Bent Genders

Bert and Ernie are effing puppets.

Somebody finally tipped over the Muppets; once kid’s fare, now they are immersed in the perved world. We’re to believe that Bert and Ernie frolicking in each others shorts.

Bert and Ernie are gay says writer – but Sesame Street insist they’re just ‘non-sexual puppets’

The true nature of Bert and Ernie’s very special friendship has been a hotly-debated mystery ever since the iconic children’s show first aired in 1969.

Many were convinced the two lovable characters who shared a basement apartment on 123 Sesame Street – but slept in different beds – were gay lovers. [snip]

Now, after decades of speculation, one of the show’s writers has lifted the lid on its most famous and beloved characters.

Mark Saltzman, who joined the Sesame Street team in 1984, has revealed he did indeed write Bert and Ernie as a gay couple.

He told Queerty the characters reflected his own same-sex relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman at the time. [snip]

Well, this figures. A couple of poufs decide that their lives should intrude into normal reality. Why not make them HIV positive? Put some real life into the characters.
More proof that the Left and the bent ones have no attachment to this space/time continuum.


Cretins, Morons and Dolts

It is really nice to see Political Correctness get bitten in the ass.
Their “Day of Absence” because they asked the melanistic challenged individuals to leave campus; they should have asked darkly complected to take a hike.

Evergreen State sees ‘catastrophic’ drop in enrollment after social justice meltdown

Evergreen State College enrollment plummeted after fallout from the controversial “Day of Absence” in May 2017 when all white people were asked to leave the campus.

The publicly funded college – committed to social justice – became the poster child of a campus overrun by hyper-political correctness when students shut down the campus and shouted down then-evolutionary biology professor Bret Weinstein for merely questioning the event kicking white people off campus.

Weinstein, who describes himself as “deeply progressive,” ultimately lost his job and was labeled a “racist” and “white supremacist.”

Although just estimates, a representative from Evergreen said they expect around 350 freshman this fall, with a total of 3,000-3,100 total enrollment, both of which “do represent significant decreases as compared to before the 2017 unrest.”

“It’s a catastrophic drop, but I’m hoping we’ll recover,” Evergreen Professor Mike Paros told Fox News.

“Advocacy and activism rather than the pursuit of truth and knowledge is being promoted as a way of recruiting desperately needed new students,” Paros wrote. “Bringing in new faculty or guest speakers with conservative or centrist political perspectives is considered risky and out of the question at the moment.  Fear and self-censorship is pervasive among Evergreen faculty, especially under the existing budget crisis.” [snip]

The place is overrun by cretins. The proper name for this higher institution of lower learning should be Watermelon College. All that place generates is acolytes for Global Warming/Climate Change and sexual misconduct with bunnies.

The place is a waste of taxpayer funds; the campus is full of mouth breathers with barely functioning Medulla Oblongata.

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Idiot’s Corner

I’m not going to tell you something new. McConnell is a RINO. Watching the Kavanaugh hearings proves that statement.

Thanks to Harry Reid, the GOP has the nuclear option to put Kavanaugh on the bench. All McConnell has to do is call for a voice vote and this circus is over. Arizona Gov just sent Kyl to the Senate to replace McCain. That’s a solid GOP vote giving McConnell a 51 to 49 majority.

The Jackasses then can sulk in their own rooms and plot against any of the 10 Donks up for reelection in states that Trump won handily.

Cretins, Morons and Dolts

Lurch[ing] from pillar to post! Here’s a bozo, John Kerry, who doesn’t know he’s politically dead and can’t figure out why.
Kerry is a Progressive slug who can’t stand being out of the limelight.

John Kerry won’t rule out 2020 White House run

Former Secretary of State John Kerry won’t rule out a run for the White House in 2020, but talking about it now is just a distraction, he tells “Face the Nation” anchor Margaret Brennan. The interview will be featured September 2 on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” and on “Face the Nation.”

Kerry (whose new memoir is titled “Every Day Is Extra”) also talks with Brennan about his role in politics today, the current political environment, his relationship with the late Sen. John McCain, and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Will he run for president in 2020? [snip]

As if the world is waiting for Lurch to make up his mind. McCain has more political life than Kerry has. Kerry is a mental midget who thinks 2004 was a fluke and the Country awaits his rolling back the stone covering his political grave.

Well he considers himself the savoir of the Jackass Party. Tells you much about the depth of Donkey Party’s popularity.