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No man, however strong, can serve ten years as schoolmaster, priest, or Senator, and remain fit for anything else.

~ Henry Adams


Collectivist Banking

The Jackass Party constantly screams about ‘fixing’ Social Security. They’re the ones that fixed it but good in the first place when they decided to finance the Vietnam War with the Social Security Trust Fund. That was just the START!

If you want to see a deficit, make those turkeys in DC stop using the SS fund for daily spending and put it back into the place where it was: as closed fund solely for paying recipients of Social Security.

The real overspending of this government would then become apparent. They won’t be able to tax cut squat. They won’t be able to tax their way out of the mess; THEY WILL HAVE TO STOP SPENDING BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ENOUGH MONEY TO CONTINUE.


How the Budget negotiations worked

As per usual, there was much trading of positions which established the basic outline of the deal. Peripheral components were tossed back and forth until both sides felt an equal balance of desires became attained and as much spending as they could possibly get away without totally destroying the economy.
In this orgy of spending, they had to get to the meat of the plan; that meant tossing around the orts deemed obstructing their cherished fillets.
Here’s how that looked.

The debt will be elevated to an additional Trillion dollars by 2020 with nothing to back it. What is going to be dumber that a bag of hammers is Congress telling Trump they don’t have the pittance to build the wall after they just pissed away more money on frivolities other than the defense.
Have any of you ever paid attention to that abortion of a banking bill passed called ‘Dodd-Frank’? That was set up to remedy the bailout caused by the Government in the first place. No more taxpayer bailouts. The solution was simple. all deposits in the banks become property of the banks until you withdraw them. In case of bank troubles like in the past, they will have a “BAIL-IN” using your deposits to prop up the bank(s) Kiss your money good-bye.
For the privilege of letting them hold your money, you get less than one percent interest if you even get that.
Remember that which can’t continue, WON’T.

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