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Laissez le bon temps rouler

At some point in time, the piper must be paid. No matter for what even with good intentions. The price is always worse when the reasons have many dirt smudges on them.

Facebook is shedding massive traffic – and it’s apparently flocking to YouTube

Four billion. That, according to a new study shared with CNBC by market research firm SimilarWeb, is how many monthly page visits Facebook has shed in a slow-drip but nevertheless huge decline over the last two years.

Facebook’s traffic hasn’t just fallen by about half since 2016, according to the study. Among the consequences of such a precipitous drop is the opening it’s given to YouTube, which the study’s data shows is about to overtake Facebook to become the second biggest site, traffic-wise, in the U.S. Which would give Google ownership of the top two spots, pushing Facebook down to number three.

CNBC describes the drop at Facebook as “severe” and goes on to round out its list this way: “The five websites receiving the most traffic in the U.S. in the last several years have been Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon, in that order. However, Facebook has seen a severe decline in monthly page visits, from 8.5 billion to 4.7 billion in the last two years, according to the study. Although Facebook’s app traffic has grown, it is not enough to make up for that loss, the study said.” [snip]

Collectivist Banking

The nutters on the Left believe they’re on a roll; the reality is they’re being rolled.

Gold. Putin. Trump…from Rico

The July 18 US Treasury report says that Russia sold 84% of its US Treasury holdings between March 2018 (when it held $96.1 billion) and May 2018 (leaving its holdings at $14.9 billion).
– For #resist and #NeverTrump’ers, that’s a yuge selloff of $81.2 billion in US T’s.

Yup. That ‘proves’ Trump and Putin are in cahoots, just like the lunatic Left says, right?
– Now take a wild guess what the Russians bought with all the cash from the sale of US Treasury’s?

Toon in

Illegal Immigration

For all the clamor and clangor, one singular item prevails.