Biased Agendas

It seems that the Smollet case is taking a turn that the State Owned Media doesn’t like. All those premature gotcha moments now are toe stubers that make them out to be fools and worse.

First one needs to see how those Nigerian brothers look through CNN classes.

Then there are those ‘fair’ minded Jackass Senators and Congress critters that leaped to the conclusion of a hate crime by some MAGA hat wearing nasties out to get a poor actor.
Now they’re standing there with bigot stamped on their forehead.

Today, anything that you see or read in the media demands that one hold opinions for at least 24 hours; better yet wait 48 hours.

Toon in

Toon in

Ponder this

By definition, a government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.

~ Albert Camus

Ponder this

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

~ Albert Camus

Peccable reflections

Stupidity has a knack of getting its way. ~ Albert Camus

Socialist Immortality…from Rico

Stupid springs eternal.
– I refer to the ‘hopium’ of Socialism.

Despite the abject failure of the socialist Mayflower Compact (1622) of the Plymouth colony, plus over 100 years of contemporary modern history, the wrongheaded ‘mayflower’ of Socialism refuses to die.

So, too, apparently does the flaming leftist heroine RBG aka Ginsdrunk of the SCOTUS. Have the current Socialists of the American Left deemed her immortal now?
– Over two months with no pictures, interviews, appearances…ad nauseum, one wonders IF she is so incapacitated and debilitated to the point she needs to be immediately replaced? Stat!

I personally am of the opinion that Ruth is effectively Tango Uniform but has been ‘covered for’ and publicly made to disappear by the selfsame Swamp Creatures who I also suspect of having literally ‘disappeared’ both Breitbart and Scalia…but that’s just me being untrusting of the lying, murderous scumbags I know the Left to actually be behind their smiley-face masks.
– Leftists can not be trusted, ever…unless it’s trusting that they will (a) fuck you from behind and (b) at their first opportunity. SCOTUS seats not exclusive to this allegory.

The Vulgarians

A Vulgarian!

Ponder this

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.

~ Albert Camus

Elite privilege

All the screeching about the ‘Privilege of the Whites’ seems to be aimed only at the Right side of the political spectrum. Kavanaugh’s hearings produced an absurd show of bias.

When the shoe is on a different foot, the clangor dies down, muted by the realities of having to deal with rampant hypocrisy.

The vulgar Virginians seem to have stepped into wet cow poop, soiling their pant cuffs. The wafting vapors of schadenfreude are strong.

I always thought that explanations that don’t explain cause mirth among the listeners.

VA Gov Northam’s Latest Explanation For Why He Can’t Be In Blackface, KKK Photo Just Blew Up In His Face

Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam will go down not only as an executive who wore blackface for a dance competition but also what not to do during crisis management. Northam is facing calls to resign after a racist photo was found on his 1984 yearbook page from Eastern Virginia Medical School last Friday. The picture showed two people, one in Klan regalia and the other wearing blackface. Northam apologized and admitted he was in the photo. He didn’t specify which character he was in the picture, however. Then, the next day, he retracted his apology, said it wasn’t him, and now has zero intentions of resigning. He also admitted to wearing blackface for a dance competition in San Antonio, where he dressed as Michael Jackson.

Now, Northam’s latest explanation for why he can’t be in the photo just blew up in his face. He says he’s left-handed. The people in the photo are holding beers in their right-hand. Then, why is Northam doing stuff with his right hand?

Myth busted? From the start, this was a total fiasco. With the photo, then the admission of guilt, the retraction, and now the refusal to resign. [snip]

The classic call out from the Left upon the Right is “Racism” to the nth degree. Now that the Donkey faces are coated with Shinola is a quandary most difficult to dismiss.


Is this Virginia’s Mandingo moment.

SECOND woman says Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax sexually assaulted her while they were both students at Duke University

A second woman has come forward accusing Democratic Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Justin Fairfax of rape.

Meredith Watson released a letter through her lawyer on Friday calling for Fairfax’s resignation claiming he sexually assaulted her in 2000 when they were both students at Duke University.

‘Mr. Fairfax’s attack was premeditated and aggressive. The two were friends but never dated or had any romantic relationship,’ the letter states.

Watson’s attorney does not provide specific details of the attack but states the assault was ‘similar’ to that of Vanessa Tyson, who on Wednesday, publicly accused Fairfax of raping her in 2004.

Watson was ‘upset’ to learn Fairfax, 39, had assaulted another woman and reluctantly decided to come forward ‘out of a strong sense of civic duty.’ [snip]

Seems that Du


Is this a congenital defect among the Jackass leadership?

Scandals drive calls for top Virginia leadership to resign

Virginia’s state government seemed to come unglued Friday as an embattled Gov. Ralph Northam made it clear he won’t resign and the man in line to succeed him was hit with another sexual assault accusation and barraged with demands that he step down, too.

Top Democrats, including a number of presidential hopefuls and most of Virginia’s congressional delegation, swiftly and decisively turned against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who stands to become the state’s second black governor if Northam quits. [snip]

The developments came near the end of an astonishing week that saw all three of Virginia’s top elected officials — all Democrats — embroiled in potentially career-ending scandals fraught with questions of race, sex and power.

This malodorous affair reeks of “Elite Privilege” with no regard for melanistic complexion.

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