Day by Day

Historical happenings

6/27/1778 ~ Liberty Bell returns home to Philadelphia after the British departure

6/27/1893 ~ Great stock crash on NY stock exchange

6/27/1942 ~ FBI captures 8 Nazi saboteurs from a sub off NY’s Long Island

Ponder this

Reagan cut through irrational federal regulations to allow children to live with their parents, where they could receive care that would cost the taxpayer one-sixth as much as institutional care. By contrast, Obamacare has added thousands of pages of bureaucratic regulations and will cost the federal government untold billions.

~ Edwin Meese

Daily Insanity


Historical happenings

6/26/1284 ~ Pied Piper lures 130 children of Hamelin away (actually happened)

6/26/1848 ~ 1st pure food law enacted in US

6/26/1896 ~ 1st movie theater in the US opens – Vitascope Hall in New Orleans, charging 10 cents for admission

Ponder this

When businesses affirmatively like regulations, that’s when to reach for your wallet.

~ Timothy Noah

Ponder this

There are no rules and regulations for perfect composition. If there were we would be able to put all the information into a computer and would come out with a masterpiece. We know that’s impossible. You have to compose by the seat of your pants.

~ Arnold Newman