Historical happenings

10/21/1879 ~ After 14 months of testing, Thomas Edison first demonstrates his electric lamp, hoping to one day compete with gaslight.

10/21/1942 ~ Eight American and British officers land from a submarine on an Algerian beach to take measure of Vichy French to the Operation Torch landings.

10/21/1959 ~ The Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opens in Manhattan.


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In politics shared hatreds are almost always the basis of friendships.

~ Alexis de Tocqueville

Gift ideas for Christmas

Since President Trump declared it is fine to say “Merry Christmas” again we here at Loon Watch thought it is time to get a jump of some gift ideas for those Snowflakes on your special list.

Everyone likes a pet and one that you don’t have to get up at zero dark thirty on a chilly rainy morning and take out to do their business is a great idea. Cats shed and the males spray. Why put up with that. Birds are noisy and have to be kept warm. Phooey! Now fish require none of the aforementioned bothers. They stay put in their tank don’t need to be fed at certain times and can be fun to watch.

With some careful though, they can be of historical value as well as a decorative asset to your domicile.

Or have it delivered to her or his dorm room so that all their SJW buds can enjoy the soothing companionship of the pets.

Consider the:

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The Americans combine the notions of religion and liberty so intimately in their minds, that it is impossible to make them conceive of one without the other.

~ Alexis de Tocqueville

Historical happenings

10/19/1848 ~ John “The Pathfinder” Fremont moves out from near Westport, Missouri, on his fourth Western expedition–a failed attempt to open a trail across the Rocky Mountains along the 38th parallel.

10/19/1942 ~ The Japanese submarine I-36 launches a floatplane for a reconnaissance flight over Pearl Harbor. The pilot and crew report on the ships in the harbor, after which the aircraft is lost at sea.

10/19/1950 ~ The North Korean capital of Pyongyang is captured by U.N. troops.

Historical happenings

10/18/1867 ~ The Alaska territory is formally transferred to the U.S. from Russian control.

10/18/1921 ~ Russian Soviets grant Crimean independence.

10/18/1950 ~ The First Turkish Brigade arrives in Korea to assist the U.N. forces fighting there.

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