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Religion of Pieces

The latest terror attack (as of this writing – but the day is young yet) took place Monday evening on a German train when a young Afghan “refugee” started chopping his fellow passengers with an axe while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (which would still have Barack Obama puzzled as to his motives).

15 people were hurt, 3 critically, before the maniac got a lesson (“rock, scissors, paper” style) that bullets beat hatchets. ISIS has subsequently claimed responsibility, and the attacker left a note claiming to be self-radicalized, along with a handmade ISIS flag.

We are again sadly reminded that – contrary to this administration’s repeated claims – guns aren’t to blame for acts of terror. In a pinch, an axe or a speeding truck will make a perfectly acceptable, and deadly, substitute for those with murder in mind…or in their appalling ideology. [snip]

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Why not a different ‘Sunrise Service’ in the Holy Land.
Something that will actually bring peace to the land.Good Friday art