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Here’s a collection of items that the State Owned Media doesn’t print in the US for common consumption.

‘Despicable’: UN’s Top Human Rights Body Holds Minute’s Silence For Fidel Castro
Delegates of the U.N. Human Rights Council opened a meeting in Geneva on Monday by standing silently with heads bowed, after the delegation of Venezuela’s leftist government requested a minute’s silence to “honor” the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Not everyone in the chamber took part. U.N. Watch executive director Hillel Neuer described the honoring of “human rights abuser Fidel Castro” as “despicable” and said that his non-governmental organization “stayed seated.” [snip]
When one sees this drek, you really have to wonder if the Left has any moral code.

College Coach Goes on Rant About Millennials and ‘Participation Trophies’

Following his team’s loss to Maryland last Thursday night, Louisville head women’s basketball coach Jeff Walz turned his postgame press conference into a soapbox. He was none too pleased with his squad’s effort, which evidently reminded him of a phenomenon that’s been eating at him for quite some time. In his view, too many Millennials are ‘soft,’ thanks to America’s increasingly-prevalent “everyone’s a winner” attitude toward competition among kids. The real world is far less forgiving, he warned, unleashing a composed but forceful tirade that quickly went viral. Take it away, coach. Unburden yourself:

(Jump into minute 5:10 to pick up his rant about everyone getting a trophy)

Right on Coach, call it where it lies.

More Central Americans are giving up on the U.S. and looking instead to a Mexican dream
Unable to find work and terrified by the street gangs that brazenly roamed the streets, Karen Zaldivar was one of tens of thousands of young people who fled Honduras in 2014.

Caught trying to slip across the U.S.-Mexico border, she was promptly deported.

Last year, Zaldivar set out again, but with a new destination: Mexico. She now lives in a small city just north of the Guatemalan border along with growing numbers of other Central Americans who have concluded that if they can’t reach the United States, the next best thing is Mexico. [snip]

Now Isn’t THAT great news. Now Trump has a place to send the deportees from Central America, to a place with their countrymen. At the same time pay back Mexico for their ‘ahem’ border assistance.

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