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Big Spenders

“I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”, said Wimpy in the “Thimble Theater” cartoons and comic strips. If that doesn’t have and meaning, perhaps the star of the show will: Popeye.
Wimpy had to be the first millennial having that attitude. Which leads us to this news story.

We’re making a lot of financial mistakes

You can take this to the bank: Americans are messed up about money.

A slew of new surveys and data have come out revealing that we don’t save enough, we spend money we don’t have, we have our financial priorities backwards — and more. Here are five new stats that prove Americans are backwards about money.

  1. About 1 in 4 literally have no emergency savings. A survey released Tuesday by found that 24% don’t have even a single dollar saved for an emergency. And that’s just one of many surveys showing how little we have saved: A survey released in January by Bankrate found that nearly 60% of Americans wouldn’t have enough savings to pay for a $500 expense if it came up unexpectedly. What’s more, more than one in five say they’d slap down their credit card to pay that expense and more than one in would mooch off family to get the cash. Experts recommend that Americans have a least three to six months of income in the bank to pay for unexpected emergencies.
  2. We are more worried about paying for our next vacation than about saving enough for retirement. That’s the finding of a study released this week by COUNTRY Financial, in which Americans report being more concerned about affording that vaca vacations (36%) than having adequate retirement savings (32%). That may explain, in part, why more than half of Americans will be broke when we retire, according to a survey from
  3. Millions of us hide money from our spouses and partners. An estimated 12 million Americans confess they have kept a source of money secret from their romantic partners, according to That’s typically not smart, experts say: “Any time you get into these kinds of things where you are operating behind the scenes, it usually comes out at some point,” Corey Allan, a marriage and family therapist told Credit “We can’t keep things hidden, especially in today’s technological world. Any spouse who has any kind of suspicion can become a detective and find it.” (Also see: If you have sex with a rich millennial, expect this power dynamic.)
  4. We prioritize paying the wrong bills first. When we can’t pay all our bills, we make bad choices about which to pay. “Consumers in financial distress tend to prioritize unsecured personal loans ahead of other credit products such as auto loans, mortgages and credit cards,” according to a study of roughly two million consumers who had all four types of debt out this week from credit monitoring service TransUnion. But experts say that’s a backwards way to handle these bills.
  5. We’ve racked up $1 trillion in credit card debt — and that’s just a fraction of what we owe. That’s according to data released this year from the Federal Reserve, which found that U.S. consumers owe $1.0004 trillion on their cards, up 6.2% from a year ago; this is the highest amount owed since January 2009. What’s more, this isn’t the only consumer debt to top $1 trillion. We now also owe more than $1 trillion for our cars, and for our student loans, the data showed.This story was originally published in May and has been updated.

One cannot live in Mom’s basement or work at Wendy’s and expect to live the high life. When you went to college those fluff courses gave you nothing toward your future employment.

Get a job on the back of a garbage truck at $18.75/hr or hire on as a flag man on a road crew at $12.00/hr. Pick up a shovel and dig in the ditch at $18.00/hr. You won’t need to waste money at the gym. And you’ll learn to drink beer with real men, not a bunch of feygelas trying to look buff.

Or hire on as an apprentice with an electrician or plumber, carpenter or tin-knocker and learn a trade. Do something useful with your life. We don’t need more lawyers, bottle washers or indian chiefs.

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Ponder this

I only have disdain for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He raised taxes and has increased regulations. What else is new? He’s a bully who wants to micro-manage people’s lives by mandate, not persuasion.

~ Mark Skousen

Sunday Toon


This Country needs Gun Control! Not control of the gun but control of the ownership of said weapon. We need it soon and fortunately we have the means of accomplishing this in a rapid fashion.

This has to be done on a national level and the wherewithal is available now. The Federal Government can go to every state and get copies of the voter registrations records. With those in hand, the very thing that the Democrats so long have called for can become a reality.

With the exception of one clown, all political shootings have been committed by individuals devoted to Leftist causes and registered in the Democrat Party. Banning Democrats from owning and possessing any and all firearms we immediately remove the ease by which they can commit these heinous acts. To insure they don’t try to register in another party to get around being a “prohibited person” their names will have to be on a black list preventing such action.

As part of this new law, it will be mandatory that each Democrat home gets a yard sign announcing that the residence is a “GUN FREE ZONE” and is protected by 9-1-1. This should satisfy their comfort level; it is what they wanted for us.

Ponder this

In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, I sent a letter to EPA Administrator Stephen L Johnson urging him to waive regulations to allow for the early sale of winter grade fuel to help with gasoline shortages and gasoline prices.

~ Bob Ney