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Identity politics produces one large item: Internecine wars.

Feminist Attacks Pro-Trans Twitter as a ‘Boys Club’

Last year, Twitter permanently banned the feminist journalist Meghan Murphy for tweets disagreeing with transgender identity. She’s suing. Ironically, Twitter issued the final ban for a tweet referring to a man as a man, even though he presented as male on social media at the time. Murphy has slammed Twitter as “sexist,” and her lawyer agreed that the company seems to act like a “boys club.”

“We don’t know who’s making the decisions here, but with respect to her speech, it does seem to be a boys club,” Noah Peters, one of Murphy’s lawyers, told PJ Media on Wednesday. (Supporters can donate to the legal fund here.)

Last December, Murphy wrote an article about her suspension and Twitter’s alleged sexism. She recalled receiving “numerous, explicit violent threats,” which the company refused to take down. “I have been told to ‘shut up and die,’ to ‘choke,’ to ‘commit suicide,’ and so on and so forth,” she wrote. “All of these tweets, which seem to very clearly fit within the definition of ‘abusive tweets,’ were lobbed my way attached to the word ‘TERF,’ which, as most of you know, is a term used to smear and denigrate those who question transgender ideology.”

“Indeed, it is a term primarily aimed at women, only used in the pejorative, with the intentional purpose of bullying the target and damaging their reputation. That is to say, it inarguably fits the definition of a slur,” Murphy noted.

Yet it seems Twitter did more than just allow slurs and incitements of violence against Murphy. Jonathan Yaniv — who occasionally identifies himself as “Jennifer” — bragged about getting Murphy suspended, and called for her to be charged with hate crimes under Canadian law. Her crime? Opposing transgender identity on Twitter by saying, “Men are not women” and “Trans women are not women.” [snip]

Sit back and enjoy yourself as the Left attacks their protected identities for any and all transgressions.

Snickers & Snarks

At election time


they all come out of


the wood pile.

Idiot’s Corner

The ‘Memory Hole’ seems not to be working in all cases.The following saw the light of day and the attention of the “Ministry of Truth”. Politico, a Lefty blog rag, received a chiding from the ‘Committee of Correctness’ on matters which violate the Leftist agenda.

Politico Takes Heat for Blaming Roy Cohn’s Death by AIDS on His ‘Decadent Homosexual Lifestyle’

Politico came in for a storm of criticism after a senior staff writer for the website, Michael Kruse, wrote in a piece published on Sunday that former Trump adviser and Republican fixer Roy Cohn died from AIDS as a “result of the decadent homosexual lifestyle he denied to the end.”

The language in the piece was amended several hours after publication to remove the phrase “decadent homosexual lifestyle,” an editor’s note followed several hours laters after multiple inquires from TheWrap and others online.

“An earlier version of this story contained language about Roy Cohn that was deemed insensitive and has been removed,” reads a terse statement at the top of the article. [snip]

But critics were quick to take offense at Kruse’s original wording — you can read the original uncorrected version here, where it will exist for all eternity on the internet archive.

“I don’t understand how Politico had enough [gall] to publish this very homophobic/HIV stigmatizing piece,” one commenter wrote.

The ‘Thought Police’ scrambled to clean up this disaster to TRUTH & LIGHT.
The corrected version attributes Cohen’s disease to impure sunlight and association with known liberals’ with weak progressive mindset.

Where in hell does the Left think Cohen contracted this malady. Is it impolitic to divulge the truth? A “decadent homosexual lifestyle” seems to be an accurate posit of known facts.

Oh dear, we can’t have any of that

What the Left fears is someone leaking out a truth that all isn’t pleasant in Trannyville. Regrets are not allowed; every member of the LGBT community lives a life led around by the nose by Pollyanna. Horse Pucky! If you are no greater than a mutated three percent of the population life isn’t sunbeams and lotus petals.

Psychotherapist Says He Was Banned From Studying Transition Regret Because It’s ‘Politically Incorrect’

A psychotherapist at a university in the United Kingdom claims he was prohibited from doing research on people who have decided to reverse their gender transition because it is “politically incorrect” and poses the risk of offending people.

James Caspian alleges he was banned by Bath Spa University from doing research into people who have regretted their gender reassignments after the university’s subcommittee determined it could be offensive to transgender people.

Caspian told Radio 4, “The fundamental reason given was that it might cause criticism of the research on social media and criticism of the research would be criticism of the University and they also added it was better not to offend people.”

He said Bath Spa University told him, “engaging in a potentially politically incorrect piece of research carries a risk to the University.” [snip]

“Attacks on social media may not be confined to the researcher but may involve the university. The posting of unpleasant material on blogs or social media may be detrimental to the reputation of the university.”

“It’s ridiculous. I’m in my late fifties, I’m an expert in my field and I’m not even on social media,” Caspian said. “I’m not frightened at all. Asking questions is not a hate crime.”

Caspian told The Times, “Where would stand the reputation of a university that cannot follow the most basic tenets of academic and intellectual freedom of inquiry?”

Caspian’s research would have been towards his master’s degree in counseling and psychotherapy.

Bath Spa University is reportedly conducting an investigation into Caspian’s complaint.

Talk about a crock on BS on the part of the University. What they’re worrying about is a batch of flits prancing around in purple tutus screaming at them.

Straight Students need Safe Spaces from Poufters…

…and Chick Fil-A provides that space for them too!

Oh, Okay: College Students


claim On-Campus


Chick-fil-A Would Make


Things Unsafe

Students at Duquesne University, a Catholic school in Pittsburgh, are raising concerns that an on-campus location of the fast food chain Chick-fil-A could somehow make things “unsafe” for LGBT students of the university. Student government representatives argued that the presence of the Chick-fil-A as a dining option would “marginalize” students and could make them feel as though the food court is no longer a “safe place.”

From Campus Reform:
“Chick-fil-A has a questionable history on civil rights and human rights,” Martini remarked in a statement to The Duquesne Duke. “I think it’s imperative [that] the university chooses to do business with organizations that coincide with the [university’s] mission and expectations they give students regarding diversity and inclusion.”


“I’ve tried very hard within the last semester and a half to promote this safe environment for the LGBTQ community. So I fear that with the Chick-fil-A being in Options [an on-campus food court] that maybe people will feel that safe place is at risk,” Rachel Coury explained, adding that at the very least her organization would like “someone” to “make a statement” on the issue.

“It would be a really big deal for Lambda [Gay-Straight Alliance] and the whole LGBTQ community on campus if someone could make a statement to eliminate the fear of being marginalized by having this business on campus,” she said.

Chick-fil-A has locations on nearly 250 college campuses throughout the country, never mind its near-ubiquitous presence at airports and other public locations. As far as I’m aware, there have not been any anti-gay assaults or crimes at any of these locations (unless one considers the inevitable heart disease triggered by frequent consumption of Chick-fil-A’s fried products to be a slow-moving assault). The company no longer donates to controversial causes. If students at other campuses are able to both enjoy Chick-fil-A’s waffle fries and support their LGBT friends, there’s no reason why Duquesne students can’t either. This whole thing is insane.

Straight people desire safe spaces also; poufers aren’t a special class far from it. It is this disgusting idea that I and millions of others have to accommodate having to eat breakfast while having the stomach to watch some individual who did God know what with his mouth last night eat tapioca pudding or eat bananas.

All this is so crazy since all had a safe space, one very safe: the closet.
This POLITICALLY CORRECT nonsense that certain people are entitles to special treatment because they claim some load of Communist/Marxist crap. That is all that it is!

All it takes to clean up this absurdity is to treat it as rebarbative tripe. Cut the Federal funding to the College Education Fund except for hard science, Western Civics and Friedman Economics. Get rid of the grants and courses that deal in bombast and balderdash. Let those Professors find honest work driving taxis or slinging hash in diners.

Not GLAAD when you’re getting it in the end

Hilarious as hell when Christian cake bakers, pizza makers and wedding dress fitters are sued and ridiculed and maybe even put out of business. But when their BUTT practices are hung out to dry, OH MY GOD, that is a crime against FREAK HUMANITY. WE must consider them normal!

Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix specials are drawing fire for LGBT, transgender jokes

It has been an interesting start of the week for Dave Chappelle. The comedian’s two new specials released on Netflix Tuesday, giving fans of the former “Chappelle’s Show” comic a fix for his long-awaited standup.

But not everyone who watched the specials was laughing. Some viewers were put off by his raunchier jokes.

There was a backlash by viewers toward his jokes about the LGBTQ community and his comments on transgender issues. There was also a strong reaction toward the comedian’s discussion of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case.

The specials –“The Age of Spin: Live at the Hollywood Palladium” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas: Live at Austin City Limits” – have raised the question about what is and isn’t off limits in standup comedy, and if it’s acceptable for comedians to cross certain boundaries.

Many of Chappelle’s supporters came to the comedian’s defense, noting the jokes went in line with the brand that has made him so popular.

The conversation even moved toward comparisons of Richard Pryor and a debate over whether the famed comedian was ever offensive in his career. [snip]

Whether Prior was offensive or not doesn’t make any difference. The U.S. Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, guarantees the right to be offended, right down to your mutilated genitals.

Where in hell do you get the idea that you have more protections than others that you believe to be fair game for your persecutions? Well, we think the “Chappelle’s Show” is absolutely uproarious.

Day by Day


Hope n’ Change

Uncharted Terrortory

Uncharted Terrortory 1

As additional information comes in about the despicable killer in Orlando, the complexity of the story continues to grow. Was the man a self-hating gay? Was he genuinely radicalized by ISIS, or was he simply in love with the thought of using his religion as an excuse for a killing spree? Did authorities who cleared him from the terror watch list make a clumsy mistake, was there political pressure to take him off the list, or was his blood-soaked rampage entirely unpredictable?

Hope n’ Change doesn’t know – we’re in listening mode right now. But a lot of what we’re hearing is extremely disturbing.

In remarks made yesterday, Barack Obama showed far greater anger and passion about the call to use the words “radical Islamic terror” than he exhibited when speaking about the dead and wounded Americans in Orlando. He openly mocked the idea that there was any point or value in putting a name to those who would destroy our nation.

Hillary Clinton, pushed by her Republican opponent, actually voiced the words “radical Islam” in a speech which suggested that, if elected, her anti-terror strategy would be an extension and expansion of the administration’s current “Operation Diddly Squat” initiative.

The ACLU blamed the attack on fundamentalist Christians, making us think that the Feds are way overdue in raiding ACLU offices in search of meth labs.

And then there’s Donald Trump.

In a speech about the murders on Monday, the presidential wannabee pushed into frightening rhetorical territory. “If we don’t get tough, and if we don’t get smart, and fast, we’re not going to have our country anymore,” quoth The Donald. “There will be nothing, absolutely nothing, left.”

Well, no. Terror attacks of the type that occurred in Orlando are painful, frightening, and absolutely unacceptable – but they do not pose an existential threat to our country at this point.

And how did this nightmare happen? According to Trump, “we have, just, no intelligence gathering information.” Wow – none? Really? Even though this attack wasn’t prevented, intelligence agencies had interviewed the perpetrator twice, tailed him, and kept him on a terror watch list as long as was feasible.

The suggestion – and not just from Trump – is that the government should surveil more and be willing to take a person of interest out of circulation before he or she acts. Or might act.  But where do we really want those lines drawn?

In the past 8 years, Conservatives have been routinely referred to (from Obama on down) as hostage takers, terrorists, and violent extremists. Homeland Security suggested that military veterans should be considered potentially dangerous. The IRS made a point of investigating and punishing groups which favored balanced budgets, reduced taxes, Constitutional government, and a preference for legal immigration.  Hillary Clinton is actively accusing Conservatives of being active and dangerous aggressors in the “war on women.”

All of this being the case, ask yourself if you’re on someone’s political hit list before enthusiastically embracing the idea of preemptive incarceration of American citizens.

Our nation is hurting and angry right now, and the do-nothing “blame America first” coalition of politicians and media members on the Left make Donald Trump’s call to action sound appealing. And we’ll admit, some of his suggestions make sense (by the law of averages alone, it had to happen eventually). Yes, we need to get tough and smart. And we need to do it fast.

But let us not be stampeded into a genuine existential threat to our freedoms and way of life out of fear, confusion, or deliberate misdirection.

Cognitive dissonance

It isn’t often that one gets a modern picture to describe cognitive dissonance. When this band of poufters marched holding this sign after that Gun Free Zone rendezvous with someone who didn’t believe in signs, one has to think that they’re blaming the southern Baptist Churches or the Boy Scouts.


A Band of Idiots


Perhaps a few more hits on the LGBT fools will get them to… no, it won’t wake them up. “They don’t discriminate, they love everybody”, as some idiot on the TV just said.
Yup, hokey-doke as the White House Malignancy-in-Chief Obozo says. Bring flowers and love to the next gun fight.

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