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Doing the jobs Americans won’t do

How often have the Liberals offered up this as a reason why America needs open borders and unfettered immigration. Is this one of those jobs you, as an American, won’t take?

Two Illegal Aliens Raped a 14-Year-Old Girl In a Maryland High School Bathroom

Two illegal aliens raped a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom of a D.C.-area high school last Thursday, just months after arriving in the country unlawfully and enrolling in classes.

Blood pressure high, yet? There’s more.

According to the Washington Times, 18-year-old Henry Sanchez and 17-year-old Jose Montano lured the girl into the bathroom and asked her for sex. When she refused, the boys took turns holding the girl down and sexually assaulting her in the bathroom of Rockville High School, located in Montgomery County, Maryland, just a few miles outside of Washington, D.C. and the nation’s immigration headquarters.

After finally escaping the bathroom, the girl immediately reported the incident to a faculty member. Both guys were arrested at the school that same day and charged with first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offenses. Montano, technically still a minor, is being charged as an adult.

In a report following their first hearing on Friday, the Washington Post stated that the Guatemalan-born Sanchez has only been in the country about seven months, and is the subject of a pending “alien removal” case.

 The Post noted that immigration officials refused to disclose Montano’s immigration status because he’s a minor; however, he came into the country from El Salvador only about eight months ago. You can connect the dots.

Here’s the real kicker – both of these guys, at 17 and 18 years old, were placed in the ninth grade after arriving in the United States — also known as the grade most 14-year-olds are enrolled in.

According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, more than 153,000 illegal alien kids have been released to “sponsors” living in the United States since the start of FY2014. Of those, 3,286 were placed in Montgomery County.

Fortunately, Judge Eugene Wolfe refused to grant bond to these guys last Friday, and the two rapists will remain in prison until their trial.

Unfortunately, this young girl gets to live the rest of her life with the memory of being raped in the bathroom stall of a government-funded building by two guys who shouldn’t have even been here.

This is going to be very confusing.
In which bathroom did this assault take place? Were these unisex bathrooms? Or did the males suddenly undergo instant gender identification conversion allowing entrance to the female bathroom. Because of this ID mixup, was this considered a lesbian encounter?

In Progressive States (MD is one), a form either affirming or denying consent is usually required.
Is she racially discriminating against these males because of origin? If the assailants were white, would she have objected to the advances? Has she exhibited racial bias in the past?

If you dear readers, think I’m bulls#!ting with these questions, wait until you hear what the defense lawyers bring up in court. If the lawyers can shop the court for a liberal judge (in that area, a good chance of getting one) that trial will become a circus for the immigration agenda and every kinky educational idea the Left wants to insert in the schools.
She’ll be sacrificed for the greater advancement of the Progressive agenda.

Black Friday shopping ‘spree’

Nothing enlivens A Black Friday shopping trip like a shooting.Some beatings, a stabbing or two and of course screaming and cursing helps to round out one’s day of visiting a ‘maul’. the previous post to a WAG about the day’s shopping, before the news broke about the shooting.

At least one person is shot at a shopping mall in Chattanooga as Black Friday is blighted by violence and clashes with people fighting over everything from TVs to $1.60 towels

Another person has been shot during Black Friday madness, as people turned violent across the country during the record-breaking sales day.

The latest shooting took place at a mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where chaos broke out about 4pm. People were told to evacuate the Hamilton Place Mall after at least one victim was rushed away in an ambulance, WTVC reports.

The shooting reportedly took place outside of a Sears store.

Hamilton Place Mall tweeted a statement shortly after 4:30pm.

‘We are aware of an incident at the mall and are working closely with local law enforcement as they continue their investigation,’ the statement read. [snip]

As shops opened back up again on Friday morning:

  • A man was shot dead and his brother was wounded at a Macy’s store in New Jersey during an early morning shooting on Friday
  • A person was shot dead in a road rage incident in a Walmart parking lot in Reno, Nevada on Thursday night
  • A man suffered a gunshot wound after shots were fired in Memphis, Tennessee on Thursday around 11.15pm
  • Video emerged showing people fighting over everything, including towels worth just $1.60

One has to believe that if you are going to fight,it should be over something worthwhile. Do towels fall into that category?

Walmart shoppers fight over towels, toys at Black Friday sale

Some stores are starting Black Friday sales early, and that means that pandemonium is starting earlier, too.

Video from a Walmart in Bainbridge, Georgia shows shoppers fighting to grab every last towel from the display.

Multiple women stacked up as many towels as they could before they were gone.

When given the signal, shoppers began grabbing the large boxes as quickly as they could, with one man digging for the bottom box and nearly losing his pants.

He repeatedly threw elbows and slaps, and fought off another man trying to grab the box, before another tried to claim it, too. [snip]

Hope n’ Change

Clothes Call

Hillary Outfit

Okay, there are many more serious issues than whatever Hillary’s nightmare outfit du jour is, but she really outdid herself with the screamingly hideous ensemble she recently wore to a liberal fundraising event hosted by Cher.

Speculation has run rampant on what the heck her garment even is: a grill cover? Oven mitt? Hospital scrubs designed by Jackson Pollock? The EEG readouts of her brainwaves while having a seizure? Nobody really knows. But one thing is known: the hideous garment was expensive – said to be costing over $12,000. Which doesn’t really suggest that Clinton is the very best person we could have making economic decisions for the nation.

Seriously, Hillary’s jacket looks as if it were specifically designed for people who plan to shoplift hams, or perhaps want to conceal a colostomy bag and a flak jacket. Which, in fairness, isn’t a bad idea considering that Hillary is a target for Bosnian snipers when and where they’re least expected.

What was expected at the event actually happened: lots of money changing hands (presumably from those too busy to actually schedule a meeting at the Clinton Foundation) and unsubtle political rhetoric.

Cher, whose last hit (recorded on cylinder by Thomas Edison) was, appropriately enough, “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves,” regaled her wealthy cronies with the trenchant insight that Donald Trump is a Nazi. An idea which Hillary Clinton disagrees with to the extent that her most recent campaign commercial suggests he’s a Nazi and a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Accusations even less subtle and more ugly than Hillary’s fashion sense. And that’s no small accomplishment.

091310_worst_dressed_vma_104036892A reminder that it wasn’t all bad being Helen Keller.

Cognitive dissonance

Anyone with their feet touching the ground know that the media collectively have stripped some teeth off their gears. We get the same pap served up night after night, with the expectation that the cant will be believed and the narrative spread as gospel.

The State Owned Media attempts to keep Hillary’s medical condition hidden from view. She travels with a medical SWAT team in case she strokes out at the podium. Who knows how long she has to go before the top of her head blows off. If she had won the election, the doctors will have her resting. the Oval Office photos will look like this.In the Oval Office Just what we need to present to the World especially after this current occupant.

Day by Day


The Millennials

If you’re looking for something not normal, something outré, you’ll find it by watching the Millennials waste their money.
One can expect lawsuits naming their parents in gender malassignment for having these ‘males’ born male instead of as females. It will have something to do with having the shopping chromosome pair strong and a lack of interest in ‘manly’ TV shows. Instead, addiction to QVC is present and no amount of Rehab has helped break his habit.

Oh Yeah! Lace Panties


for the Girlymen

They’re making lingerie for dudes now

When it comes to style, guys are starting to have way more fun: donning skirts, braiding their hair and even applying lipstick and highlighter to their faces.

But there is one trend even the most adventurous dudes have yet to fully embrace: lingerie.

One line is trying to change that. Menagerié — we would have gone with “Mangerié” — offers silky boxers, lace pajamas and other fancy unmentionables just for guys. But if you’re imagining flouncy pink Victoria’s Secret rip-offs, you’ve got the wrong idea.

“[We want] to bring more adornment and beauty to men’s fashion, but still remind people that it is a brand for men,” Menagerié founder Roman Sipe tells lifestyle Web site Refinery29. Hence the noir palette, clean lines and not-too-skimpy shapes.

And incredibly, the two-year-old concept seems to be catching on: Menagerié’s Chantilly lace-accented low-rise brief, which retails from $59 to $69, is currently sold out, while its black-lace elastic “biker short” ($89) is nearly so. Even a torturous-looking waist trainer ($89 to $99) is sold out in some sizes, meaning that at least a few guys have bought these fancy Spanx-for-men.

But while the response has been positive, Sipe realizes the idea of manly lingerie is a tough sell. “Most [straight guys] don’t think they need it, or couldn’t see themselves actually buying a pair of lace underwear,” he tells Refinery29.

“However, there are a few who find it intriguing and simply ask things like, ‘Well, are they comfortable?’ ” And while some ladies may find the idea of a man in lace panties disturbing, maybe seeing a guy putting in a bit of effort in the boudoir would be nice for once.