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Black Lies Matter

Black Lies Matter 1

If, by some technological miracle, a way was found to use Hillary Clinton’s inexhaustible lies as fuel to produce energy, our world would never run out of power. Forget oil, coal, and nuclear – we wouldn’t even need the sun anymore.

As the latest case in point, when explaining her private email server to the FBI, Hillary claimed that former Secretary of State Colin Powell told her at a party that she should use a private server, said that he used private email while in office, and it made everything better in every way!

In other words, Hillary was telling the FBI that if they had problems with her email server, they also had problems with a black person. And that’s racist!

Or would be if there was an iota of truth to Mrs. Clinton’s tale – but according to the none-too-pleased Colin Powell, there isn’t.  While he did use private email for personal correspondence as Secretary of State, he never had a private server – and never used anything but the official State Department servers for transmission of State Department business (including classified materials).

Moreover, he says he has no recollection whatsoever of talking about email systems to Hillary at that party, but does recall that “she was using it (her personal email server) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did [during my term].” He also says of the current scandal that “her people have been trying to pin it on me.” Wow! Where are Black Lives Matter when we really need them?

Theoretically, giving false testimony to the FBI constitutes a felony. Unfortunately, neither felonies nor the FBI hold any terror for the Democratic presidential candidate because she apparently has lurid blackmail photos of James Comey diddling roadkill or, perhaps, Loretta Lynch.

Then again, maybe all of this is just a huge misunderstanding. Maybe when the FBI asked her where she got the cockeyed idea for the private email server, they only thought she said Colin Powell when she actually muttered that the idea was pulled out of her “colon…bowel.”

Considering her gift for lying her ass off, at least that would have been believable.


Drip Dry 1Snopes confirms this is true.

What would a National Police Force cover

The news only tells us about the conflicts between blacks and the local PD’s and as often as they can, they’ll shove the Obama Narrative out there: The police are racist. The DoJ with Obama say they’ll correct this bias. Imagine a police force headed by Holder, Sharpton and Jackson with underlings from BLM, Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers.

Imagine what the Country would be like with a National Police Force making arrests for everything from offending speech to backing the  wrong politicians. Get arrested and your trial would be held in Federal Court, prosecuted by the DoJ.
Ferguson, Westchester County, NY, Newark, NJ and many more are now under federal control and recently Baltimore.

The current DoJ will tell the local heads of the Departments how to, when and where to do what kind of patrolling, what level of enforcement will be used and where.

Black Lives Matter Black FridayThe DoJ will respond to nonsense like this. With a National police force, you also get the SPEECH POLICE who will arrest for politically incorrect words, the FOOD POLICE checking that you are not eating unapproved foods such a a Twinkies, MUSIC , FASHION, HAIRCUT, and just about any thing one may do in society, including where you live.

Faces of ignoranceThere are plenty of individuals that would love to become Officers in a Force set up by Obama and Eric Holder with the DoJ running the show. Black Lives Matter crowd, the New Black Panthers, Farrakhan bunch and why not the Bloods and the Cripts. I would imagine there is a number of others waiting to sign on also.

Get picked up by the NatPO and you’ll get read your wrongs. Maybe get the Freddy Gray ride around town. To whom will you complain? The local City/town/Burg Administration doesn’t have control over the PD and the local courts are part of those bodies.
You want to complain to the Federal Courts? Good luck, the DoJ heads those and they answer to the DoJ. A trial there should be wonderful to see. Why, you may even get to produce a witness, if they dare to show up.

If Obama or any politician of any ilk gets a National Police Force, you’re on the way to a dictatorship. The only oversight of those branches, the PD, the Courts and the Prisons, is the person who hires the overseers of those divisions. Think Cuba,The USSR, China, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Obama’s vision of America.

Snickers & Snarks

It is a pussy world after all. One would believe the really tough New Black Panther Party leader could have handled this all by his lonesome. Instead the pussy dialed 9-1-1.
These clowns are the ones wanting “Police Free zones”.

New Black Panther Party Leader Was Robbed And Immediately Dialed 911

After being assisted by police officers, the leader of a local New Black Panther Party group Ali Muhammad still remains “very anti-police.”

Muhammad had reportedly just finished up a DJing gig at a club in Ybor City in Tampa, Fl. when he was robbed around 3 a.m on Saturday. An 18-year old black man by the name of Antwan Robertson, who is suspected of being homeless, held Muhammad at gunpoint. He demanded Muhammad hand over his earrings and backpack.

According to the police report, Robertson later robbed two other women at gunpoint.

More from Fox 10 Phoenix:

“I was approached by a young black male who just came up to me and said, ‘Give me your earrings and your backpack,'” recalled Muhammad. “He took everything I had. At the time, he didn’t take my cell phone, and that’s what made me call 911.”

I mean, who else was he going to call? He didn’t have anything to protect himself and the police are meant to protect people. But I think it’s astounding that the same group of people Muhammad is supposedly against, are the same group of people he calls for help immediately after being robbed. The irony! [snip]

After the incident, Muhammad told Fox 10 Phoenix:

“Police can be hostile and very belligerent. Friday night, I met some officers who [were] about business, and that was getting a bad guy off the street… “I congratulated the police… I’m very anti-police, but I’m not against police relations and community relations.”

I think he should have said “I thanked the police” as opposed to “I congratulated the police” but then again, what do I know? I’m just an appreciative human being who doesn’t hate the people I can turn to for protection.

Don’t you think he should have averred from making that choice. Evidently, his beliefs are somewhat shallow when it comes to his personal protection and discomfort levels.


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