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What you are seeing is the death throes of the Jackass Party. The change was brought on by themselves.
The new crowd really is the same as the old crowd, just more noisy. The only difference is the lack of understanding of how the world and ‘Man’ works. They will be flinging themselves of the nearest cliff fore long.


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Sign language

For those that never flew commercial air, you probably wonder what the flight attendants are doing prior to takeoff. They are purportedly giving safety procedures; some believe they’re giving Last Rites. The latter is closer to the truth.

Feel better now?

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We fought for this?

In just one day in one small spot, over 4000 Americans died so we could have THIS?

Idiot’s Corner

It’s a wonder the Left Coast doesn’t slide into the water from the weight of the stupidity of the politicians.

Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday advanced a proposal that would restrict the circumstances under which California police officers could use deadly force. Senator Steven Bradford gives his views on the bill he is co-authoring,

Police say no deal on California bill to restrict their use of force

Law enforcement organizations are unlikely to compromise with advocates of a proposal this session to restrict the circumstances under which police officers could use deadly force.

Their staunch opposition significantly diminishes the prospects for Assembly Bill 931, which would increase the state standard for lethal use of force from “reasonable” to “necessary,” to become law. Though the measure on Tuesday passed its first policy committee, it faces a lengthy and complicated path ahead in a Legislature historically hesitant to cross law enforcement.


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