Daily Insanity

As usual, give the Progressives/Liberals a modicum of space and they’ll fill it up with crap that has no bearing on the reality of current important events.

Over 2,000 People Sign Petition To Retain “Stallions” As A Mascot

A few days ago, I wrote about how a high school in Kentucky had its mascot changed from “Stallions” to “TBD” after a mere 200 people signed a petition claiming that “Stallions” was an offensive, sexist pick. Now, more than ten times that number have signed an rebuttal petition asking the district to keep “Stallions” as the mascot for Frederick Douglass High School in Lexington. [snip]

It’s a weird world when two high school freshmen (or should I say “first years“?) have more common sense than fully-grown adults. A school doesn’t choose a mascot to marginalize or offend part of the student body, and to suggest it does is ludicrous. There’s nothing wrong with “Stallions” as a mascot, especially for a school in Kentucky that’s literally being built on a farm where stallions were raised. Everybody who is upset over this needs to take a massive chill pill.

Given that the district was so willing to submit to the demands of a mere 200 people, I wonder what they’ll have to say about 2,000 people telling them that they’re out of their minds.

What a major circle jerk. These clowns have nothing better to do than cause a disturbance. Why not just name the female variations of the sports teams, ‘The Mares”.

Deputy: Man stole work tools, then accidentally called boss

Authorities say a man stole tools from his workplace at an auto repair shop and then accidentally called his boss as he tried to sell them.
Citing an arrest report, the Times West Virginian (http://bit.ly/2hWxGir ) says the owner of the repair shop in the community of Millersville told deputies that one of his employees recently called him about tools he was selling. The owner said the employee immediately hung up after he realized who he had called.

Deputies say they recovered the stolen tools after they obtained a warrant to search the vehicle and home of the worker, identified as 37-year-old Shawn Nelson Furner of Fairmont. [snip]

Not too swift in the criminal department, wonder how he was doing when actually working. Something says there’s a deficit in that department too.

NYC culinary staple China Fun shutters, blaming over-regulation

For 25 years, China Fun was renowned for its peerless soup dumplings and piquant General Tso’s chicken.

What left a bad taste in the mouths of its owners and loyal patrons was the restaurant’s sudden Jan. 3 closing, blamed by management on suffocating government demands.

“The climate for small businesses like ours in New York have become such that it’s difficult to justify taking risks and running — nevermind starting — a legitimate mom-and-pop business,” read a letter posted by the owners in the restaurant’s front door. [snip]

Albert Wu, whose parents Dorothea and Felix owned the eatery, said the endless paperwork and constant regulation that forced the shutdown accumulated over the years.

“When we started out in 1991, the lunch special was $4 a plate,” he recalled. “Now it’s $10, $12. The cost of doing business is just too onerous.”

Wu cited one regulation where the restaurant was required to provide an on-site break room for workers despite its limited space. And he blamed the amount of paperwork now required — an increasingly difficult task for a non-chain businesses.

“In a one-restaurant operation like ours, you’re spending more time on paperwork than you are trying to run your business,” he griped. [snip]

The only small places left to eat in Communist run cities will be places like the Government approved “Socialist Peoples Noodle House” or “The Organic Tofu Vegan Diner”.

“Egging” her on

There wasn’t enough clatter and clash going on at the Spartanburg Denny’s restaurant so a pair of employees there enlivened up the store by fighting over a hard boiled egg.

Cops Called To Break Up Fight Between Denny’s Workers Over A Hard-Boiled Egg

An argument between two Denny’s workers “over a hard boiled egg” was broken up yesterday by  a South Carolina cop, according to a police report.

In response to a 911 call about a “disturbance between employees,” a sheriff’s deputy arrived at the eatery in Spartanburg around 10:30 PM.

The cop learned that workers Nancy Michelle Kirkpatrick, 56, and Quanisha Dre’Shawn Fenn, 21, had “got into an argument over a hard boiled egg.” During the squabble, Fenn said, Kirkpatrick called her a “bitch.” “After that,” a cop reported, “Ms. Fenn called her mother.”

Fenn’s mother, Toska Marie Lightner, 47, subsequently arrived at the Denny’s and began arguing with Fitzpatrick. During the squabble, Lightner threw a tape dispenser at Fitzpatrick (who was not struck by the item).

Kirkpatrick declined to press an assault charge against Lightner.

The police report does not further detail why two adults were arguing over a hard-boiled egg.

Wonder what the argument was about?
Was it over whose turn it was to try to hatch it?

Food Follies

Undoubtedly, he has a desire to suck on raw, unpeeled fava beans too.

Ponder this

Never order food in excess of your body weight.

~ Erma Bombeck

Peccable reflections

Loon aphorisms 08

Food Police


What would a National Police Force cover

The news only tells us about the conflicts between blacks and the local PD’s and as often as they can, they’ll shove the Obama Narrative out there: The police are racist. The DoJ with Obama say they’ll correct this bias. Imagine a police force headed by Holder, Sharpton and Jackson with underlings from BLM, Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers.

Imagine what the Country would be like with a National Police Force making arrests for everything from offending speech to backing the  wrong politicians. Get arrested and your trial would be held in Federal Court, prosecuted by the DoJ.
Ferguson, Westchester County, NY, Newark, NJ and many more are now under federal control and recently Baltimore.

The current DoJ will tell the local heads of the Departments how to, when and where to do what kind of patrolling, what level of enforcement will be used and where.

Black Lives Matter Black FridayThe DoJ will respond to nonsense like this. With a National police force, you also get the SPEECH POLICE who will arrest for politically incorrect words, the FOOD POLICE checking that you are not eating unapproved foods such a a Twinkies, MUSIC , FASHION, HAIRCUT, and just about any thing one may do in society, including where you live.

Faces of ignoranceThere are plenty of individuals that would love to become Officers in a Force set up by Obama and Eric Holder with the DoJ running the show. Black Lives Matter crowd, the New Black Panthers, Farrakhan bunch and why not the Bloods and the Cripts. I would imagine there is a number of others waiting to sign on also.

Get picked up by the NatPO and you’ll get read your wrongs. Maybe get the Freddy Gray ride around town. To whom will you complain? The local City/town/Burg Administration doesn’t have control over the PD and the local courts are part of those bodies.
You want to complain to the Federal Courts? Good luck, the DoJ heads those and they answer to the DoJ. A trial there should be wonderful to see. Why, you may even get to produce a witness, if they dare to show up.

If Obama or any politician of any ilk gets a National Police Force, you’re on the way to a dictatorship. The only oversight of those branches, the PD, the Courts and the Prisons, is the person who hires the overseers of those divisions. Think Cuba,The USSR, China, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Obama’s vision of America.