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Optimism is the madness of insisting that all is well when we are miserable.

~ Voltaire

Idiot’s Corner

This is the ‘Luke Skywalker’ fantasy part of the Progressive belief system. Yes, they can feel the good in the incorrigible class of malefactors. So here is now their ‘New and Improved’ plan works out with the criminal element.

Thefts rise after California reduces criminal penalties

California voters’ decision to reduce penalties for drug and property crimes in 2014 contributed to a jump in car burglaries, shoplifting and other theft, researchers reported.

Larcenies increased about 9 percent by 2016, or about 135 more thefts per 100,000 residents than if tougher penalties had remained, according to results of a study by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California released Tuesday.

Thefts from motor vehicles accounted for about three-quarters of the increase. San Francisco alone recorded more than 30,000 auto burglaries last year, which authorities largely blamed on gangs. Shoplifting may be leveling off, researchers found, but there is no sign of a decline in thefts from vehicles. [snip]

Offenders convicted of those crimes were about 3 percent less likely to be convicted of a new crime within two years, but the researchers said it’s not clear if that was because they didn’t commit new crimes or because they were less likely to be arrested and prosecuted because of the lower penalties.

Morgan Hill Police Chief David Swing, president of the California Police Chiefs Association, said researchers’ findings “are consistent with what police chiefs across the state have seen since 2014” and show the need for a proposed initiative intended for the November ballot that would partly roll back the 2014 law.

It would allow prison sentences for serial thieves, reinstate DNA collections from those convicted of the crimes where penalties were reduced, and bar the earlier release of criminals convicted of additional violent, serious and sexual crimes.

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An exodus, pizza bust and another nutty politician starts off the day. Who could ask for more? Why would you!

The progressive tax bite finally tells the dense individuals to get out.

New Tax Laws Have Home Buyers Checking New Places

New tax rules that cap deductions of state and local taxes are having a disproportionate effect on taxpayers who live in states with high income taxes and property taxes.

While it’s too early to quantify the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which became effective on Jan. 1, some real-estate professionals say they are beginning to see early signs of an exodus to low-tax states.

“I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of clients who want to purchase in Palm Beach to establish residency in Florida,” says Chris Leavitt, director of luxury sales at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Palm Beach. “And there has been a pickup since Jan. 1.”

Recently, Mr. Leavitt was dining at a restaurant in Palm Beach when he ran into four couples from New York City who were all in Palm Beach to look for real estate to establish residency in Florida. “They were finance people in their mid- to late-30s looking in the $700,000 to $1.5 million range for condos on the island,” he says. “That night I saw before my eyes how this tax law is impacting the real-estate industry here.”

Before the new rules, taxpayers who itemized could write off an unlimited amount of state and local taxes, unless disallowed under the alternative minimum tax. But now, the deductions are capped at $10,000.

The change most affects taxpayers in states with high income and property taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, a pro-growth tax-policy nonprofit, the six states with the highest state and local tax deductions as a percentage of income are New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Maryland and Oregon. [snip]

One problem with this movement is that they will take their dumbass liberal ideas with them and screw up another state.

A twofer! This pizza company not only delivered the pizza but a law-breaking illegal too.

Delivery guy detained by ICE while dropping off pizza at Army base

A pizza deliveryman made a run to a Brooklyn Army base — where officials took the grub and then handed him over to immigration agents for deportation.

Pablo Villavicencio, an undocumented immigrant from Ecuador who lives on Long Island with his American wife and kids, says he went to the Fort Hamilton base Friday to deliver an order of pasta to a sergeant — flashing his city-issued IDNYC card for entry, as he has done before.

But once inside, Villavicencio says another guard demanded more identification — and officials called US Immigration and Customs Enforcement when he came up empty-handed.

“There was a different security guard and he told me I needed to go get another pass to enter . . . A tall man with dark skin started to ask me many questions, he asked me about why I didn’t have any Social Security card,” Villavicencio told The Post by phone from immigration detention.

“He called the NYPD and the NYPD told him I didn’t have any record, that I was clean. But the man said, ‘I don’t care.’ He said I need to keep waiting and he called ICE.” [snip]

Now he can deliver pizza around erupting volcanoes.

This is going to be difficult given that in Progressive enclaves, there are five known genders and four claimed sexes.

Brooklyn city councilman announces sex-segregated beach days

A Brooklyn city lawmaker is sponsoring sex-segregated beach days to give his Jewish and Muslim constituents an opportunity to enjoy the seaside.

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch announced the first ever “Southern Brooklyn Beach Day,” with separate dates for men and women by the sandy spot behind Kingsborough Community College.

“A lot of people are disenfranchised for religious reasons,” the Democrat said. “They don’t use the beach because they don’t go mixed swimming. This is to give those people an opportunity for a day out at the beach.” [snip]

But sorting out the legality of the event may be no day at the beach for the city’s Human Rights Commission. City law says public accommodations cannot exclude people based on sex unless there’s an exemption “based on bona fide consideration of public policy.” [snip]

What will happen when someone declared they’re a separate sex from their birth certificate.

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Found: A replacement for Pelosi in the House. In today’s crowd of Lefties, one doesn’t need to search long and hard to find someone more off kilter.