What would a National Police Force cover

The news only tells us about the conflicts between blacks and the local PD’s and as often as they can, they’ll shove the Obama Narrative out there: The police are racist. The DoJ with Obama say they’ll correct this bias. Imagine a police force headed by Holder, Sharpton and Jackson with underlings from BLM, Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers.

Imagine what the Country would be like with a National Police Force making arrests for everything from offending speech to backing the  wrong politicians. Get arrested and your trial would be held in Federal Court, prosecuted by the DoJ.
Ferguson, Westchester County, NY, Newark, NJ and many more are now under federal control and recently Baltimore.

The current DoJ will tell the local heads of the Departments how to, when and where to do what kind of patrolling, what level of enforcement will be used and where.

Black Lives Matter Black FridayThe DoJ will respond to nonsense like this. With a National police force, you also get the SPEECH POLICE who will arrest for politically incorrect words, the FOOD POLICE checking that you are not eating unapproved foods such a a Twinkies, MUSIC , FASHION, HAIRCUT, and just about any thing one may do in society, including where you live.

Faces of ignoranceThere are plenty of individuals that would love to become Officers in a Force set up by Obama and Eric Holder with the DoJ running the show. Black Lives Matter crowd, the New Black Panthers, Farrakhan bunch and why not the Bloods and the Cripts. I would imagine there is a number of others waiting to sign on also.

Get picked up by the NatPO and you’ll get read your wrongs. Maybe get the Freddy Gray ride around town. To whom will you complain? The local City/town/Burg Administration doesn’t have control over the PD and the local courts are part of those bodies.
You want to complain to the Federal Courts? Good luck, the DoJ heads those and they answer to the DoJ. A trial there should be wonderful to see. Why, you may even get to produce a witness, if they dare to show up.

If Obama or any politician of any ilk gets a National Police Force, you’re on the way to a dictatorship. The only oversight of those branches, the PD, the Courts and the Prisons, is the person who hires the overseers of those divisions. Think Cuba,The USSR, China, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Obama’s vision of America.

For once the UN is right

American does need a robust gun control management procedure that eliminates the constant intrusion of malefactors causing harm to peaceful citizens. And we do have the methodology in hand to make all this work.
Current law bans felons from owning or touching ammo or guns. Just make the law read, touch and die. No bite at the apple, no second chance in court. You knew the law, now die.

All other citizens must bear arms and use them to prevent terrorism, crime and Leftist hate mongering.

U.N. Human Rights Chief Says U.S. Needs ‘Robust Gun Regulation’

The United Nations’ human rights chief called on the United States Tuesday to enforce more effective gun control measures in the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack, dismissing as “irresponsible pro-gun propaganda” the notion that firearms make societies safer. [snip]

There is no way that the rest of the crap written by these fools is seeing the light of day. when they enter a country,the first thing they do is disarm the citizenry. the second thing is to rape the women.

What we need to do is enforce the Constitution as written where every male of age HAS to own a weapon and be ready to use it to defend their life, property and face sown the usurpers of the US constitution.

This isn’t quite what the UN has in mind; but we don’t have much respect for that batch of rapists in countries they occupy telling us what WE need to do.

Daily Insanity

Do the following to some crank Leftist outfit and they wold soil their shorts, runaround waving arms and screaming then stroke out. But when their Government censors a business because they don’t like the deceases owners opinions, why that’s fine.

City Council pauses Chick-fil-A location at DIA

The Denver City Council has stalled a lease for a Chick-fil-A restaurant at Denver International Airport, citing the company’s reputation as an opponent of same-sex marriage.

The Denver Post reports that the Business Development Committee on Tuesday stalled the seven-year deal with a new franchisee of the popular chicken chain for two weeks.

In 2012, Chick-fil-A’s president publicly reaffirmed his support of what he called the “biblical definition of the family unit” that did not include same-sex marriage. He has since said he regrets inserting the company into political debates.

Chicago officials tried to block a new Chick-fil-A location for similar reasons but relented when the chain reiterated a non-discrimination statement.

If the committee rejects the lease, an individual member could introduce the deal in the full council. At Tuesday’s meeting, none of the 10 members in attendance defended Chick-fil-A.

“We really want to look into the policies and practices of these companies,and just make sure that they conform to ours in the city, the State of Colorado. We have a marriage decision nationally. This is really about policies and it’s about practices,” said Robin Kniech, Denver City Council’s first openly gay member. “This is a starting conversation and we have actual conversations about contracts all the time. It might be about your hiring practices, disadvantaged business contractors, do you work with minority suppliers?” [snip]

This is redolent of censorship. Only a government or governmental entity can censor someone.

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