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The State Owned Media, aka the political arm of the DNC is ranting and dancing over the local elections and some of the state office seats. Waving the the Tiki torches and pitchforks, they’re claiming success over Trump’s policies.

One should look at the real cause of this disturbance in the Force: The GOP held Congress. Voters spoke loudly last year concerning the direction of the Country; the GOP Senate shoved their collective thumbs up their ass and sat down. The GOP rather have the status quo and risk the wrath of the voters, whom they believe have no memory and are absolutely stupid.

Steve Bannon warned the GOP that they needed to get their buns moving on Trump’s agenda; the GOP believes their donors rather have cheap labor and open borders. They will risk a few of these to get the results they want.

For GOP, Virginia reveals dangers of Trump and a do-nothing Congress

RICHMOND, Va. — The Democratic Party’s sweeping victory in Virginia on Tuesday put a major scare into Republicans in Congress and signaled the severe damage President Trump’s unpopularity could cause in 2018.

Ed Gillespie, the Republican nominee for governor, didn’t just lose. Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, the Democrat, trounced him by nearly 9 percentage points, lifting several Democratic challengers to victory over GOP incumbents in down ballot legislative races. [snip]

But Republicans who gathered here for a hoped-for Gillespie victory party said the defeat belonged to Trump and his historically low approval ratings — and to a Republican Congress that has accomplished little since the party assumed full control of government in January.

“This should be a wakeup call,” Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va., said. “The Democrats had a very high turnout this election, and I think that’s a direct reflection of the administration.” [snip]

It is a direct reflection of the GOP Congress particularly Ryan and McConnell. They object to Trump being President and NOT being beholden to anyone. There will be primaries for GOP seats in 2018, count on it.

Cognitive dissonance

One must believe that there is a disturbance in the Force or a disruption in the medications. The message isn’t on script from the Senior Poobahs, causing the lackeys scurry to and fro like kids stomping ants.
Senator Feinstein uttered a TRUTH.

Feinstein Acknowledges There’s Still No Evidence of Russian Collusion

The investigations of Russian collusion into the 2016 election have been going on for nearly 10 months now, and key Republican lawmakers are ready for the congressional committees looking into the matter to wrap it up. No evidence of collusion has been found—a point even some top Democratic lawmakers are acknowledging. (emphasis added)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein was asked Sunday by CNN’s Jake Tapper about revelations that former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos sought “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from someone with Russian connections who claimed he could provide “thousands” of her emails. Papadopoulos plead guilty of lying to the FBI about his contact with a Russian national but it still was not evidence of collusion.

George Papadopoulos pled guilty to a single charge of making a false statement to the FBI.  He was not charged with so-called “collusion” because no such crime exists in American statutory law, except in anti-trust matters.  It has no application to elections and political campaigns.

It is not a crime to talk to a Russian. Not that the media would ever understand that.  They have never managed to point to a single statute that makes “colluding” with a foreign government in a political campaign a crime, likely because it does not exist in the criminal codes. (Fox News)

“Have you seen any evidence that this dirt, these emails, were ever given to the Trump campaign?” Tapper asked the California Democrat.

“Not so far,” she replied.

Feinstein is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, both of which are investigating Russian collusion.

“Have you seen any communications that suggested that the trump campaign wanted them to release them through a different means?” he pressed.

“I have not,” she replied.

Note that no member of the august press asked when they were going to investigate Hillary.

Peccable reflections

Just one more thing…

…on Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump deleted all of his emails, wiped his server with Bleachbit and destroyed all of his phones with a hammer ……….

Would the Mainstream Media suddenly lose all interest in the story and declare him innocent?

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