Starting with LBJ’s misnamed “Great Society”, America and Americans have become less educated more indoctrinated into a socialist world.

With some exceptions, each current crop of ‘students’ knows less history, civics, math and grammar. The worse aspect of this is that each class of grads produces teachers who are less versed in the aforementioned subjects. It is difficult to teach by staying one page ahead of your class.

The result of this debacle is the following.

D’oh: Only 1 state passes US citizenship test, DC fails big

A majority in every state except Vermont has failed the U.S. Citizenship test, the latest sign that Americans aren’t very good history students.

In the multiple choice version of the test given to immigrants seeking citizenship, 53 percent of Vermonters passed.

More than half of those in every other state failed, and in Washington, D.C., 58 percent failed, said the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, which does the survey.

Only one-in-four nationally passed the 20-questions.

In its latest test, the Foundation said that 15 percent of adults knew the year the Constitution was written and only 25 percent knew how many amendments there are.

Also, of 41,000 quizzed, 25 percent did not know that freedom of speech was guaranteed under the First Amendment, and 57 percent did not know that Woodrow Wilson was the commander in chief during World War I.

The top states were Vermont are Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, and Virginia. At the bottom were Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana.

The Foundation is a leading group pushing for better history education. It has launched a new initiative to make learning history easier and fun.

And just time time.

“Among all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Vermonters were the sole group able to pass the multiple-choice test. Even more disturbing, only 27 percent of those under the age of 45 nationally were able to demonstrate a basic understanding of American history. Nationally, only four in 10 Americans passed the exam,” said the group.

“Unfortunately, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation has validated what studies have shown for a century: Americans don’t possess the history knowledge they need to be informed and engaged citizens,” said Foundation President Arthur Levine.

Isn’t this just swell stuff? At some point this will collapse into “Idioracy”.


Race Day opener

A new day and a new way will open the racing season starting with the Daytona 500. Every Social Democrat with two nickles to rub together has been to the bookie and is betting on AOC’s entry into that august field of gear jammers.

The driver of this wondrous machine has yet to be announced. Speculation among the knowing leads us to believe that Sen Markey is the front runner for this august honor. We wonder how the selected driver will respond to:

“Drivers, Start your motors.”

Day by Day


A man slides into a bar looking quite glum, tells the beer-keep to line up 8 shot glasses and fill them up.

As fast as the barman can pour this guy tosses them down.

“Damn” says the tender. “I’ve never seen anyone drink that fast.”

The customer opined that, “The bartender would drink like that if he had what the man says he has.”

“My God, what do you have?”

“Two dollars” came back the answer.


The Millennials

Did you buy that new Zoomie 3000, that you just had to have to impress your compatriots? Did it cost about $36,000 financed for 72 months? Did you ever take an economics class in school? Did the car salesman ask you how much you could afford monthly?
Then after all this noise, you’ll get a visit from a repossessor at a most inconvenient time.

Record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on car payments, a red flag for economy

A record 7 million Americans are 90 days or more behind on their auto loan payments, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported Tuesday, even more than during the wake of the financial crisis era.

Economists warn this is a red flag. Despite the strong economy and low unemployment rate, many Americans are struggling to pay their bills.

“The substantial and growing number of distressed borrowers suggests that not all Americans have benefited from the strong labor market,” economists at the New York Fed wrote in a blog post.

A car loan is typically the first payment people make because a vehicle is critical to getting to work, and someone can live in a car if all else fails. When car loan delinquencies rise, it is a sign of significant duress among low-income and working-class Americans. [snip]

People who are three months or more behind on their car payments often lose their vehicle, making it even more difficult to get to work, the doctor’s office or other critical places.

The New York Fed said there were over a million more “troubled borrowers” at the end of 2018 than there were in 2010, when unemployment hit 10 percent and the auto loan delinquency rate peaked. Today, unemployment is 4 percent, and many more Americans have jobs, yet a significant number of people cannot pay their car loan. [snip]

Auto loans surged in the past several years as car sales kept growing year after year, hitting a record high in 2016 of 17.5 million vehicles sold in the United States. Overall, many borrowers have strong credit scores and repay their loans, but the auto industry has suffered from high defaults among so-called “subprime” borrowers with credit scores under 620 on an 800-point scale.

The share of auto loan borrowers who were three months behind on their payments peaked at 5.3 percent in late 2010. The share is slightly lower now – 4.5 percent – because the total number of borrowers has risen so much in the past several years. Still, economists are concerned the rate has been climbing steadily since 2016 even though unemployment fell to its lowest level in almost half a century and the number of people impacted is far greater now. [snip]

New car ads are rife with the latest and fastest buggy on the lots. Smoking tires, racing around hairpin turns and complete with the eye candy ogling your suave persona. Why one can even make a complected Masse shot on a pool table and be driving at slightly less than the speed of light before the 9 ball is sunk.

Interesting that the car ads never show one tied up in 18 mph traffic on the quotidian commute because some bozo needed to text his chippie while braking the sound barrier.

Reality is that one can’t get to the destination much faster than they can in a seven year old conveyance. However you might attract the attention of that spectacle wearing cutie majoring in economics. That would help with paying off your college debt and prevent wearing out shoe leather.

Peccable reflections

If you are considering the options for society by voting for the “Social Democrat” ideas, the following is applicable.

While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions. – Stephen Covey