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It figures.

The Jackasses aren’t truthful about anything else, why start now.

Democrats Consider Torpedoing Gun Control Bill Because…It Could Pass

Well, it’s finally here: a piece of gun control legislation that could actually pass. The Fix NICS Act, which seeks to strengthen background checks by penalizing federal agencies that fail to forward criminal records to the FBI to update the National Instant Criminal Background Check system. The horrific shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas that left over 20 people dead, prompted the legislation. The shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, was an Air Force veteran, who was court martialed for domestic violence in 2012. He was convicted and sentenced to a year in jail. He was given a “bad conduct” discharge (not the same as dishonorable) in 2014, but his criminal record was never forwarded to the FBI. That’s how he was able to obtain firearms, when he shouldn’t have. If one is convicted of domestic violence, they’re prohibited from purchasing or owning firearms.

There’s bipartisan support for this legislation. It could pass, but Democrats could torpedo it, despite strong support from Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), a key gun control advocate. Why? Well, because if this passes, that would be the end of the legislative offensive on gun rights. Oh, and they might want to use this for the 2018 midterms (via WaPo):

Even though one of their own is co-sponsoring the Fix NICS Act, which would punish federal agencies that don’t submit criminal records to the national criminal background check system for firearms, Senate Democrats have spent their first few days back in Congress this week dissing the bill.

“What will prevent future tragedy? Comprehensive background checks will. The Fix NICS bill will not,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday on the Senate floor. “Let’s not set our sights too narrow or squander this moment.”

It’s not that Democrats don’t want to patch up what both sides say are obvious holes in the background-check system; it’s that they think this is a small step to reinforce an existing law rather than expand it. And if they support it, that might be the end of gun control reforms in this Congress, since Republicans will be reluctant to act on much else.


There is no such bill circulating after the massacre at a Parkland, Fla., high school. The lack of viable gun-control legislation in Congress right now is also precisely why Democrats feel pressured to resist this incremental step.


Democrats are fully aware that this vote is their only point of leverage in the debate, so they’ve got to play hardball to try to extract as much as they can from it. The Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports they’re also working with gun-control groups to find a way to politicize this whole issue to their advantage in November’s midterm elections.

It’s difficult to see another gun-control measure coming up for a vote right now.

The article mentions that universal background checks and a new ban on so-called assault weapons are not going to happen. It doesn’t have the votes in the Senate and it would certainly meet a quick death in the House. The best the anti-gun Left can hope for is force the Senate to hold a debate and vote on these measures that will go down and flames. But hey, at least we can use this issue for the midterms, right? That’s the Democratic mindset right now. It’s not about saving lives; it’s about getting more of them elected, even if that means cannibalizing bills that they support.


Daily Insanity

There have been quite a few questions concerning just what is being taught to students in school these days. We can be fairly sure it isn’t math, at least anything more than basic addition and subtraction. At least not in every class in all grade levels.

It’s Come To This: Louisiana Student Investigated For Math Symbol, Classmates Thought It Looked Like A Gun

Yeah, we’ve reached a new level of insanity. In Louisiana, a student was investigated for drawing a math symbol that fellow classmates thought was a gun. It was the square-root sign. It led to detective searching the student’s home on the grounds that terroristic threats were made. This student had to draw the symbol to complete the math problem (via Miami Herald):

A discussion among students at Oberlin High School in Oberlin, La., about a mathematical symbol led to a police investigation and a search of one of the student’s homes, according to the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office.

On the afternoon of Feb. 20, detectives investigated a report of terroristic threats at the school, where they learned that a student had been completing a math problem that required drawing the square-root sign.

Students in the group began commenting that the symbol, which represents a number that when multiplied by itself equals another number, looked like a gun.

After several students made comments along those lines, another student said something the sheriff’s office said could have sounded like a threat out of context.

Police searched the student’s home, where they found no guns or any evidence that he had any access to guns. Authorities also wrote there was no evidence the student had any intent to commit harm.

It seems the silly season on gun politics has reached a new level.

The one who thought that symbol looked like a gun probably eats Tide Pods for lunch.


Historical happenings

2/25/1836 ~ Samuel Colt patents the first revolving cylinder multi-shot firearm.

2/25/1913 ~ The 16th Amendment to the constitution is adopted, setting the legal basis for the income tax.

2/25/1919 ~ Oregon introduces the first state tax on gasoline at one cent per gallon, to be used for road construction.