Cretins, Morons and Dolts

The porcine prevaricator threatened to move to Canada if his film either caused trouble or was in trouble, we don’t know which. Well Fahrenheit 11/9 is in trouble, it sucks.

Weekend Box Office: ‘House With a Clock in Its Walls’ Eyes $20M-Plus; ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Lacks Heat

The news isn’t good for a trio of high-profile fall festival films opening nationwide at the Friday box office — Michael Moore’s new doc Fahrenheit 11/9, the edgy teen black comedy Assassination Nation and Dan Fogelman’s Life Itself, according to early returns. [snip]

Unless traffic picks up, Fahrenheit 11/9  is headed for a sixth-place finish with a $3 million-$4 million debut from 1,719 theaters (pre-release tracking had suggested at least $5 million-$6 million).

Moore’s satirical, anti-Trump film marks the first release from Tom Ortenberg’s new company, Briarcliff. (Ortenberg worked with Moore on Fahrenheit 9/11 while stationed at Lionsgate.) [snip]

Without straining your cranial contents, you can imagine who the viewers of this mobius strip of hate messaging. This should tell the Jackasses about their reach on the hate circuit.

On the bright side, maybe Moore will keep his word and move to Canada. he will be lucky if he can afford another ratty baseball cap.

Toon in

Toon in

Peccable reflections

From the Left and the Right we are constantly bombarded by those who wish to either wish to save us or control us by choosing their moral code by which we must live. Not ours, theirs.

Legislating Morality

He was as great as a man can be without morality. ~ Alexis de Tocqueville

It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so, and will follow it by suppressing opposition, subverting all education to seize early the minds of the young, and by killing, locking up, or driving underground all heretics. ~ Robert A. Heinlein

There ought to be a law. We need to prevent that, if only that was against the law.

How often have you heard someone utter those inane sentences? Usually it is someone who has a desire to “do good” or have a strong desire to control society. If one thinks about the previous statement, both parties don’t have much difference between them. And coercion is a fine means of achieving the end results.

What is the goal to which both groups aspire? One side claims to save your soul; the other to control your mind and body. The first believes that Moses came down from the Mount with a bunch of tablets, dropped and broke all but one that contained the Ten Commandments. The other side thinks they are nothing more than the Ten Suggestions; they borrow from them when needed and discard the unwanted. No matter how we mix their attempts, they desire to constrain your ‘Free Will’, your moral choices, that would be your ethical codes and supplant yours with theirs.

The two following Federal laws, each, supplanted your “Free Will”, one by a puritanical Victorian Postal Inspector lobbying Congress and the other a group of teetotalers who didn’t like you drinking.

Examination of two such Federal laws should provide some insight as to the efficacy of such legislation. First is the Comstock Law of 1873, which made abortion unlawful. It certainly did not prevent abortions. In October 1919, Congress passed the Volstead Act, better known as the Prohibition law urged by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and other anti alcohol groups. Any student of history knows this brought on the largest bootlegging and moonshining violations of the law. Crime became rampant and drinking didn’t cease. One small fact unknown to most is that Congress exempts itself from all laws they pass. Party hearty long and on.

Extending this legislating of morality, how is the war on drugs doing, teen smoking, teen drinking, DUI, domestic abuse, rape, child abuse, driving while texting, seat belt use, speeding and the beat goes on. What about the great Leftist bugbear: Guns. Currently between Federal, State and Local ordinances, there are over 20,350 laws constraining firearm use on the books. Many actually contravene the Second Amendment. Those were passed knowing full well the impossibility of challenging them due to the cost; it would take a serious occurrence to move a suit up to SCOTUS.

Most of the aforementioned laws on the books are not seriously enforced such as teen smoking, littering, loitering, seat belt use, truancy, texting while driving, cell phone while driving and more. If strictly enforced, the courts would be clogged. These laws are on the books for harassment purposes, to add charges or place charges on persons as desired.

Can we successfully codify morality? Certainly the words can be placed is a legal context so that offending such codes may be punished. The question still remains, “Can we put morality into a law that stops persons from violating said laws?”

If one wants the opposite of morality in an acronym PEWSLAG will do.
PEWSLAG ~ the seven Deadly Sins:

  1. Pride: Inordinate opinion of one’s own value
  2. Envy: Covetousness for others goods or fortunes
  3. Wrath: Fierce anger, ire
  4. Sloth: Lazy indolent habits
  5. Lust: Illicit cravings for others property or carnal pursuits
  6. Adultery: Voluntary violation of bonding vows
  7. Greed: Rapacious desire of worldly goods and possessions

If we don’t violate these seven, we have a basis for walking a moral path; following the Ten Suggestions would complete the trek. For those who need stronger guidance, we do have laws to punish the miscreants. Again, this is after the fact. Do we want weak punishment or harsh sentences? Incarceration keeps the individual out of circulation while educating them in how to avoid capture in the future. Death sentences prevent recidivism. The latter definitely works; the former is open to debate.

What we wish to know is do these laws work? For that answer one only has to look to Chicago with that cities plethora of restrictive gun ordinances. The unlawful use has more than two murder a day by thugs offing each other but worse innocent bystanders on the street and in their homes. Their answer to this carnage has been to pass more restrictive laws and an amoral society.

This change started back in the 1930’s with the Social policies of the FDR Administration and the Democrat controlled Congress. Very slowly American changed. Thirty years later, the LBJ “Great Society” finished the nuclear family for 24% of America. With that went the guidance, the inculcation of morality into the children. A child is born feral, that is a survival trait. Civilizing them is necessary for an orderly society. By tearing apart the family, pulling out the male authority, that portion of the process is curtailed. Instead a poorly formed moral code in a peer group ‘teaches’ a moral code tat “feels good” to that pack; it suits what passes for “OK” for the day.

No person can rise above the feral level without a moral code that maintains a civilized society; if one wishes to live in a constant state of siege, where opening the front door means sallying forth on to a Lord of the Flies existence, then we need to change back to the concept of the nuclear family to start and then bring back the extended family as far as possible. There was always someone watching, including the neighbors, over the kids and their activities. No one got away with any antisocial behavior for any parent would put a stop to such activities quickly.

Not so today. Any parent that did that would be sued if not arrested. And we’re paying for it with the disintegration of families and neighborhoods.

The troubled life of a Snowflake

It must be terrible to live in constant fear of some triggering event or object be it the sight of a statue, an errant sign or a shoe lace. What else can terrorize one so quickly: An unperfumed fart in a dorm elevator perhaps?

Michigan State Launches Investigation Into a Shoelace Mistaken For a Noose

A stray shoelace on the Michigan State University campus being mistaken for a noose led to an investigation and a strong condemnation by the university president and a police investigation.

In a statement on the “racial incident” at a residence hall on Oct. 4, MSU president Lou Anna K. Simon applauded a student for the “courage” she displayed by reporting an item she found outside her room. The statement also claimed an investigation was being conducted by the MSU Police and the Office of Institutional Equity.

Simon also condemned the “noose”— which, again, was later found to be a shoelace — as a “symbol of intimidation and threat that has a horrendous history in America” that “is not tolerated on our campus”:

I want to be clear: This type of behavior is not tolerated on our campus. No Spartan should ever feel targeted based on their race, or other ways in which they identify. A noose is a symbol of intimidation and threat that has a horrendous history in America.

After the investigation was conducted, however, MSU spokesman Jason Cody issued another statement saying the police have determined the item was a “packaged leather shoelace and not a noose.” [snip]

Cody also clarified that the person who lost the shoelace lived on the same floor as the person who reported the incident and did not intend harassment.

In 2015, the University of Delaware launched a hate crime investigation over paper lanterns on campus. At Bowling Green State University, a student reported lab equipment in a window as a Ku Klux Klan meeting, while a stray banana peel triggered the cancelation of a Greek life event at the University of Mississippi earlier this year.

There is more than a bit of humor in this. If one knows a smattering of their early history, you might recall the Battle of Thermopylae. If you suffered under a recent public school education, perhaps you saw the movie “300”. That’s the short version.

Michigan State’s cognomen is the “Spartans”; one cannot believe those real Spartans would be triggered by much of anything.

The Snowflakes at MSU befoul the name “Spartans and the University should convert the the name to the “Daunted”.

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The Millennials


The Millennials

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Snowflakes hiding from the world

They were terrified, offended, hurt and crying. However they will survive in the real world is a question they are going to have to confront, the poor things.

Pitt Students ‘In Tears’ and Feeling ‘Unsafe’ After Milo Yiannopoulos Event

Pitt studentsThe University of Pittsburgh’s Student Government Board held a public meeting on Tuesday to discuss the traumatizing visit the night before from “dangerous” homosexual and Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, during which students described themselves as feeling “hurt” and “unsafe.”

“During his talk, Yiannopoulos called students who believe in a gender wage gap ‘idiots,’ declared the Black Lives Matter movement a ‘supremacy’ group, while feminists are ‘man-haters,’” according to the student paper The Pitt News, prompting a handful of twenty-something-year olds to feel upset.

“Just because we have to be neutral with our funding doesn’t mean we’re personally neutral,” announced board member Jack Heidecker at the meeting. “I hurt yesterday, too.”

“So many of us shared in our pain. I felt I was in danger, and I felt so many people in that room were in danger,” proclaimed Marcus Robinson, student and president of the Pittsburgh Rainbow Alliance. Robinson also suggested that councilors should have been provided in another room to protect students who felt “traumatized” by Yiannopoulos’s opinions.

“This is more than hurt feelings, this is about real violence. We know that the violence against marginalized groups happens every day in this country,” claimed social work and urban studies major Claire Matway. “That so many people walked out of that [event] feeling in literal physical danger is not alright.”

President of the College Republicans and fellow student Tim Nerozzi responded to the complaints by proclaiming, “I’m not here to rain on your parade. We put a trigger warning on our fliers for the event. We never claimed it would be a family friendly or a politically correct lecture.”

“I do realize that some people were genuinely hurt, and I’m not going to ignore that, but free speech should not trump safety,” he said. “We need to see the school work around that.” [snip]

My knee spasms violently at the thought of these hot house flowers withering under that blast of “FREE SPEECH” howling through and around the auditorium.
Why, they may never recover from such exposure.
It may be incumbent upon the University to make sure that after graduation, there is sheltered transportation from the school to their parents basement where they can retire in solitude for the rest of their lives.