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All these holier than thou people either live in gated communities or have armed bodyguards. Just like Jimmy Kimmel says from his phalanx of armed bodyguards, “We need to ban guns.” Of course Jimmy, except for your protection.

Atlantic Editor: You’re A Bad Parent If You Own A Gun

] LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: The polling shows that most Americans agree with the congresswoman on this.

DAVID FRUM: Well, I wish that were true, but I think when you face the reality, it just isn’t. One of the things that we have seen over the past decade is a rising support among Americans for ever broader definitions of gun rights in exactly the way that Justice Burger warned us against. But that it where the country is.

And so it makes this — and this is a really painful thing to say — these technical fixes people look for, maybe if we had banned this implement or regulated that implement — there is something very wrong with the American gun culture. Three percent of the people own 50 percent of the weapons in this country — I mean, a tiny number of people and vast numbers of weapons.

Until you persuade people that it is just dangerous to themselves, to their children, you’re not a good parent if you have a gun in the house, you’re not protecting your family, you’re a bad parent if you have a gun in the house, until you drill that idea into people’s heads and persuade them to change the way we changed about cigarettes and seatbelts, these technical fixes aren’t going to accomplish a lot. And pubic opinion — you can make it look like it’s on your side if you ask the poll question the right way, but operationally it’s not.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s really going to go over well; telling Americans that they’re bad parents for exercising their constitutional right to own firearms. If anything, that will drive up sales. The firearm is an integral part of American culture and history. There is no escaping that, neither is the incessant push by liberals to blame the tens of millions (the overwhelming majority) of law-abiding American gun owners for the actions of criminals and insane people. Yet, the anti-gun Left keeps doing it, Americans still buy firearms in record numbers; Obama was a terrific salesman, and the Second Amendment stands strong.

Who knows, he might even have a carry permit for his own protection. The old “For Me, not for Thee” BS they much favor.

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Moms against everything

The rounds had barely stopped ricocheting before the Left set their hair on fire and began yowling for gun control. The following is illuminating.

Biased Agendas

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Daily Insanity

It didn’t take the State Owned Media and the politicians to drag out their podiums and politicize this mass shooting. All calling for every manner of gun control. None of which wold have stopped the mayhem.

If they idiots want to stop these mass shootings, it is quite simple.

Ban concerts & meetings.


No groups, no targets!

This make as much sense as the Lefts ideas of banning inanimate objects. Should we ban hotel windows, cars, knives, bats, fists, teeth, feet or anything else that can be used as a weapon.

For starters, perhaps we should ban those individuals who rid society of morality and the nuclear family.
We ave laws governing all these possibilities The Left doesn’t like them; calls the the “Ten Suggestions.