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Well it’s off to the races one time more, once more. Twixt Trump’s tariff announcement and the uproar from the EU and our Congress, the markets are back on their Pogo stick.

It is 10:55 and the DOW is down 99± after having a pre-market future of -300±. Bet on Lettuce to come in a head and tomato to ketchup.
As for the metals, gold was up 13± USD and silver up 48¢/oz.
Today, not so much.

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What do we think about the tariffs?

Screw the politicians. Bet on human nature.
The Pols say they’ll tax US exports such as motorcycles, Wrangler jeans, bourbon and who knows what else. The Europeans are far more adept at protesting and getting what they want than we are. They want American jeans without the higher price, they’ll get them. They’ll travel to buy what they want. (There it is like going from Vermont to New Hampshire to avoid the sales tax) The EU isn’t that strong.

Trump also will use the tariffs as a club to get what he wants, then drop them for his true bargaining position. Our politicians are far too wimpy to withstand that type of negotiations, especially the GOP.


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And a fresh pair of Depends.

Political Speak

Welcome to the “Strange Bedfellows”Club. It didn’t take long for this mix of RINO’s to read the sign over the Primary Election Door.

After the primaries and the General Election, we’ll see how faithful these characters are to their words.

Trump’s Republican Critics Find a Sudden Need for His Support

Mitt Romney did not vote for Donald J. Trump in 2016. Representative Martha McSally of Arizona may not have, either, but she will not say. And Senator Dean Heller of Nevada now insists that he did cast his ballot for Mr. Trump, but for many months, he would not reveal his vote.

Senator Bob Corker supported Mr. Trump, but seemed to regret it last year when he concluded that the country had deposited an unruly toddler in the Oval Office.

Yet as these Republicans pursue a Senate run this year — or in the case of Mr. Corker, reconsiders one — they are essentially making peace with a president they once shunned. Their hopes for a détente with Mr. Trump, who effectively staged a hostile takeover of a party he joined only in 2012, reflect the realization that rank-and-file Republicans have come to embrace the president.

There is little appetite on the right for Trump skeptics in the halls of Congress.

“To the activists, those who vote consistently in Republican primaries, it’s very much Trump’s party,” said Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, who effectively decided against running for re-election because he did not want to accommodate such voters.

The reversals by Mr. Trump’s onetime foes are as revealing as they are glaring.

Mr. Corker, who once suggested that the president required day care and that he might blunder the country into World War III, has mounted a charm offensive to win back the president’s affection — a prerequisite if the senator is to delay his retirement plans and capture the Republican nomination in Tennessee. Mr. Romney, who in 2016 excoriated Mr. Trump as an amoral con man, graciously accepted the president’s Twitter-born endorsement on Monday night. Their change of heart has triggered no small amount of eye-rolling. [snip]

As for Mr. Corker, who would face the conservative Representative Marsha Blackburn in a primary race, he has yet to sway Mr. Trump.

But the president’s aides, who are more apt to hold grudges, are all too aware of Mr. Trump’s weakness for flattery and are doing their best to keep him from blessing Mr. Corker. It was no accident, one West Wing official noted, that they placed Ms. Blackburn near the president’s side last Friday for a bill signing that otherwise drew little attention.


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Toon in


Dems response to SOTU…

and Trump’s response to to them.


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