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The deterioration of a government begins almost always by the decay of its principles.

~ Montesquieu

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Illegal Immigration

The German word for taking delight in others mental conflicts is “Schadenfreude”. What Trump is doing with this National Emergency causes the Jackasses no end of grief. Gotta love it!

Wall Edition: The United States of Emergencies…from Rico

The MSM (purveyors of ‘dumpster juice’ aka ‘news’) well know this and chooses to ignore it to keep you ignorant.
– Trump is using Obama’s ‘National Emergency on Mexican Drug Cartels’ (which is still active and in effect) as one vehicle to build the Border Wall. Bad, baaaad Trump! It’s only OK when WE do stuff like this scream the Libtards!

What upsets the kollective Left most is that Trump is the first President to ‘do something’ about a real National Emergency* instead of merely (a) using it for PR and a photo op, and/or (b) talking about it.
– Case in point: 31 of the 58 Presidential-declared ‘National Emergencies’ are STILL IN EFFECT (including the one ref’d infra).

Don’t take MY word for it. Go ahead, fact-check this yourself. [What the MSM conceals below the surface of the Swamp with their willfully-generated scum.]
– Of the 58 National Emergencies that have been declared since 1979, 31 are still in effect.
*National Emergencies Act: 50USC, ch34, p1601; Public Law 94-412, 90 Stat. 1255.

1000 words

And this is what most of America is doing to endure the CRAP coming from Congress.

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Sunday Toon

New Year’s resolution

This actually might work.

Not a bad idea, but…from Rico

This is really not a bad idea, though I doubt even that would overcome the deafening roar of stupidity emanating from the Democrats and/or bring their fantasy balloon back to reality.
– An Angel Dad has opined that Dem Poliicians should ‘have one of their loved ones murdered by an illegal alien.’

Here’s an even better idea:
– Every time an American citizen is murdered by an illegal alien, a randomly-selected Dem politician is executed.

Fair is fair.