA. Feinstein might not get reelected; No loss there, that won’t shatter the planet.

Blowback: Feinstein Is Being Torched By Everyone For Sitting On Super Secret Kavanaugh Letter

Well, you have to give it to Democrats—they know how to execute a character assassination plot. This zero hour attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who was nominated by President Trump to fill the vacancy by the retiring Anthony Kennedy, has both sides jacked up. Conservatives are rightfully suspicious of such a late night bombshell drop, while liberals hope to use this allegation to derail what they see as a threat to abortion, which is something they remind liberal women every day that they support and love. Here’s the gist. When Kavanaugh was 17-year-old, he allegedly tried to sexually assault Christine Blasey Ford, who currently works as a research psychologist and professor at Palo Alto University. Yes, she’s a Democrat. Yes, it’s odd how she wrote to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) office in the summer, a letter that the California Democrat sat on until last week. The Senate Judiciary Committee vote was slated for this Thursday—and Kavanaugh has the votes to be confirmed. This move has plunged the entire process into chaos. Kavanaugh has denied the accusation. Ford says she will testify before the committee. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), a key vote on the committee, now says the vote should be delayed until this is investigated. Guy suggested a closed-door session, with questions pitched by a nonpartisan attorney.

Now, oddly enough Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz, who is anti-Trump and has no love for his supporters, says her client hasn’t said that Kavanaugh shouldn’t be confirmed. Right, and what does she expect with an allegation, which may be impossible to prove, like this. It happened over 30 years ago, by the way. The parties involved have given different accounts. Mark Judge, the second person who was allegedly in the bedroom with Kavanaugh and Ford when this supposed attempted assault took place denies this ever happened, [snip]

So, is Feinstein being rewarded for her sniper shot? I mean there willbe a hearingon this, which Democrats aren’t cooperatingin any way, shape, or form. The answer is no; she’s being hit from some in the media and her opponent in California, state Sen. Kevin de Leon. First, Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky asked plainly: what the hell are you doing, Dianne? [snip]

It must be a kick to the teeth for Dianne, though I don’t particularly care for her. She failed to get her state party’s endorsement. Now, she’s being dragged for botching the release of this information, which appears to be so long ago, again, it might not be able to be verified.  She positioned herself as the brigade commander to lead a charge against Kavanaugh. It looked like it was going to end up being the Pickett’s Charge of American politics.

Looks like Feinstein’s endometrium has dried up, taking her brains with it. A mental acuity test is in order to see if she in compos mentis.

This #MeToo garbage won’t stop until those accusing are drawn and quartered in court. Hefty fines and maybe some felony time for the liars. Whack their lawyers too for bringing unsubstantiated cases.

The #MeToo Kavanaugh Ambush

The woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of a drunken assault when both were teenagers has now come forward publicly, and on Monday it caused Republicans to delay a confirmation vote and schedule another public hearing. Yet there is no way to confirm her story after 36 years, and to let it stop Mr. Kavanaugh’s confirmation would ratify what has all the earmarks of a calculated political ambush. [snip]

The vagaries of memory are well known, all the more so when they emerge in the cauldron of a therapy session to rescue a marriage. Experts know that human beings can come to believe firmly over the years that something happened when it never did or is based on partial truth. Mistaken identity is also possible.

The Post reports that the therapist’s notes from 2012 say there were four male assailants, but Ms. Ford says that was a mistake. Ms. Ford also can’t recall in whose home the alleged assault took place, how she got there, or how she got home that evening.

This is simply too distant and uncorroborated a story to warrant a new hearing or to delay a vote. We’ve heard from all three principals, and there are no other witnesses to call. Democrats will use Monday’s hearing as a political spectacle to coax Mr. Kavanaugh into looking defensive or angry, and to portray Republicans as anti-women. Odds are it will be a circus. [snip]

It would also be a serious injustice to a man who has by all accounts other than Ms. Ford’s led a life of respect for women and the law. Every #MeToo miscreant is a repeat offender. The accusation against Mr. Kavanaugh is behavior manifested nowhere else in his life.

No one, including Donald Trump, needs to attack Ms. Ford. She believes what she believes. This is not he said-she said. This is a case of an alleged teenage encounter, partially recalled 30 years later without corroboration, and brought forward to ruin Mr. Kavanaugh’s reputation for partisan purposes.

A circus? The Jackasses are trying to toss a fourth ring in under the Big Top. All on those in the clown suits need to remember “Paybacks are a bitch!”
That will occur is McConnell can find his balls.

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Stupid is as stupid does…

…to quote a fictional character. So keeping all this in the same vein, here’s another fictional character: FAUXAHONTAS.

5 Of the Stupidest Things

Elizabeth Warren’s Ever Said

  1. When she said she’d never used her unproven claims of Native American heritage to get ahead in a job.
  2. When she misused the term “slut-shaming”…and it was really embarrassing.
  3. When she shrugged off the murder of an American woman in favor of illegal aliens.
  4. When she claimed “nobody got rich on his own.”
  5. When she railed against the gender wage gap…only to be proven a giant hypocrite.

Videos and text of this strumpet mouthing such idiocy HERE