With the upheaval in European Union; you saw the voter strike back in Italy. They wrapped Renzi in a jester outfit and point him down the road. The shakeup continues as gold firms up; those bozos who have played with notional gold which is the ETF’s. The big boys are trying to salvage their metal from the paper. LOTSA LUCK!

Toast-The Status Quo Strikes back…From Rico

The Italian referendum vote means the EU and the Euro are effectively toast.
– The results prompted an entirely rational flight to safety in the Gold market.
– It also prompted an entirely irrational bit of vengeance from the Status Quo, who monkey-f**ked the spot price downward in two huge $3.5 billion notional Gold dumps [read: nonexistent Gold].

These are the wild thrashings of a dying beast…
– Many who manage to stand clear of these death throes will be enjoying some tasty ‘beast pate’ on their toast.


If you haven’t rid yourself of that paper gold, you might be too late. Paper gold is overextended about 30 to 1. That means there is slim hope of getting gold from the EFT; more than likely you will get US dollars back. Those may be worthless which is why you bought the EFT’s to start.
All this rushing around now is what the poobahs are doing, trying to salvage their wealth.


Collectivist Banking

Laural & HardyWhat a fine mess you gotten us into this time Ollie!

Ollie never managed to get a screw-up the likes of what the bankers have managed to concoct. Now they have no idea of how to unravel the mess or if they can come up with some solution, how long it will take to implement it and what will happen to the weaker members of the group if they do. One thing is sure to occur: Pain.

Anxiety Spikes Among G-20, An Analysis of UN Speeches Shows

Words like “fear” and “uncertainty” are more common than last year amid competing global crises

Syria’s civil war. North Korean nuclear tests. Brexit. Turkey’s failed coup. A volatile U.S. election. This jarring backdrop was hard to miss as world leaders stepped up to the familiar green marble dais during this week’s United Nations General Assembly.

Heads of state and government representing the world’s largest economies used words like “fear,” “uncertainty,” “risk,” and “terror” 87 percent more often on average than during last year’s gathering, according to an analysis by Adam Tiouririne, a leadership communication adviser at Logos Consulting Group.

Researchers classify this kind of language into a category of “anxiety words” that they use to analyze health outcomes and even business management. This analysis focuses on variations of 13 such words in 22 speeches covering the 10 G-20 countries whose head of state or head of government spoke the past two years, plus European Council President Donald Tusk.

Academic research has also found that such words reflect people’s actual underlying levels of stress, which may explain why U.S. President Barack Obama — who will no longer be troubled with the world’s problems after next January — is the only G-20 leader to use anxiety words less often than last year.

On the other hand French President Francois Hollande, whose country has been rocked by terrorist attacks from Paris to Nice in the past year, notched the biggest uptick, from seven anxiety words in his 2015 General Assembly speech to 30 this year. [snip]

All this money shuffling is for show. Look at who has been buying metals as a hedge against the coming currency troubles. All the big boys at the G-20, that’s who.

Gold, Silver or Dross

For those of you who are so wrapped up in the pop culture nonsense, the size of Kim’s ass or whether some rapper shot his rival, don’t bother reading further. All this will be lost on you and in a few years, you’ll be sitting on the curb saying, “What the F*¢k happened?” For the rest, have a go at it.

The US Debt Clock

Oh yeah, so often you have seen this chart put up to give you the enormity of the national debt. Then it gets put away for another “OHMIGOD! LOOK AT THIS MILDRED!” moment when someone wants to harpoon another politician for a dumbassed spending bill.

Have you really looked at this chart for what it contains? You might want to become more conversant with the data within.

The Financial shows all tell you that Gold is selling at $- up $3 or off $2, silver seldom is mentioned but is posted usually showing a nominal change of pennies/oz. The price quoted is the lie when they tell you that it is worth $1289 or $1312 USD/oz leading you to believe that the US dollar have some value on the market. The COMEX will back that lie. The dollar isn’t worth squat.

Look in the lower right hand corner far right column, of the debt clock and you will find the ratios of metals to dollars as the markets see them and as the bankers view those commodities. Include oil, copper and iron since steel is has much value on the market.
Why don’t they want you to have knowledge of THOSE numbers?

As I write this, Silver is 895.55/oz to the USD and Gold is $8141/oz to the USD. that is a far cry from the nonsense of 1289 or something quoted on the COMEX.
While you wonder about those numbers, contemplate why some European Central banks have been buying positions in gold and silver mining companies. Guess they don’t want to be too far from the food bowl.

Given that information, I’m fairly sure you know all those bankers know, right? How many of you went and bought metals in the past month? Week? I’m not talking about jewelry, that is a rip; metals here are defined as .999 fine. Some gold coin is 22k and one has to be careful when buying.

Silver coins are 90% silver called junk silver on the market. In silverware German silver is 90% silver; OK too as long as you know what you’re buying.

Now let us come to some things not so sterling: Politicians. You have heard that the IRS is going after all people who have offshore accounts, collecting taxes and fines. Congress passed laws making such habits, “naughty habits”. We can’t have people creating safe havens because the Federal Government screws the pooch. That’s the way it is.

Except for a group that is exempt from all laws passed by Congress. Righto! Congress which is comprised of, whaduya know, politicians. Do you think those in office are so pure as to never transgress any law meant for the masses? Nah, no skullduggery has ever been known to have taken place in those sanctified halls.

So ask yourself, how much wealth has been stashed away in foreign accounts in currencies other than dollars, so that the day the mortgage comes due and the Exchequer is empty they’re off to some private place to sit with other heads of state that looted their countries.
After living the fine life on your dime, they’re not going to be pushing a wheelbarrow in the street looking for food with you.

Would you buy a car from these idiots?

Have you awakened yet and started to buy negotiable goods such as metals, art, antiques or land. Time is running out for good prices and availability.

Global central bankers beg for help from governments

Meanwhile, back in the USA…

The Fed and rate hikes,
‘A Brave New World’

Translation: We don’t have a clue…

These financial wizards have run the world’s economies into the ditch. The Keynesian economics practiced should have had these individuals fired and then brought up on charges for banking mis and malfeasance. Everywhere these naifs have placed their peanut butter and jelly coated fingers became a fiscal disaster zone.

Global central bankers, stuck at zero, unite in plea for help from governments

Central bankers in charge of the vast bulk of the world’s economy delved deep into the weeds of money markets and interest rates over a three-day conference here, and emerged with a common plea to their colleagues in the rest of government: please help.

Mired in a world of low growth, low inflation and low interest rates, officials from the Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank said their efforts to bolster the economy through monetary policy may falter unless elected leaders stepped forward with bold measures. These would range from immigration reform in Japan to structural changes to boost productivity and growth in the U.S. and Europe. [snip]

Fiscal policy was not on the formal agenda for the conference, but it was a steady part of the dialogue as policymakers thought through policies for a post-crisis world. One of the central worries is that households and businesses have become so cautious and set in their outlooks – expecting little growth and little inflation – that they do not respond in expected ways to the efforts central banks have made.

That has included flooding the financial system with cash, and voicing a steady commitment to their inflation targets in an effort to make people believe they will be met. [snip]

The European Union is falling apart, banks are charging negative interest rates in hopes that people will spend money. They are but they’re buying metals, land and things that will hold value with the coming economic crash.

Given that all the Socialist/Progressive economic policies haven’t worked so far, according to the Banking Poobahs, they just need to try them harder.
Nothing like grinding what doesn’t work right into the ground.

As Fed nears rate hikes, policymakers plan for ‘brave new world’

Federal Reserve policymakers are signaling they could raise U.S. interest rates soon but they are already weighing new tools they may need to fight the next recession.

We don’t think they need to worry about fighting the next recession. Their record shows they didn’t do very well fighting this one. We’re mired hip deep with a batch of shlubs worrying about inflation.

A solid U.S. labor market “has strengthened” the case for the first rate increase since last December, Fed Chair Janet Yellen told a central banking conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Several of her colleagues said the increase could come as soon as next month if the economy does well.

Further rate hikes are expected to be few and far between as the U.S. central bank tries to balance a desire to fuel growth against worries it could overheat the economy.

But Fed officials at three-day conference that ended Saturday also said they need to consider new policy tools for use down the road, such as raising the inflation target or even Fed purchases of non-government-backed assets like corporate debt.

Such ideas would test the limits of political feasibility and some would need congressional approval. The view within the Fed is that it could take effort to win over a public already skeptical of the unconventional policies the Fed undertook during the last crisis. [snip]

Has anyone grabbed one of those strengthened labor market jobs they yammer about so much?
Maybe they should toss Keynes book on economics into the trash and start use Friedman’s textbook. Ah but that is like telling Mohammad to give up the Q’oran.

Socialist/Progressives are ardent believers in the Lord Keynes. They just cannot figure out why he isn’t in the pantheon of fiscal Gods with all the smart ones.

Laissez le bon temps rouler

What do you do when the “Good Times Stop Rolling”? Will you be standing outside the bank doors with a fistful of unsecured paper currency? Keynesian monopoly money that the Central banks and the Fed have used to scam the populations for all these years.

There’s a problem coming up. Your turn to roll the dice and the best you can do is land on Boardwalk. Whadda know? Somebody built hotels on the Boardwalk and they don’t want paper money for the rent. What can you get for that funny money RIGHT NOW.

Let us take a look at what that toilet paper will buy or exchange for goods.
2016 YTD-performance
Oh boy, that doesn’t look good.

Getting “physical”…from Rico

When normally silent and invisible figures like Lord Rothschild publicly express their ‘concern’ over the Keynesian unbacked paper fiat-money experiment by Central Banks (and very ‘privately’ increase their Gold investments like he just did) maybe it’s time to start “paying attention.”
– It’s also time to consider holding “paper” promises vs. getting “physical.”

By “paying attention” I ask what are “paper” promises (IOU’s) going to be ‘worth’ in any one of these three likely economic scenarios?*
– Deflation, Stagflation, Hyperinflation.

*I’m NOT holding out any hope of a return to normal business and private sector cycles absent central-planning manipulation or corrupt crony “rigging” any time soon.

By “physical” I do not mean tugging-on the old sweats and going to the gym or for a run around the block, I mean hard assets like precious metals, oil & gas, real estate….tangible things. Those with serious wealth to protect have already moved into antiques and art as well.

The attached 2016 YTD chart of returns on assets is my point. Silver is in the #2 spot with a +36.6% return, and Gold is at #4 with a +26.19% return. Oil (WTI) shows a +9.61% return and NatGas +7.38% return.
– In a ZIRP and NIRP economic environment, how does that compare with returns on Certificates of Deposit or Bonds? [zero interest rate policy; negative interest rate policy]

– How about holding good old CASH? The return YTD for holding USD is -4.61% (not factoring-in an inflation rate of 8-10% on top of that). OUCH.

Since the last time we posted about silver here, the price rose from $13± to $20± per ounce. Gold has come up in price. If you follow the mechanizations of the bankers on the COMEX, you will see the price driven down for a short period. That is when the large buyers make purchases. This manipulation is done by selling off the ETF’s in silver pushing down the price,then buying them back bringing up the price again.

Tell me honestly, how long do you actually believe this nonsense can go on? Are you believing that Obama and Hillary care about this country? That this Congress cares about something other than their wallets?

If you do a fast vacation trip to Venezuela should help you understand how all this ends.

Gold, Silver or Dross

Gambit or Prelude?
$1.25 Minimum Wage?…from Rico

It was difficult not to ‘notice’ the body-slam delivered to the Silver bullion spot price by the wiseguys today (8/22).

Aug 22 preparing for COMEX Silver expiry Aug25

It IS difficult to know whether this was merely a “gambit” by the usual suspects prior to the Silver option expiry on the  CRIMEX…..er, COMEX this coming Thursday 8/25 or instead a prelude to a significant price rise ahead.
– The same thing was done by the same crooks to Silver Wheaton, driving their share price down to $10 before it rose to $30.

Then there are the expected ‘antics’ by the crooks preceeding the annual FED Jackson Hole to consider…

The FED and the USG should be ‘thanked’ for the inflation we do not have (well, that’s what they tell us…no inflation, no COLA… would they lie?).
– Here is an example of their ‘inflation creation’ for you to consider:

Aug 22 COMEX Silver expiry Aug25Five Silver quarters (pre-LBJ, pre-1964) with a face-value of $1.25 contain ~$20.00 worth of Silver today.
– Why even debate a paper fiat Federal Reserve Note “minimum wage” of $15.00 when a Silver-based “minimum wage” of $1.25 would yield $20 in purchasing power today?

Now forget about ‘flipping burgers’ for a moment and think about what this would mean to the entire US economy.
– It’s one helluvofanargument to END THE FED right now! The thieving bastards……….

Do you still wonder WHY they hate Silver and Gold bullion so much?
– THIS is exactly why they “rig” the spot markets.

Obama’s years of economic progress

For those Millennials so inclined toward Socialism and haven’t figured out what it has brought, read the results.Facts