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College symposium to investigate themes of “Islamic feminism”

The University of Oregon is hosting a symposium exploring themes of “Islamic feminism” later this week. The all-day event which will take place on Friday, October 27 is called “Islam, Feminism, and the Women’s Mosque Movement.”

According to the University of Oregon Communications Department, “The women’s mosque movement is a campaign centered on integration and equalization of women in mosques and as leaders of prayers.” The first all-female mosque opened in Los Angeles, California in 2015.

“The symposium will highlight the contributions of Muslim women’s activism and challenge popular representations and perceptions of women and Islam, particularly the stereotype of the ‘uneducated’ Muslim woman,” according to the release.

Topics will touch on the intersection of Islam and feminism in the fields of law, democracy, globalization, and writing. [snip]

Wadud has been quoted as saying, “I don’t want to change Muslim mosques. I want to encourage the hearts of Muslims, both in their public, private and ritual affairs, to believe they are one and equal.” [snip]

One has to wonder if any mention of honor killings, vaginal mutilation, wife beatings and mandatory burkah wearing will be entertained? All is part of Islamic Feminism as enjoyed in the Middle East.


Political Speak

 Hepeated is the new “in” word. You better memorize it or you will be “out”.

Forget mansplaining. “Hepeated” is the new feminist buzzword

Feminists have coined yet another word to express their disgust for men: “hepeated.”

As Bustle explains, “hepeated” is when “a man repeats your ignored idea, and everyone thinks he’s a genius.”

Social advocate and professor Nicole Gugliucci is credited for popularizing the word, after her tweet about it went viral.

Gugliucci’s tweet received more than 205,000 likes and over 67,000 retweets, and was entered into Urban Dictionary by another person on the same day it was tweeted. It has even made its way across the pond, with Yahoo News UK and the Irish Examiner talking about it. [snip]

The new word might have just replaced “mansplaining” as the word of choice for feminists. For those who don’t know, “mansplaining” is when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending or patronizing manner. The word first became popularized after Rebecca Solnit published her 2008 essay, “Men Explain Things To Me.”

While “hepeating” and “mansplaining” are quickly becoming household terms, feminist legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw believes that “the power of men to decide what the world is going to look like, what counts and what doesn’t, hasn’t really been terribly disrupted in a generation.”

Perhaps the world needs a few more invented feminist words to really mobilize the masses.

Perhaps 101 and 102 in Logic and English in the course load instead of Butterfly Songs and Vaginal Exhalations might help with communications. Then men won’t have to do as much “mansplaining”.

A little something for these doxies.

Toon in

Just a collection of the idiocy going on in the world.


The thundering herd

During the Fems march against Trump called everything but that, older building started to shift off their foundations and pavement cracked.
Even more than that even with the loud hailers and the chanting of mindless alimentary noises, the rubbing and abrading of huge thighs (see photo) drowned out just about all cries for anything from beer to thigh blister ointment.

womens-marchCan you imagine this pair walking farther than the buffet table?

In spite of claims of a non political position, most of the screeching centered around Trump being elected, daring to sit in the Oval Office and that he abused the lovely press.

more-winning-and-fun-tooSomehow, we don’t believe these are stay-at-home moms nor are they employed.

Even the stragglers had to display their avoirdupois in a manner that caused most people to suffer a severe gastric disorder.  elsie-marching


Hope n’ Change

The Queef Heard Round The World

queef-heard-round-the-world-150 Shades of Who Gives a Damn.

On the first full day of Donald Trump’s administration, millions of women gathered in cities around the world to deliver the message, powerfully and unequivocally, that we dodged a real bullet by not electing a vagina-owner as President.

Oh sure, that wasn’t the message they meant to send – but what the hell else is anyone (male or female) with more than a spoonful of brains supposed to think? The angry protesters donned “pussy hats” and vagina costumes to prove they’re not just sex objects and should be taken seriously.  Which, frankly, we find hard to do when a glowering woman has turned her face into a clitoris.

Purportedly, the massive marches were about women finally and firmly demanding their rights, including non-discrimination, protection from sexual assault, equal pay for equal work, access to abortion on demand, the right to vote, the right to go to school, the right to sit in the front of the bus, and the right to be served at Woolworth’s lunch counters.

Of course, all of these things are already mandated by law, but attempts to inform the protesters of this were decried as blatantly sexist “man-splaining.” And the real point isn’t that women lack rights, but they feel like they lack rights…and feelings always outweigh facts among those high on estrogen.

Celebrity speakers were in abundance at the Washington march, with alleged-actress Ashley Judd proclaiming herself to be a “nasty girl” and babbling about Donald Trump’s wet dreams (honest), and Madonna following up on her previous promise to blow any man who voted for Hillary with a new admission that she wants to blow up the White House.  A sentiment which drew a standing ovulation from the enthusiastic crowd.

Disclaimer time: Hope n’ Change supports equal rights for women without reservation. No woman should suffer from discrimination or actual sexual harassment. If a man “grabs her by the pussy” he should face criminal charges. If he talks about grabbing women by the pussy, even “just among the boys,” he should be considered an asshole and pariah.

These are serious matters which, unfortunately, have now been trivialized by activists who failed to elect their chosen candidate and are now having a huge public hissy fit simply because they can in a country which already affords them the freedom and rights to do so.

To those women who filled the streets, Hope n’ Change acknowledges that you have been heard.

But maybe next time, consider having something to say.


secret-cervix-projection-copy-1He may have something there.

Gender activity




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