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The Millennials


The Millennials

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Snowflakes hiding from the world

They were terrified, offended, hurt and crying. However they will survive in the real world is a question they are going to have to confront, the poor things.

Pitt Students ‘In Tears’ and Feeling ‘Unsafe’ After Milo Yiannopoulos Event

Pitt studentsThe University of Pittsburgh’s Student Government Board held a public meeting on Tuesday to discuss the traumatizing visit the night before from “dangerous” homosexual and Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, during which students described themselves as feeling “hurt” and “unsafe.”

“During his talk, Yiannopoulos called students who believe in a gender wage gap ‘idiots,’ declared the Black Lives Matter movement a ‘supremacy’ group, while feminists are ‘man-haters,’” according to the student paper The Pitt News, prompting a handful of twenty-something-year olds to feel upset.

“Just because we have to be neutral with our funding doesn’t mean we’re personally neutral,” announced board member Jack Heidecker at the meeting. “I hurt yesterday, too.”

“So many of us shared in our pain. I felt I was in danger, and I felt so many people in that room were in danger,” proclaimed Marcus Robinson, student and president of the Pittsburgh Rainbow Alliance. Robinson also suggested that councilors should have been provided in another room to protect students who felt “traumatized” by Yiannopoulos’s opinions.

“This is more than hurt feelings, this is about real violence. We know that the violence against marginalized groups happens every day in this country,” claimed social work and urban studies major Claire Matway. “That so many people walked out of that [event] feeling in literal physical danger is not alright.”

President of the College Republicans and fellow student Tim Nerozzi responded to the complaints by proclaiming, “I’m not here to rain on your parade. We put a trigger warning on our fliers for the event. We never claimed it would be a family friendly or a politically correct lecture.”

“I do realize that some people were genuinely hurt, and I’m not going to ignore that, but free speech should not trump safety,” he said. “We need to see the school work around that.” [snip]

My knee spasms violently at the thought of these hot house flowers withering under that blast of “FREE SPEECH” howling through and around the auditorium.
Why, they may never recover from such exposure.
It may be incumbent upon the University to make sure that after graduation, there is sheltered transportation from the school to their parents basement where they can retire in solitude for the rest of their lives.

The Millennials

Peer ahead a few years when these self absorbed Millennials age a bit and the visits to the plastic surgeons commence. Can’t have those horrid age wrinkles.

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Laissez le bon temps rouler

And roll on they will until they won’t! The stoppage may be sooner than one thinks. Note that the BIG BANKS are buying metals and stockpiling them. WHAT DO THEY KNOW THAT YOU DON’T?

GoldWe here a Loon Watch opined on the value of owning metals but in doing so we also recommended taking possession of them. Recently the question was posed about your cash and one’s ability to extract it from your bank. (See Collectivist Banking)

On the COMEX, one may purchase gold paper representing a holding of metal, in this instance gold, bought at a given price. You don’t actually have the physical possession of the metal. The paper gold you believe you own has also been sold to others somewhere between 207:1 and 228:1. Yes, that many others have the same claim on your ounce of gold.

This is called Rehypothecation; do you really own that gold? Is that leveraged number real or is it higher? What happens when there is a down turn and investors want their gold? Obviously, some number between 206 and 227 are not going to get gold.

If one checks the contract one shall find a clause inserted called “Force Majeure”. It will be buried in the fine print of the claims portion and will let you know that you are entitled to get your money back in dollars. In the event of a currency debacle, that’s not much help is it.

so if you are buying paper on the COMEX, all is fine until it isn’t. Sort of like musical chairs-with one chair.

When the music stops, if you don’t hold it, YOU DON’T OWN IT!