Biased Agendas

It’s getting closer! The opening day of the 2018 NFL season and here are a few of the stars you can see in action.

These college grads along with the following stats are protesting Police Brutality, Racism and and probably President Trump too. They have been sorely mistreated in America.

NFL Team Arrests Since 2000

  • Minnesota Vikings 42
  • Cincinnati Bengals 40
  • Denver Broncos 36
  • Tennessee Titans 33
  • Miami Dolphins 28
  • Kansas City Chiefs 28
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 27
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
  • Cleveland Browns 26
  • San Diego Chargers 25
  • Indianapolis Colts 24
  • Chicago Bears 23
  • Seattle Seahawks 20
  • New Orleans Saints 20
  • Washington Redskins 18
  • Oakland Raiders 18
  • Baltimore Ravens 18
  • Carolina Panthers 18
  • Green Bay Packers 17
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 17
  • Atlanta Falcons 16
  • San Francisco 49ers 16
  • Detroit Lions 15
  • New England Patriots 15
  • Buffalo Bills 14
  • Dallas Cowboys 13
  • New York Giants 13
  • Arizona Cardinals 12
  • New York Jets 11
  • Philadelphia Eagles 10
  • Houston Texans 9
  • St Louis Rams 8

           Total 656

I think I’ll take a knee on watching any NFL.


Historical happenings

5/31/1889 ~ Johnstown, Pennsylvania is destroyed by a massive flood.

5/31/1955 ~ The Supreme Court orders that states must end racial segregation “with all deliberate speed.”

5/31/1962 ~ Adolf Eichmann, the former SS commander, is hanged near Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Idiot’s Corner

The gray cloud of mental deterioration in public government becomes more solid when stories such as these are published. Grasping this logic is akin to grasping warm jello; it squirts between one’s fingers evading examination.
This is like trying to pick up your pet’s dog poop from the sidewalk barehanded hoping you got the clean end.

Portland Scraps a 20-Year Gang Database Over Complaints That It’s Racist

Portland police are scrapping a 20-year-old database of gang members and gang-affiliates out of concern that it disproportionately affected minorities.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports the police labeled someone a gang member or a “criminal gang affiliate” more than 100 times a year. According to their analysis, The Oregonian/OregonLive claims 81 percent of the “criminal gang affiliates” on the list were minorities.

Acting Tactical Operations Capt. Andy Shearer stated the program had “unintended consequences” for those who were labeled as gang associates.

Capt. Mike Kranz, who helped bring about the change, said the police have been thinking about scrapping the program for about two years.

“Gang violence isn’t going to go away. There are still crimes attributed to known gang sets. There are still criminal gang members. That doesn’t go away because we don’t have a gang designation,” Krantz said. “We’re not pretending gang violence doesn’t exist. We’re just taking this one thing away.’” [snip]

While most of the opposition to the gang affiliate list rests on the fact that more minorities were on the list than white people, it also brings up questions regarding due process, as people were placed on the list without having criminal convictions or even arrests on their records.

According to analysis by The Oregonian/OregonLive, people were added to the “criminal gang affiliate” list if they “self-identified as a member of a gang, participated in a gang initiation ritual, committed a gang-related crime or displayed two or more observable signs of gang membership.”

The gang list purge will begin on Oct. 15. People on the gang list will be notified of the change by letter.

We must have missed the memo which reclassified minorities as not-minorities.
That of course would justify reducing the enrollment of minorities in the gang membership and affiliation thus allowing more ‘White Boys’ to be enrolled making this schmegegee more inclusive.

Now that they’re bereft of identification as hooligans flying the colors of whatever diseased and foul guild once painted by the constabulary, we shall have to believe they have chosen the path of truth and light.

The meeting you missed is the one where Mayor Ted Wheeler, who recently appointed the city’s first African American female police chief, noted that the city had successfully bleached the spots off the leopard. You would know this if you were more attentive.