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Wonder why the US runs a deficit? Why was the Obama Administration mingling in religion in other countries while trying to destroy Christianity here in the USA? There is an answer.

Biased Agendas

Another call to ban guns comes from none other than that bastion of idiocy, The New York Times. Leave it to them to attempt a different slant for ridding the planet, or at least America, of guns.

Another Op-Ed piece, echoing a prior screed calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment. One has to believe in their fevered mind that that is a possibility. They must believe it would be no more difficult than it was in removing the Volstead Act. Here’s a bit of the Op-Ed author’s reasoning.

NYT Columnist: Let’s Repeal the Second Amendment

Back in October, after the Las Vegas Shooting, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens argued that the Second Amendment should be repealed. Since Wednesday’s shooting in South Florida, Stephens’ OpEd has re-circulated across social media, which eventually led to another OpEd pushing for repealing the Second Amendment.

In Stephens’ October piece, he mentioned that gun control advocates frequently lose the debate on gun laws because they get their facts wrong:

…why do liberals keep losing the gun control debate?

Maybe it’s because they argue their case badly and — let’s face it — in bad faith. Democratic politicians routinely profess their fidelity to the Second Amendment — or rather, “a nuanced reading” of it — with all the conviction of Barack Obama’s support for traditional marriage, circa 2008. People recognize lip service for what it is.

Then there are the endless liberal errors of fact. There is no “gun-show loophole” per se; it’s a private-sale loophole, in other words the right to sell your own stuff. The civilian AR-15 is not a true “assault rifle,” and banning such rifles would have little effect on the overall murder rate, since most homicides are committed with handguns. It’s not true that 40 percent of gun owners buy without a background check; the real number is closer to one-fifth.

The National Rifle Association does not have Republican “balls in a money clip,” as Jimmy Kimmel put it the other night. The N.R.A. has donated a paltry $3,533,294 to all current members of Congress since 1998, according to The Washington Post, equivalent to about three months of Kimmel’s salary. The N.R.A. doesn’t need to buy influence: It’s powerful because it’s popular.

At least he recognized his side has their so-called “facts” wrong. [snip]

The Amendments 11 through 27 are stand alone to wit were added to the Constitution after it was signed and ratified. Those can be added and removed by Congress and by approval of ¾ of the States, now numbering 38.
However the Second Amendment is in whole, part of the Constitution and would require a repeal of the that document to get rid of it. Good-bye to Amendments #1 and #3 through #10 also.
This mushwit, Bret Stephens, obviously isn’t much of of a Constitutional scholar. More likely, just some halfwit scribbler with a axe-grinding agenda. What one expects from a so called paper mostly used as a fishwrap.

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Practical politics consists in ignoring facts.

~ Henry Adams

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Biased Agendas

The AP Kollectiv which is suppose to merely pickup the news disseminate it for those that subscribe to the service so that they’re able to report on what is happening globally as well as locally cannot count on getting factual information.

These following ledes tell the tale.

If you are counting on getting anything of an unbiased report from the gerbils at the cable channels like MSNBC, CNN or the Nets, you need to quit drinking that cheap wine.