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Will the little darlings…

…choose correctly or pick one of the new 73 different genders? Or will the parents screw their kids up for life..

‘Boy or girl?’ Parents raising ‘theybies’ let kids decide

Three-year-old twins Zyler and Kadyn Sharpe scurried around the boys and girls clothing racks of a narrow consignment store filled with toys. Zyler, wearing rainbow leggings, scrutinized a pair of hot-pink-and-purple sneakers. Kadyn, in a T-Rex shirt, fixated on a musical cube that flashed colorful lights. At a glance, the only discernible difference between these fraternal twins is their hair — Zyler’s is brown and Kadyn’s is blond.

Is Zyler a boy or a girl? How about Kadyn? That’s a question their parents, Nate and Julia Sharpe, say only the twins can decide. The Cambridge, Mass., couple represent a small group of parents raising “theybies” — children being brought up without gender designation from birth. A Facebook community for these parents currently claims about 220 members across the U.S.

“A theyby is, I think, different things to different people,” Nate Sharpe told NBC News. “For us, it means raising our kids with gender-neutral pronouns — so, ‘they,’ ‘them,’ ‘their,’ rather than assigning ‘he,’ ‘she,’ ‘him,’ ‘her’ from birth based on their anatomy.”

Parents in the U.S. are increasingly raising children outside traditional gender norms — allowing boys and girls to play with the same toys and wear the same clothes — though experts say this is happening mostly in progressive, well-to-do enclaves. But what makes this “gender-open” style of parenting stand out, and even controversial in some circles, is that the parents do not reveal the sex of their children to anyone. Even the children, who are aware of their own body parts and how they may differ from others, are not taught to associate those body parts with being a boy or girl. If no one knows a child’s sex, these parents theorize, the child can’t be pigeonholed into gender stereotypes. [snip]

Parents raising their children without designated genders aim to block these biases, allowing kids to explore and determine where they fall in their own time.

Dr. John Steever, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in New York, sees gender-open parenting as a way to show children that they will be accepted no matter their identity. This could be particularly important for transgender children, who have higher rates of depression and suicide attempts, he said. [snip]

Kids at these young ages don’t know or care about gender. Parents who think they can make these choices for them by not differentiating lose that control when the tykes get into school where normal children soon find out where they belong . those with a mental disorder soon become ostracized; The real world is a mean and harsh place; despite what the Loons on the Left think, disordered individuals are not welcomed as “brothers”

Fortunately, this defective view of reality occurs in “Progressive” communities and not in the general population. Liberalism is a defective view of reality across the spectrum. A Darwinian view of human evolution points out how natural selection truncates expatiation of of that genetic abnormality. The is always some avatar popping up. They die off.


Get out your “End of Days” survival kit and check the contents. It should contain sufficient quantities of cold beer, munchies, your favorite sex toy or robot and large screen TV to watch the religious demise of civilization.

It must be the heat. We don’t get the apocalyptic crazies out in the snow and cold

Super blood moon APOCALYPSE: Bible prophecy predicts End of World just ‘DAYS away’

Preachers believe passages from the books of Acts and Revelation suggest the blood moon will accompany an ever-approaching end of days.

The 21st century’s longest lunar eclipse will last almost two hours on July 27 and the moon will have a spectacular red tinge.

While stargazers enjoy the dazzling phenomenon, doomsdayers will be preparing for Armageddon.

The theory was originally made famous by Christian ministers John Hagee and Mark Biltz who said the ongoing “tetrad” – four consecutive lunar eclipses which began in April 2014 with six full moons in between – is the indicator of the end of earth as described in the Bible in Acts 2:20 and Revelation 6:12.

However the tetrad ended in September 2014 and we’re all still here. [snip]

The theory has been picked up by similar thinkers and the prophecy resurfaces weeks before every blood moon.

The “blood moon” theory is interpreted from the Book of Joel, which says: “The sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.”

A similar passage in the Book of Revelations reads: “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.” [snip]

Probably only half the planet will suffer dissolution since the eclipse isn’t visible from the US. We can survive without that portion of the planet.

NOTE: July 27 – Total Lunar Eclipse. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes completely through the Earth’s dark shadow, or umbra. During this type of eclipse, the Moon will gradually get darker and then take on a rusty or blood red color. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of Europe, Africa, western and central Asia, the Indian Ocean, and Western Australia. (

Next thing you’ll know is they’re charging extra for this additive.

Radiation traces from Fukushima nuclear disaster found in Californian wine ’

The horror meltdown in 2011 was sparked by a massive tsunami, causing waves that overwhelmed the plant’s reactors.

But despite fears about radioactive particles possibly entering the food and drink chain, the World Health Organisation insisted the risk outside Japan was relatively low.

But it can now be revealed that wine made in the west coast US state since the meltdown contain isotopes from the accident’s fallout. [snip]

Between the political and social policies and the wine additives, California needs to be slid into the Pacific or fenced off and sold to Venezuela. With all the sand Nevada has, it would make great beach front real estate.

Snowflakes on Parade

Idiot’s Corner

Typical nonsense from a socialist.

Obama Attacks Wealthy For Big Houses Before Returning To His $8 Million Mansion

At a recent speech in South Africa, former President Barack Obama criticized wealth inequality, saying those who have more money should share their earnings with the less fortunate.

“Right now, I’m actually surprised by how much money I got,” Obama said of the more than $20 million he earned between 2005 and 2016.

Obama then chided wealthy individuals for excess, saying, “There’s only so much you can eat. There’s only so big a house you can have. There’s only so many nice trips you can take. I mean, it’s enough.”
“We’re going to have to worry about economics if we want to get democracy back on track,” Obama continued “We’re going to have to consider new ways of thinking about these problems, like a universal income, review of our workweek, how we retrain our young people, how we make everybody an entrepreneur at some level.” [snip]

Did you expect something else from a hypocrite?

Calling 9-1-1

Illegal Immigration

Here’s a list of unamerican clowns sitting in Congress. These fools voted against you.

Here Are The 34 Democrats Who Voted Against Measure Supporting ICE

A resolution honoring the brave men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who enforce our laws and keep us safe, passed in a 244-35 vote. Thirty-four Democrats voted against the measure, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) joined them. Over 130 Democrats decided to vote “present.” The original plan was to take upHouse Democrats’ abolish ICE legislation. Democrats responded by saying they would vote against the bill, denying the GOP the ability to paint them as extremist, while easily defending their “no” vote to progressives as a consequence of political theater. They also planned on focusing on family separations, another issue that’s becoming a thorn in the side of Republicans. So, the GOP decided to push a support ICE measure instead (via The Hill): [snip]

Brown (MD) Castro (TX) Clarke (NY) Clay Cleaver Correa Crowley Davis, Danny Demings DeSaulnier Doggett Espaillat Gomez Green, Al Grijalva
Gutiérrez Huffman Jackson Lee Johnson, E. B. Meeks O’Rourke Panetta Rush Schakowsky Schiff Serrano Soto Swalwell (CA) Thompson (MS) Tonko Vargas Veasey Vela Velázquez